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Somehow no one asks “But what about the children” when these headlines are all over the NYC. The frat boys own the tabloids and have fun!

Weiner’s official entry in the race might have nimbly avoided a new spree of phallic jokes but Cuomo’s idiotic interview opened the door

Even the free tabloids keep up the theme, this time with movie reviews. Penis, penis everywhere! Tomorrow, I predict we go to “fart” page ones!

Meanwhile, for today’s censorship brigade, this is NYC street, across the street from a catholic school  .

I had to see the Daily News cover – which seems to be lifted from the UK SUN to see the missing word missing in the CNN article I read today.

NY Post leads with the same photo from the video CNN elected to post without a sound. I see the knee jerk rationalizations from the left: “But is this terrorism? Why aren’t other murders terrorism? (I guess the murdered must chose to put the label on)

Anthony Weiner missed on the phallic  jokes today, only got a raised eyebrow from AMNY Everyone knows the medis (i.e Bloomberg) has designated Cristine Quinn as successor, so…

And as for Bloomberg’s other “nice intention, poor execution” plan, I’ll believe it when I see it (3 days left).

Anthony Weiner announcement that he is running for mayor started what I am sure is just the first of NY Post penis headlines

I feel more like Metro

and I would be way happier to vote for him than media designated Christine Quinn

The media’s incredulity is only making him more fit in my book.

And speaking of incredulity, The Daily News seems shocked that all their headlines failed to pass an assault weapon law


Race horse is fun,


but money is money

When the candidates are so similar, something had to be used.


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