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Having bagged a second governor in 2 years, NY media is strutting its stuff in our face

yells The Daily News, it being understood that what they say is an order that must be obeyed

NY Post has the same attitude, only snarkier

whole the NY Times pretends to take the high road by promising the same scrutiny to Obama’s designated Cuomo. What they forget is that they went way beyond watchdog and became kingmaker, judge, jury and executioner – all as Obama’s flunkies of course.

I am old enough to remember when voters had a say in those matters.

Here’s another headline from last September, to make it clear what this is all about


Several good pieces of research of this hostile takeover ongoing for at least 5 years:

From the right:

and from the left

and also
Dean’s DFA

adding the effects of proportional representation – creating BO

How the DNC ate the Clinton camppaign –

and the logical conclusion:
Barack Obama is quietly planning to take over the Democratic National Committee

Howard dean’s Obama voters are twice as equal as the other voters

Did you know that the rules to be used this coming Saturday to halve the delegate counts in the critical states of Florida and Michigan are actually NEW RULES?

That’s right. These rules are Howard Dean era rules, which vastly benefited Nevada and South Carolina and ended up disenfranchising millions of voters in Florida and Michigan.
Adding link to Dean bashing Clinton in 2003
The Era of Bill Clinton is Over

Trashing Clinton – the Obama campaign official strategy

Donna & Karl

OBama selection – done deal – when?

Towards zero

Update as of November 11

Now that the mission is acomplished, Obama’s media fesses up. Confirmation of previous theories in Newsweek, analised here

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