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Donald -I’d love to- Trump Jr decided to use his kid to teach the world how little he understands – well anything. For the likes of Diaper Don

“socialism” = I have to pay taxes.

The answers he got were good enough to merit a blog entry

Some noted the crass intent

and also

while others

another one takes on Diaper Don’s qualifications as a teacher

and spelling

others bring it to the lessons Diaper Don was taught himself at home

and more family wisdom


and another one

some keep it close to the lesson itself

and this

as did I

this one just expresses our feelings

P.S Diaper Don was a nickname earned in college. He used to get drunk, fall asleep in other people’s beds and, well ย could have used a diaper at that point.

This story is marginally connected – Manafort daughter texts

The “good father” used to humiliate Diaper Don in front of his college dorm by coming at his door and screaming his head off at him from the hall

but back to “socialism”. You see, Chloe, this is what’s all about

meanwhile, the hemoglobin challenged brother exercises his own version of socialism

Update: It seems Diaper Don stole the “socialism/Halloween idea from Alex Jones

J K Rowling also helps

and to sum up

and the “Professor” is mad

but we know you, Diaper Don!


At least when W said those words, he didn’t add “I thought it would be easier”


or, in Trump Draws terms



yeah, healthcare, like NAFTA proved more complicated than announced at his rallies. At least peace in the Middle East is still a synch

and it’s not as if they are trying so hard

and it’s not like his party isn’t going to any length to help

and also

at least nobody can take THIS from him

and a good thing this would not affect anybody

apparently jared can’t handle this one for him

but maybe he’ll be BFF with the other crazy guy

update: Seth Myers put together the times ๐ŸŠ promised his base on the campaign trail that this would be easy


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part of a series of planned changes:
Next on the agenda: move the US capital to Chicago
Change the name of the country: United States of Obamination
Change the calendar so next year would be year one

I think the whitehouse,org one suits him better:

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Here’s my seal:

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Apparemtly The Onion did get in trouble for misusing the presidential seal.

But they were anti-Bush. B0 is the secretly designated successor I believe so…

Updatig this with the LA Times take:

But Barack Obama’s crowd has decided not to wait for any of the formalities like a presidential election, an inauguration or even a nomination, which he still hasn’t actually officially won yet.

Obama now has his own Great Seal already. And it is really, really big. It’s big like the tires on those elevated pickups in the parking lot at NASCAR races where you look out the car window and see nothing but fist-sized lug nuts.

The seal’s also got a terrifically impressive motto in Latin — “Vero Possumus” — which means

“The possum speaks truthily.”

Some people might be inclined to make fun of a grown candidate who’s against an imperial presidency but needs a really Great Seal before he even gets the official nomination. Maybe they’d suggest that as good as things look now from the city of big winds, maybe he’s counting his eagles before they hatch.

Plus it’s got Obama’s website right up there too. Lord knows, he needs more donations because the poor White Sox fan from Chicago’s impoverished South Side has only raised a little under $290 million so far.

But even if he loses in November, for $500 million Obama and Michelle could build their own White House. And paint it any darned color they want.

And to make it all even more fun, the possum motto is wrong too

meaning actually “In truth to be able” – which makes LA Times right:

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an update from Capital Hill
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updating with this No Quarter posting of the original Charles Lemos translation of the unfortunate logo

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