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But before going into the first day of spring and other weather traditions, I have invited Murray the Groundhog for a few words

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Hello! This is Murray, the 14 Street Groundhog. I have been called to help East Village Woody from now on. Not with the shadow sighting, he is pretty good at that. But with hyperbolic tendencies in reading the signs. This year he said winter was over! Six snow storms later, no wonder he wouldn’t get out of his hole. But I am here to say: we groundhogs are not called upon to announce the coming of the spring. Our special skill is merely to say, at the appointed time whether the spring will be late (6 weeks) or not (less than 6 weeks). And, I am saying today, the next two weeks might still prove Woody right.

Now, back to March First or Martisor. Last year I collected all the trivia I found on the occasion – the First Day of Spring and Dochia’s 9 days

So the advice is: enjoy the apparent spring but don’t throw away your 9 winter coats or you’ll end up like those rocks in the picture. (Murray says: not this year. Me: I am buying a winter coat today)

This time I found  more Martisor lore from which I picked some new “twists”

It is said that the string from the “martisor”, a rope of 365 or 366 days, was sown by old woman Dochia as she went up the mountain with her sheep. Like the fortune-teller that sew the string of life for each new baby, old woman Dochia sows the string of the year.


It is believed that those who wear “martisor” will not be burned by the Sun during the summer and that they will be healthy, lucky and beautiful like flowers.

There is a big advantage in not having clear origins for a legend. New explanations spring every day. Here’s a new one

The symbol of the Martisor lies in the red and white thread. While red symbolizes in the Romanian culture peace, blood and sun, it is connected to the idea of life and giving life, therefore the feminine concept. White, on the other hand, is usually connected to clarity, equilibrium and wisdom, attributes associated to the masculine concept. Therefore, the union of these two colors symbolizes the essential togetherness of masculine and feminine that preserves the continuous circle of life.

I am giggling as I am pasting this as my mind goes to my latest cartoon of the day where the clarity, equilibrium and wisdom of the masculine are  not so clearly on display ;-). But hey, this is about the guys we do love!


Here’s my fuzzy girl sporing her martisor today

621.gif picture by Robbedvoter

I realized today, that as I quibbled about this and that Jr.jr moment I missed the actual strides in the right directions.

I found today a reliable source that lists all the good things progressive should be proud of, and in the spirit of fairness I am sharing it with all.

No Kool-Aid, just an epiphany and  the time of the year to acknowledge reality. May it be a happy one for you too!

Today, the Halcyon Days start. They are upon us until December 28.

halcyon days

The sailors at sea know this because they see the little halcyon (kingfisher) laying its eggs in its floating nest which means no storms for two weeks.

The myth accompanying this has everything in it – love, hubris, revenge, death and transformation.

Once upon a time, there was a queen Alcyone (daughter of  Aeolus – God of winds), who married King Ceyx (Son of Eosphorus, the Morning Star.)

They were in love and happy and often sacrilegiously called each other “Zeus” and “Hera.” This angered Zeus, so while Ceyx was at sea (going to consult an oracle according to Ovid’s account), the god threw a thunderbolt at his ship. Ceyx appeared to Alcyone as an apparition to tell her of his fate, and she threw herself into the sea in her grief. Out of compassion, the gods changed them both into halcyon birds, named after her.

The two lived together and started their family at sea as birds.

Ever since . we have the “halcyon days“, the 14 days in winter when storms never occur.

The seven days each year (either side of the shortest day of the year) during which Alcyone (as a kingfisher) laid her eggs and made her nest on the beach and during which her father Aeolus, god of the winds, restrained the winds and calmed the waves so she could do so in safety.

And you can celebrate this with the feeling that you and your families will be sheltered from storms for the next few weeks.

In the North, they knew they had to make a minimum of effort to conserve their precious energy – sparse like the light of the sun.

So, peace and contentment to you all.

We’re off to trim the tree!

The event for NY celebrating 160 years since the first conference for the woman sufrage amendment

was organized by 18million voices and was a crossover with other groups – PUMAs, Just Say No Deal

The Declaration was displayed and signed.

A poorly attended music event was going on close by (it was 100 degrees). The MC mentioned something about election, registration, Senecca Falls. When Hillary’s name was mentioned we cheered loudly.

I got to explain a french woman what this all was about. She told me in france, women only got their right to vote in 1946. In their last election sarcozi’s opponent was also a woman and she also received a beru bad treatment. Although when I told her some of the name calling on by our press she was shocked. She was also shocked to find out B0 was not nominated yet, just a ‘clincher”

“They only talk about him all the time in France”

I got to meet some of the 18 million voices people – Elisabeth from Rise, Hullary, Rise and Raj – and see again the PUMAs Just say no Deal-ers:  Lady Boomer NYC and Annie 1 from Capital Hill were there.

Towards the end someone offered to take a group photo of us – too bad by then most left

We’ve just begun!

Not Your Sweetie

October 2020