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Counting on American’s mistrust of the rest of the world, the media is fueling hysteria against Snowden to distract from his revelations.

The funniest thing about this headline is the fact that doubts are raised today if snowden was ever in Moscow. 

The karmic line from that article is

Many journalists did board the flight which is alcohol free and will last 12 hours. They will have to stay in Cuba for three days.

Please tell me that Dances-with Rove Gregory is there too!

In the old country, they were not skilled at propaganda. They never tried to disguise it as entertainment, or news or sports. It was just that: propaganda 24/7, pretty much displacing entertainment, news or sports. Everyone knew what it was, but was helpless to do anything about it.

The first time I knew I had to get out of there because it was messing with my brain was a time they decided to reduce pensions. Not stop COLA, but reduce them. I was young and couldn’t care less about that. But then I started seeing old people on TV cheering and explaining to me why this was a good thing. My threshold for absurd just exploded.

Once I came to the US, It took me a while to find the nicely packaged propaganda (about one month I would think). I comfortably kept it at a distance, along with advertising with my  superpower my voyage bestowed on me (kinda like Superman could fly because on his planet….)

But very soon, I’ll fly into the same threshold of absurdity, ironically on the very same topic: old people will tell everybody why it’s good they’ll be put on an ice floe.

Obama to Deploy Campaign Apparatus to Persuade Americans to Look Forward to More and Better Catfood

And there’s an extra layer of irony here: these are the same people who convinced enough voters that voting the guy who brought war and poverty is a good thing.

And Obama himself, in an interview with Des Moines Register on October 24 had this to say

And we can easily meet—’easily’ is the wrong word—we can credibly meet the target that the Bowles-Simpson Commission established of $4 trillion in deficit reduction, and even more in the out-years, and we can stabilize our deficit-to-GDP ratio in a way that is really going to be a good foundation for long-term growth. Now, once we get that done, that takes a huge piece of business off the table,” he went on to say.–election.html

A transcript of the whole interview has since been scrubbed. But just in case the so called “other side” didn’t get the wink wink, the campaign leaked stronger signals one day before the election

WASHINGTON, Nov 5 (Reuters) – If President Barack Obama wins re-election, he’s expected to move quickly, perhaps within a day, to renew his bid for a bipartisan deal to avert a “fiscal cliff” that threatens to push the United States into recession, top Senate Democratic aides said on Monday.

A victorious Obama could reach out to Republicans as early as Wednesday and pledge that, with the election decided, it’s time to find common ground to deal with the year-end expiration of Bush-era tax cuts and the launch of automatic spending cuts that would suck $600 billion out of the economy in 2013.

And he did, even before staging the photo op with Sandy victims in NYC. Election time, I was sending that article to those asking me to vote Obama with the words “your thank you letter is in the mail”.

Now the same people will ask me to be happy about shopping for generic/smaller cat food.

Not sure about my super-powers against propaganda now. My head might explode after all.

what we read (more here)

amd what we accept


The one sympathetic cover – AM-NY responds to yesterday’s Daily News (DO OR DIE):


The Daily News OTOH, shows its annoyance loud and clear (why was that protester’s head next to the cop’s baton?


Metro amps the same photo, but with a less nasty headline

while NYT has a picture that speaks the truth – just look at that baton –  under a title that lies

(how can peaceful people “clash” with armed ones?) But then, it has to match the fluff piece over Madame “Get out of My ER”

Murdoch’s rag suddenly cares about the working stiff – right under Demi and Ashton that is –

forgetting to say it was the police, not protesters who blocked streets

.Murdoch is trying on OWS the tactic it tried on politicians in the past: daily attacks until they say uncle (Just ask Spitzer, Paterson et al)



To speak the only language that you understand:

hey, NY Post – what would you say of a politician who raised 4.5 billion in a month? (FYI – the Wall Street’s Obama only raised 1 billion – in 2 years!) That and the internet makes the Post attempts pathetic.

FYI, Rupert, New Yorkers stand by their phones to receive any message that Liberty Square is threatened by Bloomberg’s goons. So then, like last time, we’d all march in solidarity.

I couldn’t find an article on line to link to but for the record – there is a network of safe house for all OWS-ers in Liberty Square so the hysterical implications on the cover are specious. Of course, the word “attack” after yesterday’s “animals” is losing its punch.



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