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After the announcement that the situation in the Keys is not survivable,


a few answers brought it home for me


this is more in the mind boggling department

more stupid


I did once the the leave it all behind. Would I be able to do it again at my age?

At 80? I have no wedding plates (left behind, before the marriage) But I get their feeling.

in a different vein



now with an earthquake and tsunamis, think Earth is pissed? Mayan calendar musings

ya think?

are we getting the message or stick to mythology

but wait, not just Earth

and we’ll pay 🍊  some more

for the 5 properties

so, who’s “the message” for?

Exodus from Florida



and after all former presidents launched an appeal

someone wants attention.

and more

The war on women only starts with Hillary

spills to Β women in colleges

and to LGBTQ as well (remember, Bernie borrowed the RW slur of civil rights as “identity politics)

from a thread responding to the πŸ†.πŸ†


Trussia department


here’s a compilation

and consequences

and as for the FB scheme

and now

meanwhile we have to find out 🍊 met Russian ambassador from…Russian media

Good guys department

good news department

and also

and new Mueller interviews


Joss sums it up

to celebrate Labor Day, hiking taxes on workers

on Hurricane front, EPA still battles…AP:

and AP statement

while Bill Clinton has a list of hurricane charities

and tragedy + racism




Kasparov on DACA

some pushback

on Russia front, 🍊

is toast

bot news

and collusion

On Russia stealing future election front – bad news

Nazi department Β – the C-ville murder was not exactly spontaneous

on the nuclear destruction front

same from NY POst

and from South Korea

and from us



In response to North Korea’s last nuclear tests

a seismologist can only say

while 🍊   reacts

and obviously…wants to break with our ally, South Korea. A response from Ben Sasse


on the stolen-election front

on the related Russia front

and Β hostile

and weird

and the story


and more

and of course a fan of Andrew Jackson would do this and The Onion says it best

in the same vein, Eli Lake gets owned

the framing on the antifa continues

on the Hurricane front we have typos


So far, the death toll surpassed 30, but for 🍊 the gig is done!

Still things getting worse

and we now know

Apparently, experiencing a hurricane first hand is talking to local officials

but let’s see their own “first hand” images

or, maybe it went like this 🀑

and he is finally asking people to give

and later, actually pledging. Except

NYP too follows “everything is $” mantra

and another way

but kick those kids with a big heart

and if you donate, better a not-Red Cross venue. Explanation here(thread):

People, on the other hand, showed how amazing they can be


🍊’s bogus election commission is getting some oversight

and speaking of corruption

In Russia, it’s deadly to be an ambassador, especially since the US elections – which weren’t influenced at all



and I think points to Mueller


and this would fall under obstruction/corruption, depending on the outcome

but his lawyers argue


corruption here


the obligatory Nazi department – this time a mind-bender

and since antifa is discussed, the ultimate thread on it

and back to Nazis

and still has input

and Nazi lies

more nazi

Nazi threats

Not sure if Nazi, but as evil goes…

Meanwhile, in the sane universe



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