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There’s gloating a plenty in the media now that the Heritage Foundation brain child has been adopted by the so called dems with most papers carrying the same photos

Washington Times mentions the “skeptic voters” and moves on to immigration

whime the Express is putting the tea partiers front and center

In NY, besides Obama Times, tabloids concentrate more on Biden

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It was the Obama campaign trying to make a buck, harvest some phone # and throw another kick of the hoof Hillary’s way (with the timing).

I wrote about it at the time here. Since that brief moment in the limelight, the “winner”,Joe seems to have been stored in Cheney’s “undisclosed location”. It’s almost ready for one of those “Where are they now” feature.

Luckily, a White House Flicker official photo collection offers us the answer:

in the dog house

Some blogs are kicking it around – with the funniest comments at The Confluence, as well as more fun photos.

Of course, Andrew Sullivan being involved, accusations of “smearing Obama” also fly at the ones believing their own eyes.

But I go back to that day at 3 AM: Congratulations, Joe! You surely won! I don’t know what exactly, but you won!

And since this brings out there funny photos, this is from TOTUS’ collection on facebook:


Bizarre reactions in B0botland

OK, they took a weasely way to talk about it, but it was still good to hear “the boss will sign any stack of paper with the name “Healthcare” on it”

And while only public option, cost and immigration were mentioned – and not a peep about women or Stupak, I guess we’re covered in the secret language envelope bid to the first republican that will sign.

And I am not saying it was the funniest thing SNL did, but I have to encourage their attempt at relevance. Enough to get this B0bot to make a video asking for the Biden jokes to stop (because he is not as funny as Cheney – and where were the Palin skits this week?)

And in the real world, the comedy of errors that brought us the Stupak amendment

At the same time, a lot of people were being pressured by their bishops, which, you know, that’s a whole different thing.  So they thought, ‘Well if this is just Hyde, then no big deal.’  But I had several people after that vote say to me… people who voted for Stupak, they said, ‘This needs to be fixed by the conference.’

And we have several people who have 100% pro-choce voting records who voted for it.

Well, would YOU say “NO” to a bishop???

As the text of Biden’s “Vote Obama and Die” remarks keeps trickling in,(I have yet to find the direct “girdle your loins” quote) the funniest part just reached me:

“I probably shouldn’t have said all this because it dawned on me that the press is here.”

Funny on so many levels! One of which being – I read and blogged about this several times, for days, and that “press” Biden was so worried still didn’t give up the whole text.

Not to worry, Biden! The press is your friend. You may let it be known that your administration will bring ruin and distraction on us, they’ll report about the price tags on Palin’s clothes. So, please, tell us more!

But this particular article actually asks the 65 million dollar question:

Why would our enemies feel the need to test an Obama and not a John McCain?

and offers a plausible answer:

Could it be that, as Biden said before joining the ticket, that Obama’s not ready to be president –“the presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training” — and that McCain is?

Then they ask another excellent question:

or debates?

What is it about West Coast fundraisers that prompt the two of you guys to let fly with the family secrets? In San Francisco, we learned Obama believes that bitter small-town Pennsylvanians cling to God and guns. In Seattle, Biden warned that Obama will face an international crisis in the first months of an administration. Heaven knows what we would find out if Biden let ‘er rip in Portland.

Don’t voters deserve to know this before Election Day? Please reply with the candor you demonstrated in Seattle and San Francisco.

I suppose candor = access – and that’s only for people with the the big bucks.

I wish Politico would have invited David Reinhard to their discussion today. He seems the first one to grasp the significance of what was said.

Much as Campbell Brown was worried about Palin’s rights as a woman to be eviscerated by the media, she needs to start now a telethon for Joe Biden.


(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) – It might be surprising to some to learn that Sarah Palin is now talking to her national press corps more often than Joe Biden.

While the once silent Palin has taken questions from reporters that travel with her three times in the last week, Biden has not offered the same type of access to reporters who cover his every move on the campaign trail in almost two months.

As for comments that Biden made last weekend in Seattle about Obama facing an “international, generated crisis” in his first six months, Biden has said nothing more on the matter.

CBS kept count:

And to belatedly answer Biden’s question, it has been 55 days since he held a press conference. He has held two since being named Obama’s running mate.

Biden has also not taken questions from voters in a town hall style setting since Sept. 10 in Nashua, New Hampshire, when he told a supporter that Hillary Clinton might have been a better pick for vice president.

so now he is self censoring himself

He told Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” that it was the reason he stays mum when greeting voters, hoping to avoid making comments that might be publicized and used against Obama.

“Look, I’ve made many a gaffe in my life, and I suspect I’ll make a whole lot more,” he told Leno. “But you do worry. You know, I was on a rope…you go down what they call a rope line. You make a speech; there’s four, five, six thousand people, and they line up and you shake hands. And everybody has, not everybody, a lot of people have cameras, and they have these little video phones…so I learned to just go, ‘Mm, mm, mm, mm.’ Walk down the line. I don’t say anything anymore.”

In the Washington Post commentary on the laste media study they say

But McCain’s running mate remains a media magnet, drawing three times as much coverage as the Democrats’ VP nominee, Joe Biden. He was “nearly the invisible man,” the group says, and his coverage was far more negative than Palin’s. That may be because Biden tends to make news primarily when he commits gaffes.

Or, it may be that th media goes out of their way to avoid covering his gaffes

Again the media showed their incredible bias by giving scattered coverage of Biden’s statements.

There were a few exceptions. On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Brzezinski flipped incredulously through the papers, expressing shock at the lack of coverage of Biden’s remarks. Guest Dan Rather admitted that if Palin had said it, the media would be going nuts.

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