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from the guy celebrated as the savior of our liberties

and this must be sweetly ironic

in other Glenn Greenwald buddies news note that Wikileaks was never mentioned in the statement/article. Julian felt neglected and jumped in

Hey, more embarrassing Wiki-lies

Also, here’s GG’s rag jumping in to help 🍊 against the bad WaPo. Suddenly “anonymous” sourcing not good. It was good for the Guardian prank by Godfrey Elfwick when GG chomped at the bit to slander Sam Harris.

It’s always good for his beloved Wiki peddling info stolen by his protege Snowden to mess elections around the world.. But when it comes to Washington Post, total disclosure or no sale! Suddenly they get standards (same as all Russian eggs deployed on Twitter today)



this clarifies a lot

to which I am adding:

drop the “working class” in the “white working class”

drop the “neo” in the neo-nazis – return Neo to his matrix

snd with alt-left adopting “identity politics” they made it easier for this loathsome bothsidery

adding a very good article by Rebecca Traister

     Because the objects of the vitriol from the left, dirtbag and otherwise, are the hardworking heart of the Democratic Party, now the resistance: the grandmothers who left their houses every morning to get out the vote; the people who took buses and carloads of volunteers to knock on doors and ring buzzers and make endless phone calls; the Black Lives Matter activists who protest the killing of their children and targeting of their communities; the women and men who provide reproductive-health access, even as the government works to roll back that access; the abortion rights and gay rights and criminal justice reform advocates who didn’t write off Hillary Clinton, but instead asked her to be better.

All of these people are facing very dark and scary days, and instead of blaming them, I want to thank them. I’ll also thank Clinton herself, now an old woman, who worked her ass off for decades to do something no woman has ever done before;


Can’t believe I am writing this, but, alt-left: listen to Chomsky


another great piece which belongs here

We have been beset with dangerous euphemisms. A neo-nazi becomes “an economic populist.” A lie becomes “a claim.” A propagandist becomes “a maverick” or “a provocateur.” Equality becomes “identity politics.” A public school privatizer becomes “a school reformer.” A climate change denier becomes “a climate contrarian” and a climate scientist “a climate alarmist.” Journalists are being called “presstitutes” or “lügenpress,” which is German for “lying press,” a term adopted by the Third Reich. There has been a kind of doublespeak silencing on social media in which those speaking out against white supremacists are themselves called “racists,” and those pointing out misogyny are called “sexist.” A protestor becomes “an economic terrorist.” White people become “the working class.”

Words have power.

We fight back by correctly labeling; by calling a white supremacist a white supremacist, a fascist a fascist, a sexual assault a sexual assault. We name what is happening or about to happen around us: kleptocracy, kakistocracy, authoritarianism, fraud, corruption, embezzlement. We can creatively add to the taxonomy of tyranny even as we feel ourselves buried alive by it: idiocracy, dystocracy, misogynocracy.



Like race card , PC, Identity politics is a dead giveaway of white people bothered by other points of view. And, yeah, the alt-left (also white) led by deeply humiliated Bernie is leading.

Here’s a very good analysis on this from Darren Hutchinson

Academic research, however, lends credibility to one of claims made by recent critics of identity politics: whites often believe multiculturalism excludes them. Clinton’s campaign theme, however, was “Stronger Together,” and she included whites under her large umbrella (notably, she and her running-mate are both white).

Studies also show that antiracism and feminism, not simply racial and gender diversity, threaten whites and men, who think of anti-discrimination as a zero-sum game. Clinton did not cause this irrational thinking.

Way to go, Bernie! Your deep humiliation is shining bright


The Guardian has a piece on Bernie’s attitude too

It appears that in the aftermath of a monumental but nonetheless failed presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders remains most comfortable in the spot that made him a loser: trying to separate class and race.

some more thoughts about the oh, so neglected WWC from Paul Krugman

Bernie keeps beating the white drum – only whites are workers in his world. First, the use of “we” is inappropriate. Second – are non-whites lazy bums? Bot workers?😱


another good take from NY Magazine

I’ve decided that the best thing for Democrats to do for the next four years is to stop caring about “identity politics” and focus on the needs of white men all around the country. From now on, as a woman who makes her living and pays taxes in the blue bubble of California, I will shut up and enter a medically-induced coma and only come out when liberal white men ask me to come out. I will develop a special, secret knock that these liberal men can use to wake me up inside my sleeping pod when they deem it safe for me to emerge and start ruining elections again.I hope that other women and minorities will do what I have done. Democrats can either care about income inequality or we can care about “women and minorities,” but we can’t do both.

Bernie’s timing is impeccable as always

and while pundits and outsiders 💩 on the D party, people feel differently – funny “election” this

This needs to be front and center no matter what else he is blabbing afterwards. Operative words WHITE and HUMILIATED


and Bree Newsome decodes this  for us

and here’s an entire talk against “identity politics” a darling RWNJ talking point

and this is where he came from – that red island in the ocean of blue who voted for Hillary


after refusing – again- to join the Democratic party, Bernie keeps lecturing us

and also

to be sure, “fixation with diversity” is attacked frol alt left abd alt right


It’s not that complicated, Slate: white supremacists are the bad guys and their allies too – no matter how famous – another “racehorse” coverage – like the election

Here’s wonderful Debra and Kurt

Here’s another privileged dunderhead Paltrow – excited by it all

Ironic, huh?

an interesting observation


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