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In the old country, I knew I had to go or lose my sanity when I saw retirees on TV cheering for a new law diminishing their pension.

It seems I cannot hide from it. Tonight I read this headline  in Firedoglake

OFA Tries to Get Supporters to Write Letters to the Editor Praising a Federal Worker Pay Freeze

The letter is included and summed up thus

That’s right, the organizing project of the Democratic National Committee wants you to organize in support of freezing public worker salaries.

To me, reading it and seeing the misuse of the word “responsibility rang a bell. I still have the tabloids from Obama’s inauguration  bestest speech ever

The Os who seemed so very attuned to dog whistles missed that one.

The Wall Street Journal surely picked it up as it was addressed to them.

Very few in the media remarked the fact that he took the words straight from W’s inauguration speech.

The letter asking for astroturf starts

A decade of irresponsible spending led to a projected $1.3 trillion deficit that President Obama inherited upon taking office — putting America on an unsustainable fiscal course.

Thank gods, Jr.jr is  ushering his era of responsibility.

You know, where the workers and the seniors pay so the billionaires and the banks can continue the lifestyle they’ve became accustomed to.

Some comments even remark that they see some O’s complying with the request.

My question for all of them: now you finally notice?

You had a candidate running in 2008, when the narrative should have been clear cut: you had war and misery after  you had had peace and prosperity. Which party is more likely to bring back what you want?

Instead, you cheered for someone who extolled Reagan’s greatness (the true revolutionary), praised R ideas and  sought “post-partisanship”

So we should be surprised now, why?

The article starts

We’ve officially gone around the bend.

Yes you did. Two years ago.

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