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Breaking – I thought this has happened PEOPLE WILL DIE!!!!

So, for all his rallies during hurricane time, and Party support, the comic book named incumbent lost to a candidate crazier than 🍊. It’s still the primaries, so – might be good

here’s how AP broke it

which raises the question (replies are hysterical)

Meanwhile, 🍊 who went all out erased some tweets now

including the one asking Moore to win in November (GE is in December)


and more irony

on our side we have

In Florida, Dems flipped a state senate seat

and in NH a House one


the score so far

good page one

and really good news for future Dem primaries – bye cacases

In Puerto Rico, 🍊 keeps punishing the victims

while patting himself on the back

because his business buddies would rather people die also 🍊


Better reason to hate Puerto Rico

while doing damage control

but this continues to be the reality

and this

Forbes looks at the Puerto Rico golf club bankruptcy

In Stolen election mysteries, we have a new profession: fake news writer

and  🍊 is not taking all this well

and the new batch of crazy

Twitter’s experiment of 280 characters is going well


in Β war news, Russia may ironically stop it (after stoking the fires)

this combines Russia, racism, self-parody as Seagal speaks from Russia, where he is a citizen

stupider still

yeah, this guy



So the Lamar Alexander Patty Murray hearing have been stopped – Sanders M4All stunt couldn’t have waited 2 more weeks!

Statement from dems

Here’s Jimmy Kimmel with best rebuttal

how many lose coverage – by state

not even pretending

besides ruining healthcare and KILLING people, will ruin the economy too

in Russia/impeachment news – finally the reason Manafort picked Pence is clear

In other Russia news

meaning that

also, Flynn

while Russia keeps playing 🍊

more reactions to the speech, from US

and in cartoon form

and other stupid words

and the grift goes on

as far as “oops. we Nazied”

meanwhile, Hillary’s book



Checking the tabloids for political coverage, I found this on Metro

The article is here
Landor, a press secretary for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, resigned after wading into the debate over racial profiling in the arrest of Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., calling the professor a β€œracist” and President Barack Obama β€œO-dumb-a” on the social networking Web site.
And is anyone writing this shocked that an off the job commentary leads to firing?
No, further caution to people is advised instead
β€œThere’s a snapshot taken periodically on the Internet, and all these things are maintained. What if you’ve done something in a prior life that you wouldn’t want an employer to see?”
That stops many from getting hired, said executive recruiter Mitch Feldman.
And gets some accounts canceled without cause too on Facebook – just to make sure Teh One isn’t criticized.
1984 is welcome with nods and smiles.
Be careful what you post!!!!

While championing the little cutout fun with Hillary, Facebook Bobot bans breastfeeding images proving they have the exact disorder Woody Allen warned us in “Everything you wanted to know about sex but was afraid to ask

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