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What I know now: Ca Dems averted shutouts in all districts (R s are out in 10). NJ GOP is nearly extinct and in Alabama is grotesque. Turnout has been good – we need to do better!

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Brock Turner judge recalled – first since 1932

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Remember the embarrassing  situation Obama created in NY for the upcoming gubernatorial primaries?

The flimsily disguised reason then was that with Giuliani running, there was a danger of losing the seat.

Now New York Post tells us

O ‘campaigns’ vs. Dave – even with Rudy out

Mind you, the “leaker” quoted in the article doesn’t specify to what length they’d go to push Paterson from the race. Judging from the fact that they are leaking this kind of material to NY Post, I’d say, pretty dirty.
And judging from what he did to Bill Thompson in the mayoral elections, maybe we should adapt Kanye West’s song here:

Obama doesn’t like black people

Oh, I am so volunteering for Paterson!

A second White House source tells NY Post

“Do you think [Sen.] Chuck Schumer and the Democratic members of Congress want to run with Paterson at the top of the ticket? . . . This isn’t just about the governor running for office. It’s about the entire Democratic ticket.”

Good to be reminded. Chuck Schumer being the guy who negotiated women’s rights to chose out of the Health Club for Men. And the rest of the ticket went along. The only democrat I’ll be voting for this November is Paterson. And I’ll remind NY women the reasons.

After creating a political crisis in NY by publicly medling in next year gubernatorial elections, Obama put himself in an embarrassing position having to meet the governor and his designated successor

The tabloids couldn’t miss such a juicy opportunity.

The Daily News continued on “His Majesty’s privilege” tone

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while the NY Post kept on with their “governor in waiting”

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and the NYT found this fit to print as well

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Here’s their article – mostly justifying Obama but with the occasional opposite POV

Joe Sestak, a Pennsylvania Democrat who ignored White House efforts to urge him to stay out of a primary race against Senator Arlen Specter. “To be seen like you are selecting winners and losers in a party-boss way will breed some resentment, and in a longer term it won’t bode well.”

Karl Rove is also asked thinks that

“This was particularly ham-handed,” Mr. Rove said. “They shouldn’t have tried this unless they can make it happen. Even then, they should have acted in a way that was subtle, not messy and ugly.”

More interestingly he reveals

The White House’s interest in trying to assure the election of Democrats to Congress reflects its own legislative agenda. But in going after governors, Mr. Rove argued, the concern is more about the president himself.

To make things more interesting, here’s Bill Clinton’s take (h/t wonk the vote at the Confluence)

Seems after so many obvious efforts to fix his own primaries last year. Obama is determined to do away with the whole thing – especially in the Hillary voting New York.

earlier this year he ordered some potential candidates for senate to drop off.

Now he is fixing the primaries for Governor elections. see the Daily News cover

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and their article. Apparently, after going against Obama on Caroline, Paterson was guilty of misusing the race card

More recently, Paterson went on a rant that racial bias was behind his negative coverage and claimed that Obama was the next target, a charge refuted by Obama’s press secretary.

The NYT article makes it clear that only Obama has the right to wield the race card as he sees fit (unofficially, of course)

The situation between Mr. Cuomo and Mr. Paterson has been a complicated one. Mr. Cuomo is still haunted by the fierce backlash he stirred in 2002 when he decided to run in the Democratic primary for governor against H. Carl McCall, the first serious black candidate for governor.

Now, Mr. Cuomo effectively has the blessing of the nation’s first black president to run against New York’s first black governor.

And besides that, primaries for the future are being fixed as well even as we speak

Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine has moved several former supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton off a key panel that will determine the party’s rules for selecting a presidential nominee.

After all, as the Daily News announced in the middle of last year’s primary

HISPARTY.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

And therefore, not mine. Ever since I noticed they were throwing out my primary vote last year.


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