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Amazingly, Valerie Jarett, speaking for the White House promised us that “they” are going to be speaking truth to power.

After the Freudian slip in the video at the link at 0:50

we have to disseminate“…we have to distinguish between truth and….

at mark 1:23 she said:

The administration said clearly: we are going to speak truth to power”

In all fairness one cannot reproach Obama & comp for lack of comprehension – it’s not like they ever did that – in their political life.

let’s just go to today’s example in cowardice:

Chuck Todd: White House Didn’t Really Tell Reid Not To Come Crying To Us

This is the latest denial in the healthcare game. The apparent quote the WH mouthpiece hurled on MSNBC is retracted, but the friendly commenter has to conclude:

It’s also worth adding that the jury is still out on whether the White House will lend a hand getting the opt-out to 60 votes if Reid’s team signals a need for the White House’s assistance.

Truth to power indeed.

In the same vein, the first mayoral debate actually broadcasted in NYC, Bloomberg defined middle class as “people who go to work and take public transportation”

Later, when asked about people calling him “out of touch” – he said: “that’s not what I hear when I take the subway or read my e-mail”

See? Touching commoners AND middle class.

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