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🍊’s calls to foreign leaders provoke chills. And merriment. Friend on FB compared 🍊’s intelligence unfavorable to their cat who checks the weather outside every 5 minutes.

Twitter had its turn

there’s also the much praised by the media (Uygur, you too) of the deal with himself to keep – some jobs from going to Mexico

or the way Matt Oswald put it

the Taiwan lie


and this call to Pakistan needs to be preserved too

A summary

Parting thought


🍊 doesn’t see a problem (someone read him the Constitution?)

This is my favorite comment so far to his monumentally ignorant tweet

I like this too

and it goes on

if only someone would have asked for his tax returns


Still scammed you! So there!

darth manages to combine the two stories

Giant 🍊  toddler nyah-nyah-nyah (had to settle FRAUD lawsuit)

as seen from UK


We’re officially a 🍌 republic

and it’s all masked in coverage

Press is clutching pearls because Pence was booed

of course 🍊 tweets

and incidentally, the guy they faint over is hiding his emails from public

Trump U in the news

and OTOH

Listen to the man, don’t get distracted

Anatomy of a lie – how it spreads – thread – on “Ford Mexico πŸ‚πŸ’© Β

Thanksgiving ought to be fun – a 🍊 voter family story


I’ll try to be picky – too many

and a little “ray of sunshine”

Krugman’s summary

or those 80s joke as a GOP senate refused his confirmation as a judge

must be good, because KKK is on board

Security is for girls. Besides they are at the other end of the line


At least no 🐱 grabby as per Farage instructions

Tower of πŸ’© – day after mentioning Japanese internment campa as precedent. Ivanka is Basic Instinct-ing

and for the Incest Barbie

I made the sun come up! (plant not moving to Mexico – doesn’t!)

this is the Onion on Breitbart – but they are one now

Rinse, repeat

even the signed hats were phony

One lawsuit settled, 60 more to go

Yeah, get ready for lots of that, NYC drivers

List of loyalties


No more darkies to humiliate Bernie – GOP selfie

new definitions


Joss thinks that

but the orange thing still suing

Harry reid …..

Not Your Sweetie

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