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While everyone is bending over backwards trying to undo the Trumputin kabuki about who believes whom about the election theft (clue: they did it, they know it, the rest is smoke in your eyes) I’ll look into the Chucky effect

and related

or maybe The Omen – depending how scared you wanna be

and to the content

and another take

and in the same vein

my answer was less Diet in the Coke button

Mat Lucas

Seems in the theme

and another example

and there are other kids too

must’ve led to this



Fresh from the “I am not a Moron” success, ๐ŸŠย is now engaged in a new fight against the world – prove his sanity of else. It’s essence is captured here

It all started with a Vanity Fair story

which somehow explain ๐ŸŠย ‘s tweets yesterday about “not firing Kelly so stop saying that”

here is Wonkette’s take

part of the pushback is a direct assault n the 1st Amendment

exhibiting ignorance

this may fit in with the moron story toot

but here’s a hint

back to the crazy – when you lose Rush…


Let’s remember that NSA picks refused in part because of what they saw

Funniest stuff is just coming in so I need to memorialize it


and the Sassy version




Apparently the reason for yesterday’s press conference was

and there’s a definite “war on the media! spin coming out of it

as if this is a ย critics vs audiences tomatometer

here’s another view

but the real story remains this

and this is a good article

also, for you, Jewish communities asking for protection against threats of violence – stop insulting him!

Seth Myers actually touches the part where ๐ŸŠ says “if Flynn wouldn’t have called Russia, I would have told him to”


the banner has ย it

we need a ๐ŸŠ denies account on witter ASAP!

running against Hillary again

the more you know

and here’s a taste

and then


and all of us

and the reviews keep coming

and another one


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