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There is a reason I put as the logo of this blog something Pete Seeger once said: “If you can’t change the world, don’t let the world change you”

I only got aware of social movements, politics in the fall of 2000 as I watched on CNN how chad by chad an election was being stolen right under my eyes. I had had the vague feeling something was wrong during the Clintons witch hunt, but now it was all so painfully clear for me to see, I couldn’t ignore it.

A lot of other people got activated by that outrage. protests, on line movements were born – and I was there for it. I told myself – well, if the political power was stolen away from us, at least we are organizing – people of like mind and we will get the change we seek.

During the Bush reign, organize we did. We mounted an opposition to war, created our own reality based media on line – it seemed like the power was ours to get.

Of course, Wall Street started grooming a tool which they presented to these brothers in arms of mine: look! He has black skin – therefore ignore his record, he must be your way to power.

Most of my brothers in arms fell for it. They took the bait, hook line and sinker and thrown their precious fight behind the corporate man.

I was left with only a few – less easily duped friends who saw through the ruse. Eventually Wall Street maintained and consolidated its power with the new tools, breaking the Democratic party in the process. No longer could the Ds say “Rs steal elections” They had now done it to their own members. For money. So, most of us left the party and for a while we were known as PUMA as we wouldn’t come around to embrace the corporate man.

After the coup was accomplished some of my fewer friends went to the right. I found myself at a PUMA party  where my kid was asked “So what are they teaching you in that public school?”

That’s when I shed the name – which was obsolete after the elections anyway. But still had many of my friends who thought like me (I thought)

Recently, OWS came as a new reality test. In the beginning we were all cautious – are these people the same ones responsible for Obama shilling for the Wall Street? Turned out, not exactly. The originators were an international group that predate Obama. The objective was not to help campaign 2012 but in fact, beyond politics, about economic justice.

But by then it was too late for my suspicious friends. From “maybe they are Obots” it evolved to “jobless, smelly hippies” and somehow they summoned all the hatred of the right festering since the 60s against those rising for social justice. (“hippies do nothing but make you feel bad about yourself – one wingnut tellingly explained).

From here, it wasn’t much keeping score and cheering every time a police baton cracked a “smelly hippie” skull. All the way to fascism – and once again – right under my eyes.

It hurts even more this time as I watched the transformation even closer than I did in 2008. people I considered my friends are now cheering the police state (Obama’s police state, ironically).

I wrote this to say: THERE IS NO EXCUSE.

I don’t care how disappointed you wee that fellow progressive brought on such a scourge as Obama.

I don’t care how pissed you are that they called you racist, old, uneducated while they were doing so.

I don’t care how angry you are that they stole your voting rights.

I don’t care how enraged you are to see them sitting silent while Obama starts new wars and ends more civil rights.

I don’t ultimately care if these (OWS) are the same people or new, more radical people.

I don’t know where it will end, whether it will succeed or it will be co-opted by some politicians like the Tea party was. It’s about the issues at hand.

What is happening now is big and just and important. You can stand for justice or cheer for the oppressors. No middle road on this.

Back to Pete Seeger’s words: in 2008 I found myself – once again – powerless to change the world. But at least I didn’t let the world change me. I am not giving away my ideals just because some holding them were duped/bought/perverted. Nor am I compromising them to be able to still hang with some old friends – sad  that the loss makes me.

It was not so much Carvile’s segue to his balls remarks that woke me up.

I read  of it in O-ville

WH “Outraged” At Carville, He Responds “if they’re offended, let ’em be offended”

James Carville says he views the joke he made at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast as “mild.”

“If Hillary gave him one of her balls, they’d both have two,” Democratic strategist James Carville told the Christian Science Monitor at a breakfast on Thursday morning.


“If I offended anybody, I’m not sorry and I don’t apologize,” Carville told CNN.

and espected the Os to have the vapors like these

3. Carville is a PUMA through and through. And the Clintons don’t seem to mind at all.
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If they did, Carville would either shut up or apologize.

First Mark Penn suggested President Obama should resign in a WaPo op-ed and now this.

That’s two uber-Clintonians who are super close to Bill Clinton talking trash about President Obama in the same week.

Coincidence? I think not.

It’s obvious to me who’s directing this garbage and why. Permalink

What really woke me up this morning was a reaction like this one

17. I think Carville speaks of the open frustration many of us experience with Obama.

I think he is right in what he said. Obama has proven over and over again he is no fighter.

It is followed by several agreements.

20. DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!

26. I agree and I seldom agree with Carville. nt

THAT woke me up.

Although, dear smarter Os, the evidence was there in 2008 too, if only you’d have bothered to look or listen.


Chris Hedges declares in a live chat on Global warming on Truthdig

We have to stop believing that we can effect change through established political or social organizations or electoral politics, and I think that still remains a huge hurdle for us people who in the end, through accommodation of fear and very clever advertising, are herded like sheep into a dysfunctional system, which is how so many people who should have known better voted for Obama.

Hey Chris, you forgot election fraud and the fact that a majority of the Democrats were not herded like sheep. But that would spoil your pretty narrative.

This is the part I agree with

Well, the coup d’etat is over, and they won. We lost. And now we have to learn to cope with it. It is very clear that the engines of corporatism and globalization are going to kill the ecosystem, no matter how many dead zones are created in the Gulf of Mexico or protests organized.

and this vindicates me a little

Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are as bad as the right wing; they are all playing the same wing, nobody is addressing the institutional methods that are strangling us. I don’t care if it’s from the left or right, it all acts as diversion to keep us in a state of self-delusion.

Again, some of us knew better, but why mention 18 million people?

In B0botland this is posted

Well, the coup d’etat is over, and they won. (Chris Hedges)

with a disclaimer

disclaimer: I am a liberal. I read everything. I digest and use what I want as fuel to fight another day. I am not anti-Obama, anti-America, or anti-kittens. I just like to be fed, kpete

and highly recommended. Some of the comments

Which is why I wrote Gore’s name in.

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hfojvt Donating Member (1000+ posts)
18. maybe Hillary would have
or Nader, of course.

but dismissed by Hedges’s wisdom

different cuts of the same cloth, ultimately …

… so sad that even as clear as Hedges makes it in this article, some folks – like you – still refuse to see that it is us against them – and the ‘them team’ includes BOTH parties.

A few apologies are shouted down

Don’t you get it?
Anything that could possibly be misconstrued as “anti-Obama” or “anti-Democrat” in even the most trivial way must be shouted down as quickly and stridently as possible.

You have to applaud the consistency, at least. :shrug:

obxhead (1000+ posts)
35. Yes, the damage is done, might as well ignore it and in fact even
compound it in the name of supporting our Pres.

Reality is harder and harder to keep away these days. Not that they don’t try

Untrue and stupid.

Change has happened. It’s still happening.

I continue to be optimistic.


Singer who supported Hillary expresses
Buyer Remorse” after eventually voting for Obama

I had quite a few apologies posted here since Jr.jr showed his true colors to all.

I wanted to mark this  because (almost) all the right words were said

and dedicating a whole blog to it is cool.

Here is the apology

By way of an apology, I dedicate this site to all those whose opinions and experience I wasn’t willing to consider during the 2008 Democratic Primary season; to all of the Democrats who opposed an Obama nomination I apologize. To all of those Democrats whom I considered too old, too dumb, too unenlightened, too female, too poor, too uneducated, too conservative… I most humbly apologize. I have been put in my place. You were right. You were right and I’m on your side now. Oh, and thank you!

You may want to go there and respond.

P.S – I used ol’ PUMAS in the title for brevity sake, and snark . Ol’PUMA was also meant in historical context – PUMAs standing up to  the thieves of the primary and the corporate Obama.

Present days PUMAs have became too ambiguous a tent for me to be under it.

I guess what our new friend needs to acknowledge next is the electoral fraud they chose to ignore/be too comfortable with. Then maybe some meaningful resistance, activism can be renewed.

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