I thought this election day NY Post cover was remarkable enough to merit posting days later (when my internet finally returned)

Old man Kelly in Grumpy Cat pose demanding we elect the one candidate who would keep him in the job. Sorry, Kelly, NYC gad had enough of Bloomberg’s ways

Our tabloids have us laughing till it hurts

And Weiner finally gets a non-sexual attack

It’s been so customarily to break the law when starting wars, the media calls the legal process “punting”

.Sorry, Post, that buck was never meant to stop there

Obama fans at the news are not much happier

As the Nobel Prize peace laureate is fixing to start a new war, there are glitches in the “coalition of the willing. The Daily News wants us to be pissed at UK

Sorry folks, the moment was BP spill. Now, bully for them!

Elliott Spitzer once took on Wall Street and the media took him down in a matter of days. His intention to return to politics has been met with more sex puns in tabloids headlines than Weiner could dream off. Somehow they figured this is not a minus with voters sow this is the new sin: not voting for Obama. It’s more ironic coming from NY Post.

For me, it’s a big plus and proof of consistency: One that knows the cesspool that is Wall Street should not vote for their puppet. And no, NY Post this is NOT “voter fraud”


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