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Worried that he didn’t let his psyche hang publicly enough, 🍊 is summoning again his imaginary friends. This is a follow up to the previous insanity post

Forbes recently published an article about 🍊

‘s net worth going down significantly

I should have realized at the time, this would be the thing to get him more than any insult from anyone in the world. The next thing was predictable

It’s the usual Mirror Mirror far – richest, smartest. The new thing – for me is the part about his children running the country. First time it comes out in words. We knew he view his “job” as that of a king and he’s already put his dim witted offspring in undeserved high places. But articulating this is a step ahead. There is also the insecurity coming out in “He will continue to run the country” But why is this rant not enough for Article 25? Ah, yeah, tax cuts!

As for the part where Steve Bannon will take care of the media, this is in the works per Sessions

Update: after his ongoing Feud with Frederica Willson, where he leveled this at her

Maxine Waters checks in

Also, Β from UK

a little blast from the past

and Halloween edition


Aww! How cute!

and a little truth

per Hanna Arendt, a declaration of intent, not Β a fact

and some get it

and the Simpsons, once again, predicted it

while the media whistles


Legally, he Β put the legality of this election in dispute. We have 3 candidates who contest the results

Jennifer Granholm agrees

Audit or redo

At first it was a sign that it was a raw nerve

then came the tantrum


which raised the worries

this is a logical conclusion

would electors be swayed?

and while most media simply put the crazy claims in their headlines, People Magazine is the only one getting it right so far

CNN follows

and another one

I agree with Frum, it’s scary

4 Pinocchios from WaPo


Not Your Sweetie

October 2020