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USA Today has another article about the the b0bots left under the bus. I have been keeping track of these, last being this one where some of my readers reminisced about Brazile and her role in this.

Today’s article

Obama’s liberal base ‘disengaged’

revolves around two quotes from her – beginning and end and owes its title to her it seems

“The energized base which transformed the nation and elected our first black president (is) now disengaged,” Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile says. “If this was September, I would hit the panic button.”

Of course, another reading of what she says clearly duplicates Rahm’s err staffer’s dismissive comment from last December

“This is not a time to worry about the base; we’ll have all of the election year to do that,” said the Democratic source. “We’ll have a long list of accomplishments to present for them to rally around.”

We have another dismissal from Gibbs using his favorite word

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs routinely brushes off questions about whether Obama and the Democrats are losing key constituencies, but he says the notion that the president is taking liberals for granted is “silly.”

At the end of a state by state analysis, Brazile pops up again waving the Pollyanna wand and qualifying all this as something to be cured by “spin”

Brazile says there’s time to repair the damage and re-energize liberal activists. “Will it be a tough spin? You betcha,” she says. “But I do think President Obama and the party will be up to the task.”

Did I just hear a Palin paraphrase there? I guess  was the subliminal message about what the spin will be about.

Sorry to bust her bubble (not really) but in B0botland the topic is extremely popular and B0bots will be harder to fool this time around

2. Those who care about ending war, feeding the hungry, educating our children

are not disengaged… We are having to move on. We are not waiting for another speech. We are talking. We are working. But we are not disengaged.
157. Don’t you know that he is playing chess? Problem is we are the pawns.


222. Disenchanted, not disengaged.

I still care–I care desperately–but I don’t have much faith in the national political process so I’m putting more energy into other avenues, like local citizen involvement.

Operatives are working hard but incur direct hits

154. Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Bah!

Like, OMG, anyone who thinks Obama hasn’t delivered is just picking on him!

Bzzt! Cheerleading will not change the fact that he has been ineffective. Great presidents do what is not “politically possible.” Weak presidents look only to what is “politically possible.” Failed presidents don’t manage to do even what’s “politically possible.” Obama is heading for category #3.

One even gets some of what Brazile is saying

Donna Brazile, and I quote:

Brazile says there’s time to repair the damage and re-energize liberal activists. “Will it be a tough spin? You betcha,” she says. “But I do think President Obama and the party will be up to the task.”

Tough Spin? Is that what we have to look forward too? Do they not realize that we know what “spin” means?

Spin=Lies :grr:

So, Dona dear, don’t hit the panic button. They’ll be back. Any day now.

Psst! One thing about using Palin again: some figured that they don’t have to go to the polls at all. I believe it’s what “disengaged” means. Be careful what you wish for. Here’s the B0bots again

That “silly” notion is gonna bite them in the ass if they don’t wake up.

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156. Robert Gibbs: The notion that the president is taking liberals for granted is “silly.”
Whistling by the graveyard. I’m surprised Rahm didn’t chime in with a Chicago fuck you !

I vote ONLY for tried and tested Progressives in the future.
Lieberman Liberals, Blue Dogs and Centrist need not apply.

114. the notion that the president is taking liberals for granted is “silly.”

Some have even used the word “retarded”.


Remember when Donna Brazile sent us old, poor Bubbas packing in favor of their shinier, younger base?

But, Paul, you’re looking at the old coalition. A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics.

Well, I am not exactly shocked to read this headline

Young Voters Cooling towards Democrats

For months now I watched cheerleaders in B0botland saying that whatever troublemakers were saying there does not reflect in polls

but the subtitle of this piece is

Pew Study: 18-to-29 Year Olds’ Support Eroding Following Lack of Change in Washington, Escalating War in Afghanistan

And much as I tend to take all polls with a grain of salt and Pew with 3 grains, this seems to be a way overdue result

First of all, the much touted “big splash” in the presidential election is a joke as well when you look at the numbers

During the presidential election, turnout among 18-to-29 year olds was the highest in years, making up roughly 20 percent of the voters in many states including Virginia and New Jersey, due in part to high participation from young blacks and Hispanics.

20 percent? For that they threw away the blue collar base?

And from THAT, not only did their numbers go down, but their enthusiasm (read turnout) follows. And for that, there’s more proof than just polling – in exit polls from recent elections

Democrats saw evidence of this last November, when Republicans toppled Democrats from power in governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia. Young, minority and new voters who Obama pulled into the fold in 2008 didn’t turn out at the same levels for the two Democratic candidates. The same thing happened in the Massachusetts Senate race last month.

The poll also illustrates the B0bot finger in the ear mentality

Still, when asked why Obama hadn’t done more to bring change, young adults were somewhat forgiving, with about 56 percent blaming the president’s opponents and special interests; only 30 percent said Obama was the one at fault for not trying hard enough.

But as for Obama’s chances in harnessing them again

Neither party has a hold on 18-to-29 year olds. They tend to vote far less than other age groups, yet they have proven to be a powerful constituency if they are persuaded to vote. And that means the race is on by both Republicans and Democrats to make inroads into the next generation of voters.

Analysts say the findings reflect the fast pace at which young voters live their lives, and both parties should take note of their fickleness.

Oops! Better court the old Bubbas again, eh?

In B0botland there’s mostly approval for these findings

And some justified reserve for the bias in the article

6. Young people aren’t into a blank check for war, bankster bailouts, and mandatory insurance? Fickle!


with the usual head in the sand contingent – surprisingly small

23. Bullshit. Nobody’s going Repig.
Jakes Progress (1000+ posts)

51. They’re not going anywhere. They’re staying home.

but the saner ones are adding to the arguments in the piece

47. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

Wait until Obama & The Democrats FORCE them to BUY worthless Health Insurance.
Better not stand between them and the EXIT.


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No, that doesn’t come from a Republican re: 2000 election – it comes from Brazile – who tells us

Believe me, I understand the soul-wrenching ache of watching your candidate lose (Al Gore in 2000). I get it. It sucks to lose

I guess Rove wasn’t kidding when he said

“”She made some generous comments after 9/11 that he deeply appreciated,” Mr. Rove said. ”She is, first of all, a great American before she’s a partisan, and she isn’t stuck in the 2000 election.”

Unless of course she is playing Republican with the PUMAS

Many of us showed our respect for Clinton by withholding our vote and support for Obama until the two had appeared together not once, but twice. I respected her enough that I argued vehemently back in February that the race not be called before every vote was counted and the necessary delegate threshold was reached. That happened June 3.

Guess what, Donna? It didn’t happen June 3 – superdelegates were added to create the illusion the threshold was reached. It wasn’t.

But it’s indeed very respectful of Donna to oppose calling the race in February…However will I repay such generosity?

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