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Not enough people noticed this in my tabloid listing so I dedicated it a whole entry.

Remember when W’s recession which started November 2001 was written out by newspapers, WH flunkies as having started in November 2000?

It’s only fair that, having kicked his recession back to Clinton, W would want something back.

Remember the Millenium terrorist plot on New years 1999 that Clinton’s FBI foiled? It involved the Sears Towers.

Somehow, W incorporated it in his memoir and moved it 2 years later

Bush: Sears Tower was ‘a genuine target’

“People forget that the Sears Tower was a target — a genuine target, and the mayor responded, and his people responded, brilliantly to the threats,” Bush said, calling Chicago the “best-run city in America.”

Daley received the compliment responding with another bold lie

Daley returned the favor, praising Bush for the calm he exuded on the day the mayor called “Pearl Harbor for another generation.”

Which W eagerly grabbed and enhanced, teaching others to do what he did

“It was a stark reminder that I was not to create panic,” Bush said. “If you’re the head of an organization in a crisis, you’ve got to understand that the people who follow you will feed off your reaction. My recommendation to anybody who is confronting a crisis is to project calm—and that’s what I did.”

THIS calm

But who’s going to give us our copy of My pet Goat to read for 9 minutes?

And let’s not forget the “getting out of harm’s way” by “calmly running to a bunker.

The interview you gave may be scrubbed, but the words are indelible in people’s minds, oh, great wise teacher.

Only one paper in Minesotta remembered there’s a war going.

Good headline too!

Your friendly search engine will get NSA on your ass

and there’s that Toyota recall again!

And Brown demanded an even earlier seating

and got it – apparently the SNL skit was right – no one can refuse him anything

and only the metro papers mention Bill Clinton’s new role in organizing the help there

here he is in NYC’s edition , next to some crazy Bloomberg/MTA venture…

Maybe the Obamas made a mistake taking the Clintons advice as to where to send their kids to school. Having picked the same school, they now invite inevitable comparisons and they don’t come up as good

Obamas prove stingy with school auction

was the headline – surprisingly – from MSNBC

Inerestingly, the article starts with what the Clintons contributed to the school fundraising auction while Chelsea was a student:

In 1996, a round of golf with Bill Clinton went for nearly six figures; another year Chelsea Clinton offered up her babysitting services to the highest bidder.

The end of the article tells us Chelsea still contributes

Chelsea Clinton remains involved in the event — this year she and a fellow alumna Nicole Davison donated a “lunch or brunch” in New York City. The value, according to the bidding materials: “priceless.”

And what did the guy who gave the queen of England an I-pod with his own speeches give the school where 2 of his children go? Well, 2 items, actually:

the only items up for bid from the Obamas included a signed copy of the Rolling Stone issue featuring the president and a signed copy of the January Vogue that featured the first lady.

Two magazines! Autographed! reminds me of that W golden moment they included in the 9.11 puff piece: signing his name of a photo of a lost parent a 9.11 kid showed him. “When you find your father tell him you met me”. About the same confidence in the value of one’s autograph.

In the same vein, pork  producers would like the name “swine” taken out of the flu

For U.S. pork producers the swine flu name has hurt, forcing government officials into the position of stressing that American pork is safe to eat and that other countries should not ban imports.

But whatever name, Democrats put it to a good use

With the swine flu officially out of the pen in the United States, Democrats and their allies have taken to heart Rahm Emanuel’s maxim that “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Obama begged and cajoled, sacrificed family planning – all in the hope of getting those un-needed GOP votes for the stimulus. And got none

President Barack Obama got the $825 (or $1.2 trillion over a decade) stimulus package through the House of Representatives but the 244 to 188 vote is a hollow victory indeed. Without a single Republican voting for the bill, his high-profile visit to Capitol Hill on Tuesday came to exactly naught – at least on the House side.

Why? Fineman gave me a clue in what was – the first positive mention of Clinton’s presidency in the media

In the end it may not matter that much. In 1993, Bill Clinton passed his first and most important — and successful — tax bill without a single GOP vote in the House. The legislation is generally credited with having helped spur the Long Boom of the 1990s.

Generally credited? Not by Fineman and all of them – not then or since, but yeah, I agree.

Of course he gets condescending in the next paragraph

But in 1993, times weren’t as tough, and Clinton wasn’t proposing to change the way Washington worked. He just wanted to win, and he did.

Riight. Clinton didn’t change anything that Reagan/Poppy did…..So, now, the post-partisan  billion dollar candidate, got his stimulus through the house with more tax cuts and without family planning – and also without a GOP vote. It’s nice to see the revisionism on Clinton finally getting the truth though.

So much for “post-partisan”. And…why couldn’t we have Hillary again?

And once again, Krugman seems to me stalking me

Aren’t you glad that Obama watered it down and added ineffective tax cuts, so as to win bipartisan support?

This is his interview on CNBC

And these are ABC’s comments

On a day when Obama sought to convince voters that he’s best able to handle the economic crisis, the former president said it was his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., who gave today “the most detailed position.”

Hmmm…maybe because Obama didn’t actually come up with one?

Update on this – McCain notices this too

“I’ve never concealed my admiration and affection for Sen. McCain. I think he’s a great man.

“But, I think, on the issues that matter to our future, the Obama-Biden team is, is more right,” Clinton said of the Democratic ticket. “And I believe they’re gonna win. But, I think that it will be competitive until the end.”

A ringing endorsement it wasn’t.

The former president said Obama “has offered some very specific and sensible economic reforms and healthcare reforms.”

Oh, Bill, you never praise Teh Precious enough….Well, they may have a point though

“Barring some unforeseen development like in– something happens in the debates we don’t know about. I– I– I– it may not be apparent in the polls until last week or two of the election. But, I believe that it will be apparent on election day. I think that– I think Senator Obama will win this election,”

Summing up Palin

“She is well to the right politically and religiously… but she has good intuition and does not impose her own beliefs on others. I can see why she is so successful.”

Here’s what he said about her

No, she’s a– she’s an instinctively effective candidate,” he said, “And with a compelling story. I think it was exciting to some, that, that she was a woman. It was exciting that she was from Alaska. It was exciting that she’s sort of like the person she is. And she grew up in a, came up in a political culture and a religious culture that is probably well to the right of the American center. But, she didn’t basically define herself in those terms,” Clinton said.

“She handled herself very well,” he said, “I get why she’s done so well. She, she’s, it’s a mistake to underestimate her. She’s got good intuitive skills. They’re significant.”

It’s a 10 minutest interview that made me understand what’s going on on Wall Street a little better. And convinced me that the people who knew what to do with the economy have been pushed out of the way by bigotry, sexism and pure hatred.


Riverdaughter has Hillary’s plan Bill was talking about

And LA Times blog also outraged about Bill

This week no “win handily.” This week no crisp sound bite. This week the election is seven days closer. This week still no ex-president on the trail for the wannabe.

I always knew the political leanings of the people referring to Clinton as “ex-president”. How interesting that they are advocating Obama’s interests now!

I like the review from Australia because they open with

Mr Clinton, acclaimed even by his enemies as one of the most consummate American politicians in recent history,

and they mention the 2012 question:

But if Senator McCain should win, would Hillary Clinton, who narrowly failed to capture the Democratic presidential nomination this time around, challenge the Arizona senator in 2012?

“I don’t know,” Mr Clinton said.

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