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More challenges for the cheerleaders

Obama proposes slashing heating aid to the poor.

fucking disgusting.…

Anyone want to defend him on this?

One adds context

2. this just a few weeks after extending the tax cuts for the wealthy

did I misread that ballot? Is this really a Dem?   Permalink

followed by

I can’t say what I’m thinking about Obama.

Slashing LIHEAP (Low Income heating Assistance Program) by BILLIONS. That’s his idea of budget cut. Making poor people suffer and likely die.…

One comment

1. Every day, a new disgust.

And indeed, a new day comes

LIHEAP is the tip of the iceberg. Obama to cut Head Start, community block grant funding

And I do mean ice, as in what may form in poor folk’s houses with no heating oil. How much, again, were those bailouts for Goldman-Sachs, AIG, etc?


But some know who the enemy is

Do Republicans Want To Repeal The Obama Presidency?

and some know just what makes life worth living

Photos: Regis and Kelly …. and Michelle … and her yellow shoes. (The Obama Presidency Day 751)




Oh, noes!

Well DU has become quite the Obama bash fest….

what the hell happened to DU, seems to have merged with freerepublic.

Only one breaks the chorus of approval

24. I know

Having people criticize the president on here for accepting republican narratives absolutely makes this message-board the equivalent of an insane bigoted far-right message board. 

Its like they say, if you criticize a democrat from the left that means you are a secret republican operative.   Permalink

The loyalty train  is chugging along however

***Check in if you’re proud of President Obama and his SOTU tonight***

Not 100% agreement from me, but very good.

William Pitt is not aboard

Is this as bad as I think it is?

I have been known on more than one occasion to defend the President even when he didn’t necessarily deserve it. I’ve also kicked him in the ass more than once.

This is an excellent Republican speech. There were a few belly-rubs – new energy policy, and oh we love the children – but he has been kissing GOP ass from beginning to end.

Please tell me I’m just an insane person. Been writing all day, maybe I’m addled.

But Jesus God…what is this crap?

Best Republican speech I’ve ever heard.

Total poop grenade.

Shit everywhere.


answering to a cheerleader saying Obama is doing right

10. He hasn’t lit the podium on fire or thrown up or anything
but I wouldn’t call this “doing great.”  Permalink

There were plenty of articles, material for this one in 2008 too, but they ignored it

Time Magazine Cover of Obama: Why Obama Hearts Reagan

Some excerpts from the article

Since the November elections, Obama has brought corporate executives into the White House, reached out to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and made compromise his new watchword. He signed a surprise $858 billion tax cut that would have made Reagan weep with joy and huddled with Reagan’s former White House chief of staff Ken Duberstein for lessons learned when the Gipper governed amid economic troubles.Over the Christmas break, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs tweeted that Obama was reading a Reagan biography, and just to confirm the bond, Obama recently wrote an homage to Reagan for USA Today. “Reagan recognized the American people’s hunger for accountability and change,” Obama wrote, conferring on Reagan two of his most cherished political slogans.

Of course, the defense team is ready this time as well

7. The full article is pretty interesting. OP’s excerpts are kind of misleading.
It isn’t about how “Obama is just like Reagan”. Nor is it that “Obama Admires Reagan’s Policies” which he doesn’t. It has more to do with using Reagan’s style to counter R meme that “government is the problem”  Permalink

and one of the cheerleaders nails it

9. We knew this since the primaries. Did you vote for Obama? n/t   Permalink

Another subversive idea

How to fix Social Security in one graph

Here’s an interesting view on civl rights, and very likely the DUdie

Obama administration demands Dan Choi pay $2500 for DADT discharge

To which cheerleading O responds

2. Shame on Choi – easier for him to be a perpetual victim, apparently
Grandstanding to try and embarass the administration that has done so much for this cause.  Permalink

They found out about Obama reading Raygun

On Hawaii vacation, Obama reads up on Reagan

The defenders are in overdrive. One ironically sporting a union avatar:

21. Well, well, well…

Look at this contingent of wailers & gnashers of teeth who have gathered to denigrate & vilify. It would serve you well to remember the words of Sun Tsu, who recognized 2,500 years ago that one should ‘know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.’ In the case of Barack Obama, it appears that not a mother’s one of you ‘know your enemy’ – which in this extremely sad instance is the Democratic president – since you believe that he worships Reagan. The quote in the OP shows not a scintilla of evidence that Barack Obama approves of Reagan’s policies, but rather his ability to inspire optimism and effect change. ermalink

but some start seing a pattern

27. First it was Lincoln and now Reagan?

What’s with this Republican worship? He needs to read up on Harry Truman who did face his adversaries and told them the truth they didn’t want to hear. Permalink

and  having beefed up on Raygun, Obama starts describing himself as better than Clinton

Obama bans … “Triangulation.”

In fact, several advisers confirmed, the word “triangulation” has been banned by Mr. Obama because he does not believe it accurately describes his approach.

Triangulation just isn’t Obama’s style, and his scolding of liberals seems to be rooted in genuine frustration with them for disagreeing with him about what’s politically possible, given today’s realities.

Finally, hard to deny it any longer

Gibbs: Obama ‘likely’ to seek re-election – and cooperate with GOP on entitlement reform & deficit

Funny how he was “cooperating” since he named that commission

Some get it

7. He’s 100% Wall Street, just like any replacement would be.

The only meaningful political divide in this country isn’t “right and left” but “have and have-not”. Unless the general population gets angry enough or smart enough to see that, and stops being so easily manipulated with silly social wedge issues, we’ll just have one Wall Street-groomed corporate servant after another. It’s like giving the mascot a makeover every few years. Permalink

and some campaign promises do not sell very well

Obama Wants Tax Cuts for Wealthiest Americans Ended in 2012, Jarrett Says

“That’s something he is willing to fight for,” she said in an interview taped for broadcast on NBC’s “Meet the Press” today. “He is going to fight very hard when those two-year extensions expire” to end the breaks for top earners.

Some of the comments

10. “Obama wants…” Oh, please. Stop already. Just go away and stop bothering me with your nonsense. Permalink


12. My gut reaction: When pigs fly!

The President knows and is signaling through Jarret what we WANT to hear. I like to believe the President recognizes the importance of ending the tax cuts for the rich but whatever monster has grabbed his soul won’t allow that to become reality. Permalink

And what monster would that be? And when did the grabbing took place?

16. Obama promises future broken promises.

I know, “wants” is a long way from promise. And perhaps even further from “will.” Though I do recollect the latter being sold like a promise during the campaign and into the presidency. If that recollection is correct, and considering the outcome, I have no hope for what he “wants” to do. Permalink

Here’s a fun one to defend

Obama applauds Eagles for giving Vick second chance

President Barack Obama recently called Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to congratulate the team for giving quarterback Mike Vick a second chance.

President Obama explained that a level playing field rarely exists for prisoners who have completed their sentences. Vick’s success gives all of them hope.

One defends

9. Redemption

I do think that Vick should have been given a shot at redemption…. my disappointment is that the focus of redemption seems to be on how he works harder and has made himself a better football player. Admirable.. sure.. but not true redemption IMHO… Permalink

another illustrates

4. Has Obama picked up the phone to call Best Friends Animal Sanctuary…

to thank them for taking care of Vick’s prize dog (and many others)?

while another gets the picture

5. wrong, Obama… wrong…

To equate greedy Eagles NFL team owner’s hiring Vick with the very real difficulties non-athlete, non-celebrity (and yes, non-horrific dog killers) have in finding employment is just disgusting. Somehow all the millions of unemployed, who will never have the kind of opportunities Vick has had– will surely take no comfort that Obama understands THEIR plight. How out of touch this statement shows Obama to be. Sadly….. :shrug: Permalink

and there’s a hilarious follow up

WH responds to furor from Obama’s comments re: Vick

The Obama administration confirmed on Monday afternoon that the president, in a call with the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, expressed gratitude for the team’s decision to give a second chance to quarterback Michael Vick.

But the nexus of the call, spokesman Bill Burton told The Huffington Post, was on the team’s plans to use alternative energy sources at their stadium. And while the president was thankful that Vick was given a career do-over, he still thought that the actions committed by the QB — the orchestration of an illegal dog-fighting ring, the killing of animals and the deceiving of investigators looking into the matter — were condemnable. (full statement from his PR person at link)

Some comments

85. could I ask

why it was necessary for Obama to comment on this bastard at ALL? THAT decision falls into “DUMBER THAN A BAG OF HAMMERS” category Permalink

but the cheerleaders re unwavering

52. The pres is entitled to his opinion and doesn’t have to justify it to anyone. nt Permalink

and the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to

Photos: Hugger in Chief (The Obama Presidency, Day 705)

and this comment vies for DUdie

2. I just love that this family thinks of others even while

on a personal vacation. Thanks for the great pix! Permalink

Didn’t W call himself that once?


This concludes today’s DUies

come back next year!

The tax cut for the rich and upcoming cuts in social security are a distant memory. A few bills later in the senate and  the drool is back

Best. President. Ever.

Few are still awake

His friends agree:

He’s doing great things for them. And there’s more aheadPermalink

He is of course attacked by the loving flock

And what does a “Best President Ever” do?

Obama administration readies indefinite detention order for Guantanamo detainees

They are not happy with this

10. W and Dick would be proud, Obama.😡


You make me sick to my stomach, sir. Permalink

Do I detect a bit of KO style in that one?

Others have a sense of priorities too

I don’t care that much about START. I do care about a dem President

announcing Social Security cuts in a State of the Union address. I think it frickin’ appalling.

Of course, the cheerleaders at this point deny it will happen (later they’ll explain how this is a good thing)

9. The voices in my head tell me that Obama is going to have a great SOTU address.

They tell me that folks in the crowd will still yell lier and that some folks won’t like a thing he has to say. His skin will still be black and that will irritate many who watch. Permalink

But more are thinking it

The Democratic leaders are not even pretending to defend Social Security.

(Good rant follows)

A short sum up:

59. We’ve been had.

We can ignore it. We can pretend that it didn’t happen. We can try to cheer ourselves hoarse to distract us from reality.

The reality is that we have been had. Permalink

Some are really confused

What the hell is wrong with making deals?

one answers with a good cartoon


One has a good sentence

69. Giving away your daughter for only one goat — deal making.

Bad deal making.  Permalink

More koolaid, please! This one is starting to wake up:

Is it only me or does anyone else feel like these were not Obama’s victories?

Senate democrats, sure but I remain furious at Obama for the tax cut compromise. Am I all alone. Is everyone else just drinking the celebratory kool-aid and forgetting the tax deal. We’re still screwed people.

Some are still high up there

9. I’m celebrating the most successful Congress since FDR times

I don’t like kool-aid, I use my brain to make my own decisions about whether something is good or bad.

These are Obama’s victories, including the tax bill that helps millions of unemployed.

These are Pelosi’s victories.

These are Reid’ victories.

Can’t we be happy about the incredible successes for one day before the complaining starts? Sheesh. Permalink

Some can’t afford to celebrate

13. My parents are currently, barely, living on SS and Medicare(caid)

My mom just asked to borrow a significant amount of money from me (that I didn’t have) because they’re already barely getting by. Permalink

But the site administrator tells all they should

16. These victories belong to all of us.
Including President Obama.  Permalink

More wishful thinking

This lame duck session will “restore” the democratic base and bring independents back to Obama

and from another source got the post they deleted

10. I’m guessing that the OP wasn’t intentionally humorous.

Edited on Thu Dec-23-10 01:37 AM by Maat
But it certainly seems humorous to me.

They’ve federalized our food supply, unnecessarily (via the Food Safety Modernization Act – headed to Obama’s desk as we speak, with his expressed intention to sign it), and Obama’s signed, or is due to sign, an executive order, of dubious legality/constitutionality, authorizing ‘prolonged detention.’ Additionally, the tax bill/deal set the stage for the gutting of our beloved social security program with the ‘holiday.’ Rendition continues, and Holder is busy talking about spying on American citizens to thwart ‘terrorism.’ Patriots I and II remain active in full, and our freedoms and rights, gutted by said acts, have not been restored.

The signing of the repeal of DADT, and the authorizing of LBGT individuals to serve openly, is a good step in the right direction, but this could have essentially been the case when Obama took office. He could have signed an executive order that precluded enforcement of the policy, and he could have let a federal district court decision stand. True, the law is the best policy, but he could have precluded the practice of discharge a long time ago.

Believe me, I’m certainly not headed back to Obama or the Democratic Party anytime soon, and I’d be surprised to see other former Dems headed that way.

And the DUdie goes

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

to the last gasp of blaming Emanuel – finally Obama has been freed from the basement by that bad, bad man

What’s changed since the mid-terms? NO Rahm Emanuel.

You remember, the Administration’s point(less) man.

Well, in that case Rahm certainly gets absolved of the tax cuts to the rich deal.

And of course, the DUdie is earned for the illusion that anything changed since any time. Especially good changes.

Buy a clue: the only think that changed in the past 10 years is the suckers that had been had. Used to be the freepers, now…it’s you.

This concludes today’s edition of the DUdies.

Come back Tuesday for the next one


Where’s the gratitude?

President Obama is raising my taxes. I am barely above the poverty line.

Just thought you guys should know that, while the stimulus of the forthcoming traffic at Mercedes and Maserati dealerships is certainly appreciated.

Some beat on the poor uppity guy

63. A stimulus tax cut was scheduled to end, and is ending.

But no one raised your taxes just because a temporary credit expired. ,,,Permalink

and he responds

71. The one that helps the rich was scheduled to end, too. But only the one for the poor did. n/t Permalink

Still incredulous

“It’s like this amazing guy ran for office, and his evil twin took over the WH.”

From Bob Kuttner, calling in to Big Ed’s show today.

Relax, Bob, Os – he was never amazing. It was all in your head – as we warned you over and over. This is good too

20. It’s like these amazing people elected Obama to counter 8 years of Bush, and then their evil twins

started ignoring all the things Obama did to CONTINUE those failed Bush policies, and even offered endless and inane excuses for Obama when he failed to keep even his most basic campaign promises.

You mean like that? Permalink

Of course, you are amazing in your own minds as well.

and the chess continues

The MINUTE Obama signed the tax bill, the Republicans start taking hostages again!

They’re holding the START treaty hostage, demanding that Reid not bring up DADT or the Dream Act tommorrow!

WHY was this so hard for Obama to figure out? Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football.

All he had to do was sit there holding the tax cut bill HOSTAGE till they let the votes on the other bills come up!


One actually states

13. Obama seems to have lost his 3 dimensional chess game

We’re in trouble folks, we really are… Permalink

WHAT GAME WAS THAT? He made concessions with historical majorities too!!!!!

More marvels of spin

I can’t wait for the Republicans to take over the House


Let’s face it, this economy isn’t going to start creating jobs all of a sudden just because the tax cut bill was passed. Far from it. If the Democrats had held both houses of Congress, then they would continue to get the blame AND the right would have a valuable card to play in trying to get even more tax concessions from the uber-wealthy and if there is a double-dip, guess who is finally going to get the blame?….

I’m truly hoping that the President takes a good long look at all situations requiring compromise and make sure that the compromise doesn’t screw us in the long-term. Maybe with a Republican House, he’ll also be able to stand firm on various issues now that it won’t seem like he’s running up against a wall created by his own party

5. Great post, toddwv. This is why Boehner is crying all the time and peeing in his shoes.

In a few weeks, he has to show the American people how he governs. I’m giddy about it. Permalink

A more sentient discussion

Socialism for the rich. We have arrived.


And, this afternoon, Barack Obama will bless George W. Bush’s obscene tax giveaways to the rich; drill into the sacrosanct, dedicated funding for Social Security for the first time since its creation; and pave the way to bankruptcy for the states and the annihilation of workers’ pension funds.

And Mitch McConnell will be gleefully standing by his side.

Socialism for the rich.

Misery for the people.

A turncoat president.

We have arrived.

Added comments

13. Incredibly surreal. “Largest welfare check ever written” says it all, doesn’t it ?
Socialism for the filthy rich and Ruthless Corporate Fascism for the rest of us. Permalink

and it comes with this own illustration

But in Cheerleaderland, they are still celebrating

BREAKING: Obama Promise Meter at over 80%, large majority of democrats happy with him

I’d thought facts about Obama would be a good thing to start the morning off with.

Your take?


And it leads to this priceless exchange

24. LOL! Broken promises my ass.

This man knows how to get shit done — important and vital shit.

OBAMA 2012!!

yPermalinkReply |
Response to Reply #24

46. Yeah, shit eom

I am a few days late on this but this video has been posted here too and got a net of 57  votes in approvam – before being locked

Obama Supporter vs Progressives

Of course the butts of the joke have a few problems with it

2. I don’t know…if you’re trying to prove you’re a progressive, this doesn’t cut it.

IMHO, true progressives don’t stereotype as much as you just did by posting this video. Permalink

Some even find …raycism

5. I found the use of stereotypes and the use of color a bit slimy.
and not particularly funny.

Well, except for the Canada comment. That was funny. Permalink

although someone actually gets it

12. They always use the same characters. I take it that you are white?


A few more enjoy it, but then its locked because

63. Locking

We recognize that there is some polarization within the party and on the site at this time. We feel that pieces such as this that mock and ridicule one side are divisive and disruptive. This attacks members instead of encouraging debate about issues.

DU Moderator Permalink

And this confirms it was made for this forum. (on purpose or by fate).

On edit, it was made by an ousted DU-er.

DADT gets cheerleaders in top gear

I was going to ask if we can start saying nice things about President Obama again

But I can see no matter what he does, some will find ways to complain about it find a dark side to bitch about.

Thank you President Obama for making the repeal of DADT happen.

Make no mistake about it, our Democratic President made this happen. He reversed a policy created by Bill Clinton.

President Obama made health care reform happen when Bill and Hillary Clinton got lambasted by it.

President Obama is smarter than we know and he is going to continue to make things happen in ways large and small.

I love our President, always have.

Some see the sophistry

61. No, your blind spot notwithstanding, there is a double standard on your side too.

When something bad happens, Pres. Obama can’t take any blame because the votes weren’t there. Something good, it’s a major accomplishment for Pres. Obama, and not simply something that had the votes.

Reminds me of how religious people attribute everything good to the glory of their deity but he’s invariably MIA when bad things happen. Permalink

and to their protests

73. Look, we have a test case today. DADT repeal passed but DREAM failed.

DADT is considered the Presidents accomplishment now. So does he share any blame for the DREAM Act failing? Permalink

and they fall for it

75. Who stopped the Dream Act?

Again, the Republicans are assholes and anti everything.

President Obama supported the Dream Act but he is not on the Congress Floor. It is up to Nancy Pelosi and Reid to to get theis bills moved to the next level.

If President Obama made a deal or some compromise on something else to get it passed then we would here that he compromised.

I do get dissapointed but I am able to at least enjoy a victory before moving on to the next issue.

so they get it

76. And cannot the same be said of DADT? eom Permalink

And they try to say the tax cuts were the price for DADT

THIS is one of the reasons Obama compromised on tax cuts

DADT probably would never never passed otherwise. And there are a whole host of other reasons as well.

Nice try, but not much of a sale

1. Then it should have been in the tax bill

and some are POd

13. So it’s Teh Gayz fault, eh?


There’s no evidence of any compromise and this bullshit talking point will only hurt the gay community Permalink

and someone provides me with a good illustration

Back to the big “tax break”

Post how you plan to spend your new tax break.

Here’s mine!

Only one gets it

15. What tax break? The same I got for ten years? THAT ONE? Permalink

Maybe two

18. Well now IF I were getting one I would stock the freezer with food and

pay the fuel bill. Since I am on Social Security I will not be doing that any time soon. Permalink

This week in CDS

President Obama corrects Bill and Hillary’s greatest mistake!

Thank you Mr. President for your unwavering commitment to the long fight in repealing DADT!

And thank you for doing it the right way. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude!

Some of the comments

35. So before Clinton gays could serve? I missed that (nt) Permalink

5. Still fighting the primaries? After two years?

Printer FriendlyPermalink
46. Why is this still open?
The bizarre reference to the First Lady of many years ago should be reason enough. It’s like calling out Mrs. Obama for escalation in Afghanistan. Well, just one of those puzzling things in life I guess.

New ways of offending Obama& Os

I have a problem with people referring to our President as Obama

and not President Obama or The President. The use of his last name only is an effort to minimize him and disrespect him. The use of his last name without his title is used exclusively by right wing media (Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity never refer to him as “President Obama” but I also see it used very often on DU. He is not “Obama,” he is President Obama the democratically elected President of the United States of America. Don’t help out the right by disrespecting the president.

Some fall in line

21. I agree and I’ll try to make more of an effort to call him “President Obama”

Thanks for this post. It’s something we rarely think about but I never called President Bush just “Bush” I always said “President Bush” just because it was habit. Then for some reason it became habit and cool to just say “Obama” but I think you’re right that psychologically it does have a negative effect on him by not having people actually refer to him as “President” somehow. It’s his title and he earned it, we should show some respect and call him that just like we would a doctor. Permalink

Some are snarky

8. I must disagree with Poster Mortos. Permalink

and some are right

29. Ok. We’ll all refer to the President as Bush, since he’s apparently still in charge.

This reminds me of the D.A.R. who mounted a loud campaign in the 1940s to have all the signs leading to the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River changed so as to read, “General George Washington Bridge.”

Cheez-itz. :eyes: Permalink

The multi-dimensional chess is back!

This is Some Serious Chess Obama is Playing Here

I must say, I’ve been quite critical of the President over his cabinet appointments, the “HCR” outcome, and the tax cuts for the rich. But with his gamble on letting the Senate repeal DADT, maybe it shows he is in this for the long-haul. Now if the tax cuts for the rich are really allowed to expire in 2 years, and we actually get a public option before the mandatory-private-insurance law goes into effect in 2014, I’ll have to admit that Obama has mostly redeemed himself, and maybe these intermediary measures were justified….

Some buy it

16. If he gets that done, he’s on Rushmore! nt Permalink

Some not so much

19. Obama IS Playing Chess.

Chess is a game where the Pawns are sacrificed to protect the Royalty.
Sucks when you are a pawn (member of the lower 98%). Permalink

But they have company

Biden says he and Obama will fight wealthy tax cuts in 2012

Vice President Joe Biden said today that he and President Obama will fight to end the “morally troubling” yet newly renewed tax cuts for rich Americans in the re-election year of 2012.

“The one target for us in two years is no longer extending the upper income tax credit for millionaires and billionaires,” Biden said on NBC’s Meet The Press. “And scaling back what we had to do to get the compromise, the estate tax for the very wealthy.”

“We’re coming back and going at it again,” Biden later added.

To the question “why not now?” one has the mind numbing answer

12. He’s thinking the economy will be better

Or, that’s what has to happen to go along with that. Permalink

One notices

13. I already fell for the ‘hopey/changey’, and even changed my screen name during

the name-change amnesty.

Fool me once, shame on you. Twice, shame on me. Permalink

What’s his name you ask? “Obamanaut” Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Finally, 3 days later, Kuttner’s story on dismantling Social Security (outright) makes it to DU

Obama will likely unveil Social Security cuts in the State of the Union Address according to sources

Kuttner is attacked

14. I’ll believe it when I see it

Kuttner is a hack, and his “well-placed sources” is an obvious and pathetic dodge.

Politico is trying to get the so-called progressives all worked up again after yesterday’s victory. It’s easy enough to do, and the right wing plays this group like a fiddle. Permalink

and someone defines

50. “Hack” = liberal writer who doesn’t sufficiently slobber over Obama n/t Permalink

One sums up the rationalizations

47. President Obama will NOT be “cutting Social Security”.

He WILL be :

“Saving” Social Security (It doesn’t have to make sense)

“Taking an incremental step forward” (doesn’t have to make sense)

Passing “historic” legislation

“Playing Chess”

“Being pragmatic/realistic”

“Getting 90%”

“..Not letting the Perfect get in the way of The Good”

“Saving our children from the deficit”

“Reaching across the aisle and changing the tone in Washington”

“doing the best that can be expected”

“getting a HUGH WIN for the Democrats”

“Doing exactly what he promised” Permalink

As usual, it’s not believed (nor were the tax cuts at first) and this is one I keep for the files

Reality Check: Why Truth Will Protect Social Security (Marshall Auerback and Randall Wray)

Some good comments in there too.

The latest kabuki is not too successful

Obama reaches out to liberal groups to shore up Democratic base after tax deal

Much of the White House’s interaction with liberal groups has taken place at a weekly Tuesday meeting at a downtown Washington hotel. The “common purpose” gatherings are closed-door sessions between top Obama aides and officials from dozens of left-leaning interest groups such as unions, youth voting groups, women’s organizations, gay rights advocates and civil rights activists. Attendees are required to keep all proceedings secret and off the record.

Some are asking if this is from the Onion. Others are more blunt

5. Awww…you mean your “new” friends the rich aren’t going

vote for you? No way!! You just gave them a few billion dollars in tax breaks and they STILL won’t like you? Shucks…guess you got to turn back to the purists and the sanctamonious crowd now for friends.


Go fuck yourself. Permalink

Wow! The rulles for banning sure have relaxed since the latest screwings. One asks when was the last time Obama ate a shit sandwich ans was told to like it.

Fantasy is spewed on comand and wins our DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

28. Being he’s half black, all the fucking time i’m sure…

every day he was a child from his “peers”
every day he was in a foreign school as an American
every day in the pit of the Illinois legislature
quite often in the senate

I don’t like the race card, but seriously dude? really?
he’s a half-black politician who grew up in Hawaii!

you really think his life has been EASY!?!?!

I will fight this man on so many of his EXECUTED policies, but really?

He’s had to eat a shit sandwich everyday for 30 years at least!
every day since he entered society!
No dad, white mom, living with gran, traveling…. do you honestly think he hasn’t had to work his fucking fingers off?! Permalink

yeah, I know. Voting present 130 times must have wrecked havok on his manicure!

Wait till they find out about net neutrality!

This concludes today’s edition

Come back on Friday for the next one

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