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Every now and again, somewhere in the country the war is remembered as news. here’s Boston Globe with the “unprecedented” angle

and being in Massachusetts, a “congress without Kennedy” is another front page news story. As is in Herald News

but I thought we couldn’t have Hillary because we hated dynasties, non?

And in Nevada they expect “first Obama visit since the remarks It’s Reid’s turn to be “helped”

What will the mayor of Las Vegas say to the slow learner?

and guess what card are they playing now against the mayor?

A handful of Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce members on Friday called for Goodman to step back from his criticisms of Obama, citing worries that the remarks could inflame racist sentiments against the president during his visit.

A “martini summit” is also suggested – by said ward 5. So many gaffes, so many kinds of alcohol…

Meanwhile, in NY, tabloids achieve nearly identical headlines over the Olympics accident

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First thing after my internet came back – I checked the tabloids.

In NYC, Bill Clinton’s health scare was big news – I saw some breathless reporting on TV too. Even after the doctor said he’ll be released tomorrow(today) they were still promising us more details about the surgery. Surely tabloids could do no less. Here’s The Daily News

and El Diario

and Wall Street Journal

In Massachusets the big news is Pat Kennedy’s declaring he won’t run

while the New York Times found a poll where Obama fares better and splashed it on the front page (No Clinton worries for CDS NYT)


The big news of the day is the markets coming down all over. Wall Street tells it – mentioning European debt crisis

and NY Times blames Europe as well

but what have we in Murdoch’s other paper? I guess as long as it’s legally covered, our debt doesn’t exist?

Meanwhile in Massachusets Brown is sworn in and GOP has a 41-59 majority

and Murdoch’s paper takes a swipe at beating a dead horse

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I was going to drop this subject, I really really was.

But the Kennedys are not! Check out the NY Post headline:

Kenedys livid as Gov asked Caroline to “Lie”

and it goes on

An “apoplectic” Kennedy family is seething over the rough treatment that heiress apparent Caroline got from Gov. Paterson’s office and is spoiling for revenge, several sources close to the clan have told The Post.

and there’s more

“Ted is furious. The family is furious. The Kennedys are now against the governor.”

Well, I am for him. Besides those rumors that came from the governor’s office which I wish they didn’t, this is the alleged crime:

Among Paterson’s offenses was a request that Caroline lie about her unexpected withdrawal for “personal” reasons, according to NY magazine.

“You can’t withdraw. You’ve got to stay in this thing, and I’ll just not pick you,” Paterson reportedly told her over the phone late Wednesday.

Of course, this is just speculation as the dueling “it was her” “it wasn’t her” are still going on.

Interestingly, only days ago, Ted was furious with Caroline for using his illness as “personal reasons But, hey, Ted pretended to be angry at the Clintons and justified the ugly insinuations of racism when he endorsed Obama by the “Johnson was instrumental in passing the Civil Rights” statement. So, there’s a pattern here of picking reasons for unprincipled actions.

But now “Guv’s mess” appears as headline in several papers and NY Post has a slanderous article about the governor’s trip abroad in the same issue.

The nerve! To stiffle the princess!

Remember, those dark times when energy companies were drafting the energy bill! Those dark Bush times are over now, right? RIGHT? Then why do we get a headline like this one?

Insurers announce health reform proposals

And could this explain why we couldn’t have Hillary?

The nation’s largest health insurance industry lobbying group announced a series of proposals for health reform this morning that they said would help achieve universal coverage, control costs and improve the quality of care.

and why Obama got the most of the pharma money?

Insurers oppose the creation of a Medicare-style public insurance option, which both President-elect Barack Obama and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus have proposed, which they believe will force private companies to compete with government on an uneven playing field. The insurers also do not support an employer mandate.

Because the only mandate they want is that everyone buys their services

Insurers would agree to stop denying coverage to people because of pre-existing conditions as long as all individuals were required by law to buy insurance. That would prevent people from only buying insurance when they need it and force younger and healthier people to share the cost of care for older and sicker people.

And Ted Kennedy who feels sharing NCLB credit with W is not stinky enough, is all over this:

But aides to US Senator Edward M. Kennedy, whose staff has been meeting with the insurers along with a broad array of health care advocates, employers and providers to develop a major health reform initiative for Congress to consider next year, was encouraged by the insurers’ presentation.

We know now why Hillary wasn’t allowed to touch the issue in the Senate. He was busy providing cover for yet other businesses at the expense of people

“There’s a spirit of optimism about our work to ensure quality, affordable health care for all Americans — and today’s announcement adds to that optimism,” said Kennedy spokesman Anthony Coley. “The insurance industry has advanced serious proposals that deserve serious analysis and consideration.”

I am sure they did, Ted. I am also sure it’s what Dick Cheney said in those closed meetings with the oil companies who drafted that bill Obama voted for.

I know one member of his family who will be happy with all this

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