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Not enough people noticed this in my tabloid listing so I dedicated it a whole entry.

Remember when W’s recession which started November 2001 was written out by newspapers, WH flunkies as having started in November 2000?

It’s only fair that, having kicked his recession back to Clinton, W would want something back.

Remember the Millenium terrorist plot on New years 1999 that Clinton’s FBI foiled? It involved the Sears Towers.

Somehow, W incorporated it in his memoir and moved it 2 years later

Bush: Sears Tower was ‘a genuine target’

“People forget that the Sears Tower was a target — a genuine target, and the mayor responded, and his people responded, brilliantly to the threats,” Bush said, calling Chicago the “best-run city in America.”

Daley received the compliment responding with another bold lie

Daley returned the favor, praising Bush for the calm he exuded on the day the mayor called “Pearl Harbor for another generation.”

Which W eagerly grabbed and enhanced, teaching others to do what he did

“It was a stark reminder that I was not to create panic,” Bush said. “If you’re the head of an organization in a crisis, you’ve got to understand that the people who follow you will feed off your reaction. My recommendation to anybody who is confronting a crisis is to project calm—and that’s what I did.”

THIS calm

But who’s going to give us our copy of My pet Goat to read for 9 minutes?

And let’s not forget the “getting out of harm’s way” by “calmly running to a bunker.

The interview you gave may be scrubbed, but the words are indelible in people’s minds, oh, great wise teacher.

Well, at least it had everything. It had moments of beauty and reflection that Newsday captured

It had tears that The Daily News like so much Read the rest of this entry »

9.11 – how should I praise thee? With some tabloidish shouting matches?

Some pretty covers?

Controversy? Read the rest of this entry »

Did you set your clocks forward?

Remember how Hillary wanted to throw away NCLB while Obama just wanted to modify it? Lo and behold, the NCLB remake privatization is upon us. Good choice, B0bots! Always when reading “accountability” remember Rode Island.  Here’s WaPo

and Obama Times – with that special Axelrod take (as opposed to Rahms)

From Stars and Stripes we find out our soldiers contracted malaria in Haiti and Taliban is resurging

Also, the recent veterans come home to unemployment

The Daily News reveals how terrible the settlement is for 9.11 responders

their headline

Shame on pols for letting 9/11 compensation fund expire – it’s time to treat victims fairly

.While NY Post delights in the latest domestic terrorist


My source of page ones is still on yesterday, so I’ll  start my morning feature on my own photos

to be updated later

We knew that since the appointment of Not-Caroline, but the media is letting us know – again – on whose side they are in the Governor’s race

hint- the one with more money to pay for them to advertise. For once I hope NY-ers would go for the underdog over the party machine!

And Wall Street is still making rain – for some

plus a headline on Gibbs idiotic sentencing before the trial of the 9.11 terrorists – Queen of Hearts, Obama administration hearts you!


Wall Street Journal gives Obama’s budget the welcome they are expected to

while in Illinois voters can’t seem to be bothered

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which is funny as Obama’s senate seat could very well go GOP

Moonie Times takes on Congress opposition to DADT and money to move 9.11 trials


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