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Donald -I’d love to- Trump Jr decided to use his kid to teach the world how little he understands – well anything. For the likes of Diaper Don

“socialism” = I have to pay taxes.

The answers he got were good enough to merit a blog entry

Some noted the crass intent

and also

while others

another one takes on Diaper Don’s qualifications as a teacher

and spelling

others bring it to the lessons Diaper Don was taught himself at home

and more family wisdom


and another one

some keep it close to the lesson itself

and this

as did I

this one just expresses our feelings

P.S Diaper Don was a nickname earned in college. He used to get drunk, fall asleep in other people’s beds and, well ย could have used a diaper at that point.

This story is marginally connected – Manafort daughter texts

The “good father” used to humiliate Diaper Don in front of his college dorm by coming at his door and screaming his head off at him from the hall

but back to “socialism”. You see, Chloe, this is what’s all about

meanwhile, the hemoglobin challenged brother exercises his own version of socialism

Update: It seems Diaper Don stole the “socialism/Halloween idea from Alex Jones

J K Rowling also helps

and to sum up

and the “Professor” is mad

but we know you, Diaper Don!


from our garden
where mostersย  and creatures

got together to welcome Samhain

Now that the previous post put me in such a great mood, I am taking the challenge and answering you in a pictorial. Things that happened on Halloween:

Vampires bit Greek Goddesses

Marshmallows were roasted over fire

But not chicken

That clown in your picture was doing just fine then

and we had jack o’lanters this good:

So, there!

Didn’t I read somewhere that he’ll win because they sold more Obama masks than McCain?

Hold the presses! They must not have sold in Ohio

Welcome to the post-racial society! Here are your Halloween rules:

via newsbusters

Well, last week we discovered that saying Obama is a socialist is racist code. For quite a while we’ve been told that saying his middle name is racist. Saying he pals around with terrorists is racist. Not voting for him is racist. Wanna know what else is racist? Dressing as Obama for Halloween…. but only if you’re a white kid. So says the Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), anyway.

Here’s the damnation:

Dressing as your favorite presidential nominee for Halloween could be socially risky this year if you’re white and don’t want to spend $20 for a mask.

Napoleon Bell II, interim director for the Columbus Community Relations Commission, agreed that using makeup to darken a white face for Halloween could be misinterpreted.

“To actually blacken the face I would think would give off the wrong perception, regardless of why the person was doing it. The perception could be that someone’s going out in blackface, and you wouldn’t want to project that,” Bell said.

On the other hand, it’s perfectly acceptable and recommended to make fun of Palin:

She said she already has sold plenty of wigs, glasses, jackets and black-leather skirts to mostly young men who want to dress as Palin. One man, who’s black, bought white makeup to complete his Palin look, Santone said.

“I think she’s going to be the most popular to make fun of.”

So, once again, kids: making fun of Obama – vile.

Making fun of Palin – recommended. No go out andย  spread the word!

Santa will have a very easy job this year!

Rule of thumb: when in doubt, kick the woman!

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