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After Bush the Smarter lost the election to Clinton, he became officially a bad joke to the GOP. The CPAC that year jeered his name out loud and he was the subject to ridicule.

As I read this right after his son stole the election for Gore, I wished him an even more pathetic memorialization by his own. So, when I saw this title

Bush a four-letter word at CPAC

I certainly celebrated my wish coming true so precisely.

I savored several details:

if there’s one thing those attending the annual Conservative Political Action Conference this week agree on, it is this: They don’t want another George W. Bush.

There’s no nostalgia for the past eight years, no tributes to Bush and no sessions dedicated to exploring his presidency.

Indeed, for a president who publicly embraced conservative principles, there is little evidence that the movement returns the sentiment.

But while enjoying morsels like this one, I was troubled by my second time agreement with New Gingrich (the first time was over Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy). Someone on that side notce the Jr.Jr reality – even if they zoom on all the wrong things:

Conservative icon Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker, railed against the “Bush-Obama continuity in economic policy” and the “Bush-Obama big spending program” in a speech Friday.

“We had big spending under Bush and now we have big spending under Obama,” Gingrich said. “And so now we have two failures.

What he said.

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