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Tabloids seem to love the political maneuvering of off shore drilling

At least in states not directly affected by it. Here’s the Express on the trade-off

echoing Rahm’s Washington Post

I think a B0bot best summed this up:

“So he destroys the environment in order to get wotes to save the environment. Words fail”

Of course, with a minority of 59 to 41 in the senate he would need to do this. Right? RIGHT?

States next to the drilling sites are more ambivalent

or downright pissed

While USA Today says voters are fuming

while Wall Street Journal tugs at our hearts with the tragic fate of its CEO’s

Oh, the humanity! Brother can you spare a dime?

NY Post continues the investigation of the corruption that led to the loss of the federal grand for NYC schools

In other news, the war is still going on – and DADT confuses army as to what people are allowed to say about it and what they can’t

and more HCR bad news


Wapo has some war news, but it’s all cream puff in the center – I guess B0bots need something to take their Romneycare with

Washington Times has stories on the Sarkozy meeting and proposed sanctions to Iran and a better fluffy center – the cherry blossom season

There is no fluff in Obama Times. Off-shore drilling front and center. I can’t say it’s a broken promise as he went back and forth on it during the campaign.

Some fluff – or local stories in the NYC tabloids:

NY Met takes pride that NY is number one …in delayed flights. Yea us!

while the NY Post looks at the loss of a federal grant for schools by misspending state officials

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