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The first mayoral debate that was supposed to level the playing field for Bill Thompson against Bloomberg’s billions, was broadcasted  only by a Long Island public TV station – which my digital TV doesn’t carry. Oh, and public radio. It’s unclear why Channel 13, NYC’s public TV’s station – or any other local station didn’t cover it. It’s even more mysterious why Long Islanders got access to it, for an election which doesn’t concern them. Bloomberg’s grip on local media may have something to do with that.

We read the live blogging on the NYT

The closing statements were similar to the opening ones. Mr. Bloomberg said the city’s best days are ahead of it, while Mr. Thompson made an appeal to middle- and working-class homeowners and residents, saying that property taxes, water rates and transit fares had soared during the last seven years. “The people of New York City aren’t for sale,” Mr. Thompson said, forcefully.

Then the tabloids came today. They accomplished what Obama carefully avoided: put Thompson’s name out there for the voters. He is now “Bill” to Bloomberg’s “Mike”

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and same from the Daily News

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with Metro actually giving some information about what went on, including the date for the next debate

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New Yorkers were still deprived of the real thing – it;s still media spin. But at least with the tabloids making the debate an event, NYC-ers find out there are 2 candidates running, not just one with the ads on TV and people’s mail boxes every day.

Elsewhere in the country, the Obamas smite South Carolina


Once again, Bloomberg paid thugs to take down all Thompson signs on my street. I know this happened for a fact – as I did catch some teens ripping the Marc Green signs in 2001. When I called them on it they all gave a very lawyer rehearsed answer: “What do I know? I am just a kid”


That’s all I had to say.

Biden started to lose that silly grin, a vein on his head started talking. He started to sigh and sctatch his neck. She rocked!

I am hearing David Brooks no longer disses her and Andrew Sullivan is – at least momentarily impressed.(Tomorrow he’ll get new talking points, but today…)

I am hearing the MSM is trying hard to spin this into the opposite. I hope enough people watched this directly.

It’s amazing what the effect is when they don’t edit her remarks – thanks Gibson and Couric for this lesson in trickery! I can see what Palin meant by “unfiltered” access!

and linking a comment at the Confluence by audacity

which identifies 14 Biden lies

1. TAX VOTE: Biden said McCain voted “the exact same way” as Obama to increase taxes on Americans earning just $42,000, but McCain DID NOT VOTE THAT WAY.
2. AHMEDINIJAD MEETING: Joe Biden lied when he said that Barack Obama never said that he would sit down unconditionally with Mahmoud Ahmedinijad of Iran. Barack Obama did say specifically, and Joe Biden attacked him for it.


5. OPPOSING CLEAN COAL: Biden says he’s always been for clean coal, but he just told a voter that he is against clean coal and any new coal plants in America and has a record of voting against clean coal and coal in the U.S. Senate.

11. IRAQ: When Joe Biden lied when he said that John McCain was “dead wrong on Iraq”, because Joe Biden shared the same vote to authorize the war and differed on the surge strategy where they John McCain has been proven right.

And the occasional right comment in the media

ST. LOUIS — Sarah Palin was supposed to fall off the stage at her vice presidential debate Thursday evening. Instead, she ended up dominating it.

She not only kept Joe Biden on the defensive for much of the debate, she not only repeatedly attacked Barack Obama, but she looked like she was enjoying herself while doing it.

She smiled. She faced the camera. She was warm. She was human. Gosh and golly, she even dropped a bunch of g’s.

And a collection of reactions & highlights here with the most surprising one:

Governor Palin proved very adept at being a good debater. … In many ways, she was a better surrogate for her top of the ticket than Joe Biden was for his,” said Chuck Todd of NBC.

I am sure they’ll yank him back. Sullivam too retracted his “win” after only 2 hours.

But glad to see Pat Buchanan used my headline

MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan said Palin was not only “sensational,” but declared that she “not only met the expectations, I think she wiped up the floor with Joe Biden, quite frankly. She is personable, she is young, she’s got a sense of humor…I think that she has done a sensational job and I think she as recaptured that magic she had out there at the convention,”

I continue to loathe him while at times agreeing with him. Like right now.


Post-debate rally tells the real story

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According to earlier Obama campaign directive, we now have a flattering headline on Palin’s debate skills

On small stage, Palin scored big debate wins

It’s a nice break from the uninterrupted flow of attacks – and it has one clear purpose – to frame post-debate coverage. The first 2 paragraphs are quite clear

After delivering halting, unsteady performances in recent interviews with ABC’s Charlie Gibson and CBS’s Katie Couric, expectations are low for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in Thursday’s vice presidential debate in St. Louis.

Yet a review of Palin’s experience during her 2006 campaign for governor, when she engaged in a long series of debates with her opponents, suggests she is a more formidable adversary than is widely thought.

The article praises her past debate performance on 2 pages, giving the last word to Obama operatives:

Either way, the Obama-Biden campaign is at least outwardly approaching the debate with a healthy dose of caution.

“She’s spending a whole lot of time – hours and hours a day, apparently – preparing for this debate,” Plouffe said last weekend. “And we suspect that she’ll come in fighting form.”

New York Times of course does its job as Obama surrogate as well

Starts right with the insult while complaining of low expectations for her

Not since Dan Quayle took the stage in 1988 have debate expectations for a major party candidate been as low as they will be on Thursday for Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.

And then in their hallmark style every paragraph contradicts the preceding. But, nice try.

Of course, in past debates, Palin didn’t have moderators in so the tank for the other side as to have authored a book titled

The title of Ifill’s book? “Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.”

It seems Iffil forgot to disclose that minor fact to the McCain campaign when they were negotiating debates.

Ifill’s profile there describes her as a longtime correspondent and moderator for national news programs and includes her service as moderator of the 2004 debate between Edwards and Cheney.

However, there’s no mention of her upcoming book. Nor does the website for the Commission on Presidential Debates, which is organizing the meetings of the candidates, mention her book.

This from the website

August 5, 2008, the CPD announced the four journalists who will moderate those debates: Jim Lehrer, Gwen Ifill, Tom Brokaw and Bob Schieffer.

Surely, by then she knew she was writing a book?

But, hey, the campaign which gets the media to change the name of the “bailout” into “rescue” can now get everyone to pull for “regular Joe” about to be savaged by a moose killer.


I had to include this charming editorial from CNN’s Obama groupie Rolland Martin

Time for Palin to put up or shut up

He is a bit off message, if unintentionally parodying Obama with statements like:

The truth is, the nation doesn’t know much about Palin.


Thursday’s debate will not be read from a teleprompter.

Teleprompter? ya mean like this one?

Karma would require that they get what they wish for


Digg has a campaign to replace Iffil – get the info and maybe digg up the story

Numbers to call
National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities Phone: (202) 785-8866
Fax: (202) 835-0003

And, the number of the Commission itself: (202) 872-1020

Сумасшедший креатив от фотографа Dimitri Daniloff

The tradition of answering second and copying with the speaker before continues…What she said becomes “”Senator McCain is absolutely right”

Besides that – McCain moved closer to getting my vote last night.

He was direct, clear, calm and sometimes funny. Obama was irritable, nervous, interrupted, shouted and managed to do that while still boring me.

Obama  made me tired – the effort to stay awake during his droning put me to sleep. 8 hours! Maybe it was the fact that my finely tuned BS detector got so badly overwhelmed with the amount and magbitude of lies.

While writing this, I found a McCain ad based on this

Interestingly, he plucks new examples of “what he said”

And in the same vein, “I got a bracelet too”

(reading the name that he didn’t bother to remember)

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