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Cambridge Analitica

NO COLLUSION! NO COLLUSION! ย except for that one spy

โ€œI am a lawyer, and I am an informant,โ€ she said. โ€œSince 2013, I have been actively communicating with the office of the Russian prosecutor general.โ€

or in tweet form

and a refresher



and he had a bad day

‘๐ŸŠs call effect on Fox& Friends

and how this makes us feel about them

House intelligence committeee


trying to figure an addled brain

can be fun too

still finding gems

“I watched as much as I could”


firing the House chaplain

another one bites the dust


poor Milo!

“over my dead body” – but “no sexism”


๐Ÿ‘“ย fights the real enemy:

Bernie and the Russian bots


take that, electoral college:

and for some fun

nobody does it better than Darth a whole thread


These being ๐ŸŠย and GOP reactions to deadly hurricanes/mass shooters

for PR a montage of insults from NBC

and this comment for the paper throwing in church

the scene

and after leaving early he was very pleased with himself

but for all the pats of the back, Oxfam has slapped him

death toll in PR has risen to 34 – which is still nothing toย ๐ŸŠ

and it took a lot of pressure to revert this treatment allowing use of food stamps for prepared meals ย – unlike the other hurricane hit states

the difference is being noted

and Wall Street needs a new pair of shoes

on the mass shooting front we have the interesting “Are you smaller than a Sandy Hook first grader” question from John Tune-R-NRA

while Dems are trying

and John Lewis

On the stolen election front

From Russia – dictators understand each other

for a laugh


Breaking – I thought this has happened PEOPLE WILL DIE!!!!

So, for all his rallies during hurricane time, and Party support, the comic book named incumbent lost to a candidate crazier than ๐ŸŠ. It’s still the primaries, so – might be good

here’s how AP broke it

which raises the question (replies are hysterical)

Meanwhile, ๐ŸŠย who went all out erased some tweets now

including the one asking Moore to win in November (GE is in December)


and more irony

on our side we have

In Florida, Dems flipped a state senate seat

and in NH a House one


the score so far

good page one

and really good news for future Dem primaries – bye cacases

In Puerto Rico, ๐ŸŠย keeps punishing the victims

while patting himself on the back

because his business buddies would rather people die also ๐ŸŠ


Better reason to hate Puerto Rico

while doing damage control

but this continues to be the reality

and this

Forbes looks at the Puerto Rico golf club bankruptcy

In Stolen election mysteries, we have a new profession: fake news writer

and ย ๐ŸŠย is not taking all this well

and the new batch of crazy

Twitter’s experiment of 280 characters is going well


in ย war news, Russia may ironically stop it (after stoking the fires)

this combines Russia, racism, self-parody as Seagal speaks from Russia, where he is a citizen

stupider still

yeah, this guy



Update: Grassidy is dead!

with a happy shot

and from the last time we dodged the bullet

one more:

It appears ๐ŸŠย hates the place because his golf club there went bankrupt (which is never his fault – never). That may shed a little light on this primal scream of bile, essentially blaming and condemning Puerto Ricans for the Hurricane and his business woes

and this good point

the news story it generated

just reminding everyone he has this that can be sent

Here he is telling HIMSELF “heck of a job” in spite of facts


Consensus emerging

some taking initiative

and more are demanding

and Hillary finally did it

and he’ll get there. Eventually

because it’s a big ocean

but still screwing them

But at least you can trust ๐ŸŠย when it comes to electoral picks, right? He has ย maps and everything

because Roy got props. Small ones, but props

and now


and since they are about to skip Puerto Rico and go directly to tax cuts, this is where WE stand on that

and they’ll make sure the poor pay for it too

at least they are consistent

Russia meanwhile, is whataboutering us

In other impeachment news, ๐ŸŽชย is in town

and other stolen election news

and food for thought


Joss sums it up

to celebrate Labor Day, hiking taxes on workers

on Hurricane front, EPA still battles…AP:

and AP statement

while Bill Clinton has a list of hurricane charities

and tragedy + racism




Kasparov on DACA

some pushback

on Russia front, ๐ŸŠ

is toast

bot news

and collusion

On Russia stealing future election front – bad news

Nazi department ย – the C-ville murder was not exactly spontaneous

on the nuclear destruction front

same from NY POst

and from South Korea

and from us



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