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Of course the actual news in this AP piece is Dean declaring he won’t challenge Obama in the primary.

While he has frequently criticized the president, Dean announced through a spokeswoman earlier this month that he would not mount a primary challenge against Obama in 2012.

On the title subject he is quoted as saying

“clearly upset members of his base” on issues including tax cuts and allowing gays to serve openly in the military. Obama stands to lose both the presidency and his party’s credibility if he doesn’t reverse course before 2012, Dean said.

“You take care of the people who sent you to the office,” he said in an interview. “There are hundreds of thousands of people under 30 who slept on floors for two years to make sure Barack got elected. You can’t turn your back on those people because if you do, it’s going to be hard to find any friends.”

Funny that he doesn’t even mention Social Security or the pay freeze.

Dean (who was Obama 1.0) has still retained the glow of sainthood among his naive followers, because, unlike Obama he didn’t have time for betrayal.

Of course, people who paid attention, heard him declare “of course I’ll move to the center in the general elections”. Not even in office. In the general elections – and he was declaring this in the primaries, drunk with the feeling that he was selected by the establishment.

As to his advice to Obama, it surely looks good on paper, if not for the fact that it comes a bit late.

To use W’s immortal words: Fool me once, I’ll never get fooled again.

And neither will many of the Os who slept on the floors (and accused me of racism)

Hear them now

Hear, hear!
The 2012 primaries will be Obama’s last days in the public spotlight. After that he’ll have a nice guaranteed corporate job waiting for him –after all he’s done for the right wingers he will definitely never want for money the rest of his life. Too bad the rest of us Americans can’t say that. Permalink


7. You are right

That window is closed. Time to move on. Just when I think…. “Maybe tommorrow (sic) I will wake up and Obama will be a completely different leader”, he does something else that shows that he just doesn’t get it.

Technically that is not true, really. Two years ago he gave an interview to Rolling Stone where he pretty much predicted exactly what happened. The right will say no to everything and say “Look, he accomplished nothing”!”. So I guess we can not even say that it took him by surprise.

So sad. Immeasurable opportunity costs here. Permalink

and somewhere in the CDS blossoming on the thread for some reason someone says

29. Bill ran as a liberal? That’s news to me and I worked on his campaign.

He ran as a Democrat. Big and little D/d. Back then it meant something. It suggested a set of core values re: policy and positions.

Obama ran as a “personality”. Not a liberal, not a progressive, not even as a Democrat. Just him. That is what we got. Permalink

So, on the bright side, they finally figured Obama up. There was no multi-dimensional chess after all. On the other hand, they are still dumb as dirt and up for grabs to the next charlatan the establishment will waive in front of them. After Jeb is done. One loyalist predicts it

31. Oh, what you think is the “base” will come flying back

It’s just a question of when they realize it. Nader voters similarly said they were not going to vote for Democrats, until they had a nice little meeting of the minds with reality. 4 years later, they flocked to the polls to vote for pro-war Kerry.

The actual base (as distinguished from what you think is “the base”) is solidly behind him. (86% approval among liberal Democrats.) Permalink

Remember Howard Dean? The guy who said he didn’t notice the sexism during the 2008 campaign because he didn’t have cable? But now that he found out about it, he was so incensed?

He always had the gift to say either the right thing at the wrong time or the other way around.

In this case, the timing is out of Dean’s control. Someone included his quote in a book and Huffpo chose to write about it

Dean Called Rahm’s ‘Contempt’ For Base ‘Devastating And Incredibly Demoralizing’: Book Excerpt

Of course, like in the case of the sexism remarks, Dean’s good words come out a bit late.

Little did he know when he was settling accounts with his political arch-rival that Obama will run around with the same sharp scissors by the time his comment got out. But the words are pretty good:

“I’m not looking to pick another fight with Rahm Emanuel, but the contempt with which he held the progressive wing of the party was devastating and incredibly demoralizing,” Dean said. “That’s basically saying to your own people — you got us here, now FU.”

and this is right on too

Dean is quoted as saying. “The principal problem with OFA is the same one the president’s having. You can’t dictate to your base what’s going to happen. It’s got to be a two-way deal, and it hasn’t been.”

Of course, now that this became the official 2 step strategy to move the country to the right (lose election, blame the left), Dean’s words are twisting in the air…

Asked to comment on this article, he predictably refused.

On DU, a loving tribute to Dean was posted, with some engaging in happy, safe Rahm kicking.

One of Obama’s apologists though noticed the flaw

2. Hmmm?

“Dean did not immediately return a request for comment about the most recent round of Obama-Biden statements.”Yeah, let’s pull out old statement by Dean to give the impression that he disagrees with the President.

Howard Dean said recently that health care was real reform. Want to pull out his old statements about the bill? Permalink

and even finds a recent dean appearance where he predicts victory in Novemver and praises Obama


That was a very short lived rebellion – even shorter than “kill the bill” and “I Support Obama, but not vigurously”

The vigor days are gone…

Ad yea, I am petty enough to chalk one more mark for Dean in my Schadenfreude list

We knew for a long time that the first B0bots were the deaniacs

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Obama campaigns for 2004 and 2008 gained significant momentum following the embarrassment and humiliating loss by a single candidate early in the 2003-2004 primary season—Howard Dean.

Anyone who has studied the habits of the B0bots lately, will see that they revert to their original state once the level of disappointment with Obama reaches critical level. They then threaten to tell on him to “Dr Dean”

So, imagine the disappointment when some of them finally discovered (what to others was obvious since 2004) that “Dr Dean” was no more above selling out than the new Messiah. What’s next for them? Finding there’s no Santa Claus?

The following is the account of a teacher, who, frustrated by Obama’s policies , went to tell Dr Dean

I just had lunch with Howard Dean. I’ll post pix and more remarks later. But I did get to ask him a question. I asked what I should tell my fellow teachers who have grown angry with Obama.

So, from the remark about “posting pictures” you’d think all is well. And maybe it is for this particular deaniac, but certainly NOT for public education. The headline of this story is

Howard Dean thinks we need to give Obama more time

I believe that was the last word from Dean on kill the bill Romneycare too.

More from the exchange

He said we need to give Obama more time. He also said AFT has a very successful charter school in NYC and we need to be looking at that model instead of slamming all charters, especially the ones that don’t work.

in the private part of the discussion

Afterwards, I had my picture taken with him and said I disagreed with him. I told him the Obama stickers are off the teachers’ cars and he seemed surprised. He said he really likes Randi Weingarten (AFT prez) and he thinks AFT is a lot more child centered than most people see. And he praised the new NEA prez also. He said our teachers unions need to keep our message focused on the kids and what’s best for them instead of what’s best for teachers and other school district employees. (And I have to agree with that.)

Wow! That was easy! Deaniac/Bobot bought it! Others in the thread are more skeptical. Most give Dean the benefit of “not aware” card – although if so, what was he doing talking to a group of teachers?

There’s actually one cheer

7. I agree, good for Howard..

It takes time to turn a battleship

One of them noticed the absurd reaction at the teachers’ anger

3. He was surprised that Obama stickers are off teachers’ cars?

I figured that Obama & Co. are tone deaf, but I thought Dr. Dean would be more tuned in.

Of course he would be. he’s Dr Dean, damn it! He noticed women were angry as soon as the primaries were over!

Some, of course are trying to make peace with the shit sandwich

17. didya ever stop to think that just MAYBE
these guys know something you guys don’t?

jes asking. . . :shrug:

But I have to give her credit – it’s Dean’s Nr 1 fan who answers

madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts)

18. They know how to turn education into profit.

and brings in the documentation of Dean’s sell-out.

While Dean would have enjoyed working on Obama’s “Promise Neighborhood” program, the former Vermont governor is hoping that the project he is spearheading in New York can become a useful model.

“This doesn’t get you to the 20 cities,” said Dean. “But what you need is a very successful demonstration project.”

“I’ve already spoken with (Education Secretary) Arne Duncan,” said Dean. “He thinks this is all a great idea.”

In other words, Howard found a new  way of selling out that he hopes, will finally endear him again to the gang he stole an election for.

Adds Former Dean’s #1 fan:

So you can mark him off the list of Democrats who would stand up for public school teachers.

Oh, I forgot, there is no list.

Another one observes

12. is Dean the new face of the New Dem approach to corporate educating?

Indeed he is, and he’s not the only one. This ties directly in my entry from yesterday.

Discarded former Obama enabler joins former secret endorser Al Sharpton and Congress gridlock whiner extraordinaire New Gingrich in their quest to privatize public education

I can only replicate the B0bots conclusion

We’re screwn.


This is must see show on PBS


It was made at the time the first attempt of including anti-abortion  provisions in  in the HCR was defeated in the Senate.

The Planned Parenthood stooge was brimming with confidence and enthusiasm at te number of women they bamboozled again (after having sold them out in 2008).

Howard Dean is justifying fielding pro-life candidates in 2006 – his famous 50 states strategy did this to us.

“Those candidates are so much better on all the other issues”

(n other words, who cares about women’s rights – we get our numbers)

No mention is made of Tim  Kaine – the present anti-choice DNC chairman – and who appointed him.

Bart Stupak is announcing surprised women: “We (pro-life Democrats) have always been there. That, and his readiness to vote for a bill that kills Roe vs Wade.

Interestingly, he resents being called “anti-abortion” “I am pro-life”. Make sure you always use that, or better yet – “anti-choice”.

Watch it.  Get angry.

And remember why all women had to jump on Palin and vote for Obama.

The BO spokesperson told Todd that they would use any means necessary to beat Hillary and if women were offended, they would come back to the party during the GE because their plan was to “play the Roe v. Wade card.”

How Planned Parenthood endorsed Obama over Hillary. How Howard Dean stole votes from Hillary and gave them to Obama.

Oh, and vote in the poll as well.


This has proven to be the last straw for B0bot and Dean fan #1 as well

I wish I had not watched NOW tonight on PBS. It increased my disappointment…
// <![CDATA[// // <![CDATA[//
Edited on Sat Feb-06-10 12:01 AM by madfloridian
with our party leaders. I should have known better than to expect any Democratic leader to say of course women should make their own health care decisions. Howard Dean used to say things like that, but tonight he did not.

Tonight hearing Howard Dean on PBS saying that recruiting those to run who are against abortion is okay as long as they are with us on other issues….was a huge disappointment.

It’s good to know there’s a limit. Of course, most comments attack her for “ideological purity. But that one made my day:

Purity? Go suck on some purity.

Wanna end abortion, deballing would work. How does that sound? Something like forced motherhood?


Fresh from his latest quelled rebellion, when his “kill the bill” became “I will support Obama, but not vigurously” to “I’ll vigurously support Obama” Dean opens his mouth again (with the truth)

‘It’s going to be a hard November for Democrats,

”Our base is demoralized.”

While he praised Obama as a good president, Dean said the Democrat hasn’t turned out to be the ”change agent” the party thought it elected, and voters who supported Democrats in back-to-back elections now are turned off. Said Dean: ”They really thought the revolution was at hand but it wasn’t, and now they’re getting the back of the hand.”

All god and true – but even I, agreeing with him, I wonder about the timing of this interview.

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