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Whatever gave anyone the impression KO was Obama’s spokesman?

This is a moment so rich with irony, it must be fattening. (added it to my Schadenfreude list

The guy  who said someone has to take Hillary in a room and only he comes out thinks he is not Obama’s spokesperson.

The guy who praised Obama as brave for voting for FISA for standing up to his base, thinks he is not an Obama operative.

The guy who said Hillary wanted Obama assassinated as she mentioned the long RFK primary and had the Obama campaign fax his rant to all journalists think he is not an Obama operative.

The guy who, when confronted with the absurdity of this attack, defended himself “it was only for 10 minutes”

What made him have these strange delusions?

Well, it seems that when he criticized Obama’s latest bestest speech he was deluged with B0bot attack

Matthews/Olbermann getting bashed for their analysis on local

call-in shows this morning. The one show is my local call-in, the other is Bill Press’s show. “With friends like them, Obama doesn’t need enemies.” HA!

With friends like them…Someone felt entitled to loyalty. I wonder why.

So now KO is like Elephant Man screaming: I am a human being”! In his case

‘I Am Not… Any President’s Spokesman’

Sorry, Elephant Man, the appearances are so hard to get over!

The story is only made more delicious by the fact that it’s vicious Orange Cheeto training their sites on KO. And Keith, the attack dog, can’t take it. He does an Eric Cartman:

Screw you guys. I am going home!

Keith Olbermann Checks Out Of Daily Kos After Criticism From Left

here’s his huffy departure

Check, Please

Some of the funniest part, excerpted by Madiaite

You want Cheerleaders? Hire the Buffalo Jills. You want diaries with conspiracy theories, go nuts. If you want this site the way it was even a year ago, let me know and I’ll be back.

The hypocrisy. It burns. What exactly happened an year ago? They were all cheerleading – they and KO over the Heritage Foundation boon to the health insurance industry.

Concludes Mediaite

As he sticks with his ‘non-Obama-cheerleader’ position, it’s now clear there are some in this country far farther left than he is. It is a testament to the polarized American public that Olbermann would be on the outs with the Daily Kos and his liberal Twitter followers.

Concludes Not Your Sweetie: Obama managed to unite left and right with his incompetence. Jonah Goldberg, Mother Jones, Krutanhammer, Ted Rall and Keith Olberman are starting to sound the same.

Only a few loyalists remain – like W’s freepers once. Steve Colbert used to call them “backwash”

colbertirony.jpg backwash picture by Robbedvoter
– Oh look, poor Keith, they took him into a room and only the Kossacks came out.
In Bobotland they have a
as the situation is so rife with irony and hypocrisy, it’s hard for me to decide whether this is a good or a bad thing.
also, a thread on the Cheetos kerfluffle
one of the more sugnificant views:
. I was surprised to see so many at DU turn against him.

Especially after so much he has done. To disagree is one thing, but to totally denounce him, definitely surprised me.
So much he has done. As a non-spokesperson, of course.

As Obama met with his fat cat donors, everyone parted happy

Obama holds “very pleasant” meeting with top US bankers

The private meeting at the White House had the air of a conspiracy against the public, a gathering to discuss carving up state resources in order to hand them over to the banks and major investors.

Among those attending were 13 CEOs and two banking industry lobbyists. The individuals gathered at the White House stand at the helm of companies that together control much of American finance. They played a significant role in driving the speculative orgy on Wall Street that has now collapsed, precipitating the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

A collection of content statements from some of these CEOs is included. And as Obama continues the Bush administration policy towards auto industry, it’s right to conclude that

The policy of the administration is to ensure that this “pain” is born entirely by the working class, while the looting of public assets by the financial elite continues.

And did I mention they’ll hold on to their bonuses?

While some lenders plan to soon return billions of dollars in assistance they accepted since October, potentially undermining the rescue effort, others backed away.

Their friend in the White House made sure it was up to them

4bfb92f65401189a5e1e35295f445596.gif picture by Robbedvoter

On a funnier note, KO, the acerbic Obama propagandists is now at war with…Twitter.

yes, you guessed it! Ko is not afraid to name Twitter is “worst person in the word:

But our winner is Twitter. I told you this was trouble. I find out today that I have 13,900 some odd followers on Twitter. I‘m not on Twitter. I tried to sign up last summer and abandoned the project. I found this out when I got a piece of junk e-mail today, at my address, from some outfit trying to barnacle on to the Twitter process. Though it was my address, it had somebody else‘s name on it, possibly whoever was perpetuating the fraud

The first layer of humor would be the size of his new enemy. Those of you not familiar

Of course, KO being the gift that keeps on giving, he is also, wrong. As usual.

It turns out Olbermann is on Twitter through an account called @countdownmsnbc. The profile is a combined feed of MSNBC show clips, and Olbermann’s blog entries and is operated by Countdown staffers, but not Olbermann.

Oh, but Twitter deserved it anyway! I bet that bird is a girl anyway, that bitch!

Not Your Sweetie

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