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Rich and criminals try to get little people at each others throats again –

in this new meme that NY Post advances today – BP thinks it’s England you see. Maybe I’ll call them UK then..And notice how Murdoch’s NY paper phrases this from UK’s P.O.V (OBAMA DRAWS BP FIRE)

And during this attempt of billionaires to hide behind little people, Mississippi becomes the 4ths state with oil in their fresh water

and oil flows uncontrollably in the LA waters

.And BP-s UK’s lies keep being revealed – it’s 100 milllion gallons in the ocean now

while in Alabama, ocean view condos are worthless now

.In Florida, the attempt to put new limits on women’s right to choice was thwarted by Gov Crist’s veto – it’s an uproar of course!

.Stars and Stripes picks the Arlington Story

.while Newsday covers another funeral of a soldier

Wall Street Journal decries consumers tightening belts (bad for the recovery)

.and in South Carolina the strange Dem nominee is certified – they’re stuck!

.I’ll end with one piece of uplifting news re: oil-kill


Here’s a paragraph from Wall Street Journal

Forget the headline, I won’t even discuss that

Obama to Reopen Oil Drilling

Here’s the magic paragraph.

Retired U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, who heads the federal response, said BP’s latest emergency containment system is on track to capture as much as 15,000 barrels of oil per day, which is the maximum amount of oil the drill ship on the surface can process. BP’s latest update on the rate of recovery late Monday implies that the containment procedure is approaching that limit. Any leakage beyond 15,000 barrels per day will continue to go into the sea until a second ship arrives, likely in mid-June.

.So, for all those asking “What do you want him to do?

We don’t want Obama to personally get a scuba diving gear and plug the hole. Just talk to your Coast Guard Admiral in LA and send him what he needs like you promised. Today, not mid-June. Get a frakking ship to process that oil over 15,000 barrels!

This guy can’t wait that long

Then bill BP.

More on the reasons for this idiocy

Oil Spill Expert: BP Is ‘Groping In the Dark’

“They’re groping in the dark because they’ve never permitted actual estimates to be made,” said Ian MacDonald, a Florida State oceanography professor. “They said a dozen times on television that 5,000 barrels a day was the rate of this spill, and all their engineering was driven by that. Clearly, they were underestimating what kind of capacity they needed.”

And we know full well they were not the only ones lowballing the amounts. Watch this for proof that the White House was declaring lower numbers that were briefed about


These are the obsolete symbols and words on their flag

The Flag of the State of Louisiana consists of a heraldic charge called a “pelican in her piety,” representing a mother pelican wounding her breast to feed her young from the blood. This symbol, emblematic of Christian charity, is also found on the state seal. On the flag it is depicted above a ribbon with the state motto: “Union, Justice, and Confidence.”

That blood is now on those master propagandists that didn’t give a damn. #Obamabirds.


Krewe of dead Pelicans protest in LA – video

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