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I watched it on TV and Tweeter – and there were some beauties appearing on my page.

Podhoretz was feeling in hell –

jpodhoretz John Podhoretz
Seriously. This is comedy Hiroshima.

The appearance of Yusuf Islam – now only Yusuf produced some great comments.

Harry Shearer wondered where his last name went.

Alahpundit noted

I’ve seen video of that British TV segment abt Rushdie on YouTube. Stevens/Islam had it pulled down re: copyright claim. I wonder why.
He finally found it

Here’s the video of Stevens/Islam on Rushdie:
another collective discussion
ggreenwald Glenn Greenwald

.@digby56 @atrios Don’t worry – at least his name’s not Mohammed
It was Depressed Darth who had the best one
I bet Yusuf hates being called Cat Stevens as much as I hate being called Anakin
I answered that at least he didn’t drop the “Vader”
Keith Olberman got his wittle feelings hurt
It wasn’t a big shark but Jon Stewart jumped one just now with the “everybody on Thr cable is the same” naiveté
Later on he defends himself to a follower
@littleleaf2 when did I say I loved Jon?
Salon seems to agree
Has Jon Stewart jumped the shark?
Tomorrow tweets
tomtomorrow Tom Tomorrow

by edgeoforever
This is sounding like a college freshman stoner session. Dude if we just all remember we’re like human beings you know?
digby56 digby

This might be useful if even one right winger gave a damn. Essentially he’s just telling the left to pipe down. They sure won’t.
Later she corrects herself: the RW won’t she meant.
Daou smells the propaganda
peterdaou Peter Daou

Interesting Stewart and the White House echo the same critique of 24/7 news cycle. But isn’t that a function of blogs and online community?
Later on he tweets
peterdaou Peter Daou
Putting forth this idea: Obama wouldn’t be president without the 24/7 news cycle
Chris Hayes
chrislhayes Christopher Hayes

Sort of amazing how far the irony/earnestness pendulum has swung back towards irony after just 2 years.
David Corn gets a good retort
TrenchCoat4Hire TrenchCoat4Hire

by DavidCornDC

@DavidCornDC when are you going to start taking shots at the DNC for failing to get the base worked up instead of whining about the rally?
Fishbowl DC
FishbowlDC FishbowlDC
Throngs of people pissed: “I came to a rally and didn’t see anything.” #insanityrally
On behalf of Zuckenberg, David Corn
DavidCornDC David Corn
More jabs at Facebook founder than any politician. #rally4sanity
Daou captures it
peterdaou Peter Daou
Midterm zeitgeist captured in 2 rallies: Beck/Palin claim monopoly on honor, faith & country while #rally4sanity does medley of SNL outtakes
I loved when Tweeterer Humansvsrobots enjoyed R2D2.
Podhoretz is happy
jpodhoretz John Podhoretz
Tragic fact: Sanity really right about where it was before 11 this morning.
Tapper concludes
jaketapper Jake Tapper
RT @mikemadden: Verdict: Rally had all the signs and signifiers of a social movement, but all the content of a corporate-produced TV show
Me, I was ecstatic about The Corbomite maneuver.

Use it!

10 minutes – the duration of the first meeting with McChrystal

Their first one-on-one meeting took place in the Oval Office four months later, after McChrystal got the Afghanistan job, and it didn’t go much better. “It was a 10-minute photo op,” says an adviser to McChrystal. “Obama clearly didn’t know anything about him, who he was.

20 minutes the duration of the first meeting with BP executives

President Obama also took part for 20 minutes at the start of the meeting. It was Obama’s first face-to-face confrontation with Hayward and BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg since the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico began 57 days ago. Vice

20 minutes the duration of the last meeting with McChristal

And then, finally, the president ended General McChrystal’s command in a meeting that lasted only 20 minutes.

I have been wondering about that pattern. Finally, The Onion to the rescue! It explained everything to me

Obama’s Weekly Video Addresses Becoming Increasingly Avant-Garde

Hailed as a sign of renewed government transparency when they began airing last year, President Barack Obama’s weekly video addresses have grown increasingly experimental in recent weeks, raising eyebrows nationwide.Videos like the one that aired Tuesday morning, which begins with Obama outlining his new plan to provide healthier school lunches to the nation’s children, but soon devolves into frantic editing, unsettling imagery, and dissonant audio effects, have left many wondering about the president’s ultimate message.

Silly us!

My work speaks for itself,” Obama said as he applied blackface makeup to prepare for the shooting of a new video called Ask/Tell/Die. “I can’t tell the people of our great nation what to think or how to react. That’s up to the viewer.

Silly B0bots! All this time you were trying to learn multidimensional chess.

Said Kirk to Spock in The Carbomite Maneuver:

Not Chess, Spock. Poker.”

Said The Onion to the bewildered nation: Not chess, nation. Art. Avant-garde,.


Psst! B0bots! Lay of it already!

Three-Dimensional Chess

With one move, President Obama was able to:

1. Get rid of McChrystal

2. Demote Petraeus (he was head of CentComm, now he’s a field General again)

3. de-fang any criticisms the right could have over the McChrystal firing

4. Remove a possible 2012 opponent.

5. boost troop morale

Damn… he’s better at this than even *I* thought.

That ought to be a whole lot of “better”.

A little fun with symbols here. This is the statue

Solid Rock church Jesus

and this is the timing

President Obama to visit Ohio; 62-foot statue of Jesus explodes

The White House Tuesday announced that President Obama will travel to Ohio on Friday.  Specifics of the trip have not been released yet.

In other Ohio news, a 62-foot statue of Jesus exploded Monday night after lightning struck the 6-story-tall structure



Almost as irresistible as “BP hires Goldman Sachs”.

B0botland is celebrating a prank gone wrong: B0bot 1 is trying to insult all opposition with his sign YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS, but stands a bit too close to B0bot 2 thanking Obama, thus creating a deeper social commentary than they knew. The fact that the guy considering everyone else an idiot has a half concealed Obama T-shirt adds an extra layer to this. (he’s laughing at all of you with his Baker/Dole bill)

In B0botland someone notices

2. But he’s standing next to a guy with an Obama sign.
This photo makes it look like he’s calling Obama supporters idiots.

but is called to order by pointing to the original caption ( a picture is worth 1000 words unless it needs a caption)

6. If you read the caption at the link

It says the two are together and infiltrated into the rally. The kid holding the sign is 19-years old. Yay, kid!

But in spite the “caption”, some are unsure

8. It looks Anti-Obama to me too n/t

Rest assured, B0bots. It’s not anti-Obama. It’s anti all you idiots who are at each other throats while Obama and the GOP screwed you all with RW legislation.

A fake fight over a fake reform

I’ll be using this one a lot in he future.

Party on, kids!


I just noticed: failbot himself came to take a bow

Brendan Sheley (4 posts

32. Hello

It’s amazing seeing the response this little poster is receiving. Yes that is me in the picture (the woman from the post added a “l” to my last name, but I’ll forgive her). Just to clarify for everyone, no one around m other than the guy with the “Thank You” sign was an Obama supporter. They were nothing but a big old group of hate filled conservatives and boy did I get hassled.

Oh, how very heroic of you Brendan. And thanks for all your explanations about those hate filled conservatives. because from the photo, I only see some regular people, you with the all insulting sign and a B0bot. But you keep ‘splaining it buddy. Aso, for all the captioning and the justifying, it seems that the two being in the crowd at the same time was just a happy accident


We weren’t together, well i suppose in beliefs, but i knew no one there. It was just me and my ipod.

Well, Brendan, my brave B0bot, here’s a thought. Next time you go waving signs calling people around you idiots, you might want to look around at those people. Or get a mirror. Works either way.


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