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This one comes from the right so the comments bear the mark – but it has videos and transcripts.

The short of it, Gingrich in his loony speech said among other things

Speaking of the President’s basketball skills, Gingrich added, “But it doesn’t put anybody to work. And what we need is a president, not an athlete. We need somebody who actually focuses on getting people back to work.”

O’Donnel thought she found her racist angle

“But I’m not sure what he means by this particular sound bite,” said O’Donnell. “And I think it’s open to some criticism because it suggests that the president is an athlete and some people may suggest, you know, because all black people are good athletes. I mean that’s what it sort of sounds like to me.”

The video is a must for the derision that follows, I especially love the part about the pitch disproving any claims of being an athlete.

Of course, we here, get to laugh on yet another level as my source calls O’Donnel “far left”

Yes, it’s come to this in America. Criticizing a half-black man for doing a lousy job is racist in the eyes of far-left TV babbleheads.

.It’s a nervous laugh to be sure, but we can laugh

Slowly, the madness that was the 2008 primaries is unraveling to koolaid hangover ridden participants. Suddenly, things that we were screaming then are allowed in print. Like this from the B0bots

B0bots: “When Obama praised Reagan we thought he was just BS-ing”

Now, the reality check comes from the bowels of the media source that most distorted reality, making an unchanged Fox seem reasonable by comparison: MSNBC.


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I don’t know what made Craig Crawford resign now. But he considers that now it can be told -how the manufacturing of the reality was maddening to him at the time. He first commented on a blog

i have never and never will forgive Chris for calling me a racist after the West Virginia primary (the last time I will ever go on air with him). Probably should have resigned then and there, but better late than never.”

I had stopped watching that channel since the South Carolina primaries so I was glad when he elaborated

As far as Chris is concerned, on Morning Joe after the West Virginia primary he accused me of always defending Clinton and what he claimed to be her racially motivated campaigning. That’s the problem. Trying to be fair became seen as bias in the new thinking over there.

He put it well. The media (MSNBC and everything else) has tried and executed Hillary as evil racist bitch from the very start. Sorta like Osama Bin Laden – only much worse, because she was also a woman and her last name was Clinton.

This was the premise of all commentary during primaries. “Us vs them”

Supporting Hillary was making you one of those enemies – forever. You were automatically a racist – and worse. There was never an amnesty for that crime, BTW, even if the badmouthing of Hillary had to reluctantly end (sorry, Dana Millbank).

But Craig Crawford was hardly a Hillary supporter. My guess – from his comment about the “lefty games” I take it his personal inclinations go more towards the GOP. But I do remember him as the more level headed pundit there, the one that was – occasionally – trying to inject some common sense in the hyperbole that was their campaigning for Obama. And in those dark times of “you’re either with us or a filthy racist that should die”, this was enough.

The hysteria at MSNBC, the rest of the media and B0bot quarter was such, that the mere “Woa! Slow down a little” from one was deemed high treason.

I think it bears keeping in mind – especially as a response to the sweeping  revisionism from the other side “Both sides did it” It was never “both sides” – as this thing was one sided from the very start.

And it also explains why I experience so much schadenfreude when I see the most rabid B0bots having to batten down the hatches in their bunker in B0botland for a change.

So, even if a bit late, thank you Craig for helping set the record straight. They have to live with what they did.

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