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Now that GOP finally got the chance of getting rid of their black candidate without appearing racist, tabloids are celebrating.

NY Daily News is not featured, but its headline was NO CAIN DO. At least they came up with different puns this time.


The article on line has a different headline and certainly avoids making this point directly

Deficit commission delays vote

is all it says – then speaks at length about the difficulty of garnering the required 14 votes within the commission.

Still, when it comes to the Nancy promised vote in Congress we get

Simpson noted that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had promised a quick up or down vote on any recommendation that receives at least 14 votes from the commission’s 18 members, but said he considers any vote unlikely during the lame duck session of Congress. Bowles confirmed that the incoming speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner, had made no such commitment.

Even better, from Meow Mix Sr himself

Commission staff director Bruce Reed said flatly that there will be no vote this year.

Does it mean I get to draw some frozen but undiminished checks for a while? Will the GOP take credit for it? Tricky!

This one is a real head scratcher for me. But I live to eat another day (frozen, but still people food)

Long live gridlock!.

So proclaims WaPo in its page one today

Activist Al Sharpton takes on new role as administration ally

and it’s only fitting for the privatization president to legitimize someone exposed a few years ago as

Sleeping With the GOP

by the incomparable investigative reporter Wayne Barett.

But, back to today’s piece of fluff in Rahm’s paper. We are reminded of the embarrassment he was for the campaign in 2008

Early on, Sharpton chose ally, staying off the campaign trail in 2008, for instance, when Obama sent word that he would be a distraction.

and who can forget? Sharpton himself was giving interviews left and right proclaiming from the rooftops his “secret” endorsement of Obama

The article mentions all the visibility opportunities, including the fashion makeover

That more-polished image — a strategy known around his headquarters here as “from-the-streets-to-the-suites”

and different uses for the man who would say anything if it serves him

More recently, Sharpton has been among the president’s chief defenders against criticism from television host Tavis Smiley that “black folk are catching hell” and that the president should do more to specifically help blacks.

Speaking of the risky part of the tie with Sharpton, only Brawley comes up

“In the minds of some people, [Sharpton] is always going to be a black man wearing a medallion defending Tawana Brawley,” said Andra Gillespie, an Emory University professor who studies politics and race. She was referring to the 1987 case, later dismissed, in which a teenage Brawley accused six white men of raping her.

Oh, but that’s ancient history.

For us, New Yorkers, it’s the man who brought us a GOP Mayor you know, the guy charging the homeless rent today

In his 2002 book, Al on America, Sharpton wrote that he felt the city’s Democratic Party “had to be taught a lesson” in 2001—insisting that Mark Green, who defeated the Sharpton-backed Fernando Ferrer in a bitter runoff, had disrespected him and minorities. Adding that the party “still has to be taught one nationally,” he warned: “A lot of 2004 will be about what happened in New York in 2001. It’s about dignity.” In 2001, Sharpton engaged in a behind-the-scenes dialogue with campaign aides to Republican Mike Bloomberg while publicly disparaging Green.

In 2006. Bush’s operative Roger Stone (Miami Dade mob architect) considered using Sharpton to torpedo Hillary’s run

Stone, whose Miami mob even jostled a visiting Sharpton during the recount, said recently in The American Spectator that if Sharpton were to run “as an independent” in the 2006 Hillary Clinton race, she would be “sunk,” implicitly suggesting that this operation may be a precursor to another Stone-Sharpton mission.

So, in light of these associations, who should be shocked that nowadays he is pushing privatization of public education for Obama with New Gingrich?

“He’s been an extraordinary partner. The fact that we’re working together has been great, but the level of his engagement, it’s been phenomenal,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who attended Sharpton’s conference Thursday and toured schools in five cities last year with Sharpton and former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.).

Plus the White House is desperate enough by the loss of interest among black voters to use Sharpton

Obama’s poll numbers are sky-high with black voters. But the need for an ally such as Sharpton is clear for Democratic Party leaders worried about the steep drop-off in interest in November’s midterm elections among African Americans, said John Kenneth White, a political professor at Catholic University. According to a recent NBC/WSJ poll, deep interest has dropped 33 points among blacks, compared with 19 points among whites.

“Between our connection with black churches and our radio show, we reach a lot of black America every day,” he said. “We’re turning that into a strategy.”

After all, he has enough chutzpa to compare himself to Nelson Mandela

Like Nelson Mandela said, you have to have core principles and everything else is a tactic.”

WaPo reports this straight, no editorializing. My jaw being on the floor, I’ll have to do the same.

Remember David Frum, the author of the Axis of Evil?

His wife had bragged that her husband put words in Bush’s mouth, resignation followed

In her email to friends and family, Mrs Frum wrote: “I realise this is very ‘Washington’ of me to mention but my husband is responsible for the axis of evil segment in Tuesday’s state of the union address. It’s not often a phrase one writes gains national notice… so I hope you’ll indulge my wifely pride in seeing this one repeated in headlines everywhere!”

Next thing

Robert Novak claimed on CNN that the president was so infuriated by the emails that Mr Frum was fired. This was denied by the White House and Mr Frum, who accused Mr Novak of “making stuff up” and said he had given a month’s notice on January 24, while the speech was being written.

In other words, he let the cat out of the bag on the TOTUS deal.

Frum eventually ended up at the American Entreprise Institute.

Eventually, he opened his mouth again, criticizing the GOP opposition to the GOP Romneycare that Obama enacted

But we do know that the gap between this plan and traditional Republican ideas is not very big. The Obama plan has a broad family resemblance to Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts plan. It builds on ideas developed at the Heritage Foundation in the early 1990s that formed the basis for Republican counter-proposals to Clintoncare in 1993-1994.

While Obama did nod and wink to the GOP about the origins of the bill

The component parts of this thing are pretty similar to what Howard Baker, Bob Dole, and Tom Daschle proposed at the beginning of this debate last year.

this was not for public consumption, especially, not in a year when they are trying to take back congress by running against their own brainchild.

So, poor Frum has been fired again. For letting the cat out of the bag. Again. And this cat was way better hidden than the first one

So why are none of the talking heads on your TV screen and none of the op-ed writers in your newspaper talking about how this health plan is a big victory for Mitt Romney and Republican policy analysts? Because there has been a conspiracy of silence among those working for the bill and those working against it.

Indeed there has been. The firing of David Frum vindicated Brad de Long.

Not surprisingly, in B0botland they discuss this at length, with NOBODY bringing up the core of his revelations


The secret seems to get out though – AP has it in the examiner

Republicans were for Obama’s health insurance rule before they opposed it

Interstingly it’s used to call the GOP rather than the Dems hypocrites – all in the name of CDS

The obligation in the new health care law is a Republican idea that’s been around at least two decades. It was once trumpeted as an alternative to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s failed health care overhaul in the 1990s. These days, Republicans call it government overreach.


After all the propaganda that paying no attention to terrorism was “strategy”, “the system worked”, two bestest speeches on terrorism – “we are OK”, “we are a disaster” and especially “we will not rest”, (h/t The Confluence)

No fair! After running on “I am not Bush” platform, people seem to expect more from Obama than they did from Jr?

Politico is sharing with us the Obama frustration that Jr had a better time politically during similar incompetence

But it was six days before President George W. Bush, then on vacation, made any public remarks about the so-called “shoe bomber,” Richard Reid, and there were virtually no complaints from the press or any opposition Democrats that his response was sluggish or inadequate.

Oh, those wacky Democrats!

May16_NYPostBushKnew.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

And isn’t it interesting how Politico (Obama administration) chooses the shoe bomber incident rather than 9.11 to demonstrate free rides…

Let’s face it, 9.11 not only didn’t cost W any political standing – except in the first few days until the propaganda machine was revved up – but led to historical approval rates and gushing promises of allegiance from all democrats including electoral robbed Al Gore (“he’s my Commander in Chief”).

Not even revelations of crass negligence by the 9.11 commission did anything to diminish our fearless leader’s status.

B-WheresOsama.gif picture by Robbedvoter

After all – he started two wars for us!

As for Jr.jr – he had a relatively free ride after Fort Hood – gushing for a bestest speech and all. Just see how tabloids rework the 9.11 cover into FEDS KNEW (instead of OBAMA KNEW)

And they were doing pretty good explaining W’s indolence as strategy to make Obama look OK for doing the same

The President is walking a fine line.  Responding immediately could perhaps increase the value of such attacks – even those that are unsuccessful – and encourage other would-be terrorists.  President George W. Bush also waited to respond publicly after Richard Reid, the “shoe bomber,” attempted to attack a plane by hiding explosives in his shoes in December of 2001.

Just as he did for torture – legitimizing as an acceptable political choice, Obama is now making W’s legendary incompetence look like wisdom.

So, the fact that his political opposition is a bit noisier that W’s was? Not such a big price for it

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