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Whenever you will have in your hands the most consequential choice of your life – expect to be told: they are the same.

I have seen this device championed by the media for Nader in 2000 when people had to chose between Al Gore and W. I don’t think I need to make the case for the difference between a man of vision and qualification and a bumbling potz beholden to all interests that wanted war and deregulation.

But we do know that all the luminaries who now hail Obama, instead of supporting Gore were pushing for Nader, who was hyped by the media and pollsters, financed by the GOP and who was attacking Gore only.

And, no, Nader didn’t determine the outcome of the election – theft did. But the fog and the indifference that he created provided cover for the thieves.

So useful was he, that the media and pollsters were hyping him up in 2004 as well, although he wasn’t even on the ballot in all states, while candidates that were competition to Bush were, but nobody mentioned them.

The “same” techique ws used by the media shilling for Bush and the GOP when big schandals were rocking the system. Enron, Abramoff were suddenly made bipartisan.

The other important election we had was in the primaries of 2008: it was between a candidate who believed in the democratic principles had experience and vision and another figurehead of the same interests as W. So, naturally the media and those who wanted to take this choice from us, rolled the “they are the same” argument.

I was reminded of it when, on a forum someone came out of the blue and started repeating it ad nauseam. Many of us responded with a comprehensive list of differences:

Blackwater, ending the war, universal healthcare, NCLB, deregulation, divesting the illegal unitary executive, protecting the homeowners, women, GLBT, FISA – but the person kept coming back with the same words. When confronted, poster said to be informed by Newsweek and Rush.

And that’s when it hit me: whenever the media uses the words “no difference” look carefully. There is an important choice in your hands.

Unfortunately, the way things are, this device will be needed less and less.

But now, for a twist


NY Times reports on this inane statement

he seems to be draining votes from Senator John McCain, the Republican nominee, not Senator Barack Obama, the Democrat’s presidential candidate.

His evidence? He said polls show that when his name is added to the mix, Mr. McCain’s numbers go down.

He also pointed to the fact that the Democrats are not trying to bump him off the ballot in various states, as they tried to in 2004.

Of course, him calling up NYT to sell this bridge is one more evidence of how desperate he is for attention.

But I find it interesting that he too realizes, that his only chance now to be given attention by the media is to pretend that he helps Obama.

Not so long ago, his name used to be included in polls regularly. Until one time in August, an Ohio poll showed that his name actually turned Ohio to McCain a la 2000. That was the last time I saw his name in a poll.

Hence this desperate ploy

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