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For anyone who wants to know the difference between jr. and jr.jr – that’s what I could come up to.

AP said he had a “doctrine” in its Orwellian titled article

Nobel-winning Obama defends war in call for peace

although this is a washed down version of the original one

Obama defends US wars as he accepts peace prize

It’s still almost as good as Cinie’s headline

“Just War,” Or, Just War?

which comes close to W’s short lived logo


The interesting thing about it all is that Obama lectured the audience about what a just war should be

The president laid out circumstances in which war is justified — in self-defense, to come to the aid of an invaded nation, on humanitarian grounds such as when civilians are slaughtered by their own government.

OK, so did Afghanistan attack us? Not exactly, and Bin laden ain’t there.

Is the US puppet regime of Karzai killing its own people? Who knows, but duh, puppet.

1178087971505.gif picture by Robbedvoter

So then why accept this so matter of fact?

It was a jarring moment when Obama, in the midst of the ceremony, said of his troops in Afghanistan: ”Some will kill. Some will be killed.”

And then play it for laughs

The president got his biggest laugh line of his toast when he took note of Nobel committee chairman Thorbjorn Jagland’s laudatory introduction of him, saying, “I told him afterward that I thought it was an excellent speech – and that I was almost convinced that I deserved it.”

colbert-head-2.gif Colbert picture by Robbedvoter

But the thing that must make B0bots heads explode today is that Conservatives liked the speech

BW.gif image by Edgeoforever

It’s already being called the “Obama Doctrine” – a notion that foreign policy is a struggle of good and evil, that American exceptionalism has blunted the force of tyranny in the world, and that U.S. military can be a force for good and even harnessed to humanitarian ends.

and the highest praise of all

“The irony is that George W. Bush could have delivered the very same speech. It was a truly an American president’s message to the world,” said Bradley A. Blakeman, a Republican strategist and CEO of Kent Strategies LLC who worked in the Bush White House.

george_bush_toys.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

After all, I recall, Bush also called himself a “Man of Peace”

And ouch! Palin liked it

“I liked what he said,” Palin told USA Today. “Of course, war is the last thing I believe any American wants to engage in, but it’s necessary. We have to stop these terrorists.”

Bobots heads everywhere:

Our President ran as a uniter. I don’t know what the surprise is

Obama vowed to unite all sectors of our society, and that’s what’s happening here.

And more explosions – where they console themselves with the knowledge that TOTUS is better than Palin

Yup. We got ourselves a new doctrine! Good luck with that!


And got a soap commercial out of it

few blocks away from the Grand Hotel, a local pharmacy advertised the GX+ brand of anti-bacterial hand soap with the tag line: “Barack Obama, Use GX+ and Face No Drama.” It was a reference to Obama’s cool and collected way.


I always thought that it would be during the following disastrous presidency that the mea culpas for the was they treated Clinton would come. First from the progressives, then maybe the others. I was wrong.  They continued to blame him – this time for Gore and Kerry’s “losses”

And now, with a God in the White House I was expecting a continuous stream of: see, he can do what Clinton couldn’t” and pretty much got it.

Facts however are stubborn things and I can already see some chinks in that strategy.

The Clinton hater extraordinaire, M0Do sent shockwaves through the Village when she ended her usual Clinton hating column with a virtual “But Obama is even worse”

Bill Clinton may not have cared any more about contributors than Obama does, but he was such a talented politician that he made them feel as though they were in “a warm bath,” as one put it.

Obama is more like a cold shower.

And, from Hillary is 44 an extraordinary video

where Laurence O’Donnell – now part of Obama’s network actually remembers 1994 – when a “vote to debate” was not deemed necessary as the bill (Clinton’s) went to the senate almost by unanimous consent. Listen from the 1:08 mark for some startling revelations bout Ted Kennedy’s role and at the 3:20 mark

“It was inconceivable – for both parties not to allow one of the president major legislation to come to a vote – and this is a much weaker president – remember – Clinton got elected with 43% of the vote and there were 43 Republicans in the senate, only 57 Democrats….so this issue of needing 60 to go in the debate is the most stunning demonstration of weakness”

When asked to point the finger as to why, O’Donnel blames…the bill “this bill, this idea is so unpopular in the US”. And then points to the 1994 failure and the determination of Obama to do the opposite of what Clinton did – take a bow from behind the curtain, Tom Daschle.t

Except of course for the part where they asked Bill Clinton to talk to the Senate

It’s not that the media stopped attacking the Clintons – they’ll never forgive them for trespassing Versailles. But even their attacks have instant blowback.

A laundry list of “conflicts of interest” between the Clintons from WaPo only manages to highlight the many accomplishments of each of them.

So, ironically, it wasn’t Bush’s incompetence that would showcase Clinton’s brilliance. It will be Obama’s. Whether they allow it or not.

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Such is the burning question in Bobotland – and they even found a poll to measure this from a site named “my future spouse dot com”. I also found it interesting that the questions must differ by gender…Anyway, after they get measured, B0bots rush to report the results – shame on you, 39 and 46%! I think Booman should take you out of the party. Yes, the discussion of the pathetic “it’s payback time” article still elicits cheers, but also the most ironic post to come from B0botland:

168. Okay, so…we should stay home in 2012 because we’re not welcome anymore?

So to hell with party unity? The “progressive blogosphere” should just STFU and GTFA?

Gee, who are the PUMAs now?


Maybe it’s better when one makes those choices for oneself then.

Outside of B0botland, former allies are not taking the future spouse test. In fact they are falling by the wayside in droves – and here’s a good collection of such fresh dissent.

The most surprising was seeing that MoDo was able to take her head out of Darcy’s behind long enough to pen a column that even has some facts they all carefully held from us last year

In Springfield, he compromised so much on a health care reform bill that in the end, it merely led to a study.

And I loved the Vaclav Havel story too:

Havel, the 73-year-old former Czech president, who didn’t win a Nobel Peace Prize despite leading the Czechs and the Slovaks from communism to democracy, turned the tables and asked Smale a question about Obama, the latest winner of the peace prize.

Was it true that the president had refused to meet the Dalai Lama on his visit to Washington?

to which he concluded:

“It is only a minor compromise,” he said. “But exactly with these minor compromises start the big and dangerous ones, the real problems.”

And besides, respectable people like Helen Thomas are put off by the war against Fox

White House ought to “stay out of these fights.”

“They can only take you down. You can’t kill the messenger,

And I wonder, how much would Charles Blow score on the love test? About as much as he would on a test about W?

At the town hall in New Orleans, Obama appealed for patience. He said, “Change is hard, and big change is harder.” Is that the excuse? Now where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah. From George Bush.

Jusging from the wealth of criticism from unexpected places, maybe the loyalty check was called for. I wonder how many took it and didn’t report back – or reported a fake result? Not a poll anyone will take these days.

For those Yidish impaired, the definition of chutzpa: someone who kills his parents then asks the court’s mercy for being an orphan

Incredibly, the man who shouldn’t even have a role in the government now that the campaigning is should be over, made this mind boggling statement

Top White House adviser David Axelrod says “politics” played a key role in the International Olympic Committee’s decision to reject President Obama’s appeal in support of Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Olympics.

I guess when Obama’s politics prevail, it’s called “ponies”, when they lose it’s called “politics”

In the past Obama accused the GOP of playing politics. Now, this coming from Axelrod is even richer somehow.

Of course, the “politics” gimmick was to cover for his client

“I don’t view this as a repudiation of the president or the first lady. I think that there are politics everywhere, and there were politics inside that room.”

I guess everyone should be happy no racism accusations were thrown. In fact, upon CNN digging for it, the answer was

“I’m not suggesting anything nefarious…I’m not suggesting anything untoward happened.

And a Chicago pol would know what he is speaking about.

Illustration: Afrocity Brown


I couldn’t miss this Politico headline

All the rquivocation that follows can diminish that

The agony of Obama’s defeat

and some hillarious spin I wasn’t aware of

Earlier this week, The White House flatly rejected the notion that Obama’s Chicago ties played any role in his decision or his support for the U.S. bid for the games.

“If it had been Los Angeles, I think the notion that the President would have done less because it was a different U.S. city just doesn’t hold a lot of water,” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs insisted earlier this week.

Some analysts find that claim impossible to believe.

For once in my life, I agree with “analysts”

Also, h/t to Butters, back in June, Obama had opened an Olympic Office in the White House

here’s the headline in Chicago Tribune

President Barack Obama to open White House Olympic Office

Announcement timed before Chicago’s presentation to IOC members

While – ironically – all the other tabloids are busy reporting a terrorist plot, NY Post is the only one noting the answer the terrorist speakers at this session got from Netanyahu

The entire speech is here

and the NY Post article is here

Brandishing blueprints of the Auschwitz death camp, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday blasted the United Nations for turning a blind eye to terrorism and urged the world leaders to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

It’s confusing when the truth comes from the NY Post…

For irony effect, the other covers

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