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It’s another one of those “paging Dr Freud” instances like the times W wished out loud to be a dictator.

To add a bit of fun to this, it was during the meeting with the leader of Borat’s country, Kazakhstan

President Obama said Sunday that the United States is still “working on” democracy and a top aide said he has taken “historic steps” to improve democracy in the United States during his time in office.

The remarks came as Obama met with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev — one of the U.S. president’s many meetings with world leaders ahead of this week’s nuclear summit.

Aparently there was another level of irony I wasn’t aware of

Some observers see a conflict between Kazakhstan’s chairmanship of the 56-nation OSCE, which plays an important role in monitoring elections in emerging democracies, and its own widely criticized human rights record.

But if the Obama administration saw any disconnect, it kept its criticism to itself.

The apex of irony however was reached when his spokesman was asked to comment on this

“Both presidents agreed that you don’t ever reach democracy; you always have to work at it. And in particular, President Obama reminded his Kazakh counterpart that we, too, are working to improve our democracy.”

Asked by a Wall Street Journal reporter if Obama sees any moral equivalency between the two, the PR man chirped

“Absolutely not … There was no equivalence meant whatsoever,” McFaul said. “[Obama’s]   taken, I think, rather historic steps to improve our own democracy since coming to office here in the United States.”

Wow! Where do I even start to unpack this “historic” claim?

First, I’d say, the flunkie was being modest. I say, Obama’s work on our democracy started way before he came to office. How can we not credit him with Michigan, Florida, RBC, the phony roll call, the concept of “clinching the nomination”, having Kerry ask the media not to cover Florida because “they don’t count” and other historical deeds.

I’ll leave it to my readers to find historical improvements since that time. Besides the  “historical” renewal of the PATRIOT Act that is.

I can only think of one, in today’s headlines

Foes of tea party movement to infiltrate rallies

Opponents of the fiscally conservative tea party movement say they plan to infiltrate and dismantle the political group by trying to make its members appear to be racist, homophobic and moronic.Jason Levin, creator of, said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country who are trying to recruit members to infiltrate tea party events

It’s historical, yet not unprecedented, see Nixon’s COINTELPRO . But we also remember, B0bots aren’t very good at this

But I do want to credit the flunkie for clever use of the words “coming in to office” instead of “being elected”. I think I’ll just update the Obama Lexicon

boratdance.gif Borat picture by Robbedvoter

I have to confess,  grew up in a Newspeak country. 1984 was quite the reality (and also forbidden there).

I especially remember one blood curling moment when old people were interviewed on TV about the upcoming lowering of pensions – and they were saying how happy this makes them.

And still, I was in for a shock reading this in WaPo today

Before giving up the quote, I have to preface that it comes from a political strategist, and which is more a John-I concede for the sake of the war Kerry strategist – Mary Beth Cahill. She thinks women are the biggest beneficiaries of Romney care because

Democratic female House members understood this and refused to let this bill die. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and pro-choice women stared down those who would have weakened further a woman’s right to choose and refused to accept any compromise in the legislation that would undercut women’s rights.

And if this wasn’t enough, she takes it a notch higher

Abigail Adams would be proud. The Democrats remembered the ladies — and they will benefit from it.

You see. this type of fake-out is way ahead that what I grew up with. At least those people cheering for lower pension were telling the truth about the upcoming law. With Cahill as consultant, they would have told everyone they would get an increase. Like this opening paragraph

Some argue that passage of the biggest advance in social justice since the Voting Rights Act will rally the liberal base. That is in part because some of the biggest beneficiaries are American women, who are so often key to Democratic victories.

Some argue that you are full of it, Mary.

WaPo and Obama Times compete for the most insufferable gloating pages – who do you think takes the prize?


Obama Times

Stars and stripes reminds us of war, but it’s headline could be about we, the people

And what Stars and Stripes called “relaxing” Washington Times revels as a a cynical “improvement” on DADT

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Now that women , single payer, all opposition from the left have been shoved under the carpet, the media is creating the illusion that the only people unhappy with this are the Republicans. It’s the Unity Pony all over again.

Here’s LA Times using dueling photos to create the illusion

.and here’s the in your face WaPo’s “November is now” theme of the next 9 months

From the other side, Washington Times adds insult to the injury: not only the segregation of women in this bill is ignored by all, but now, anti0choicers are “energized”

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Even Stars and Stripes – while reminding us there are still bloody wars going on, does some November commentary.

In NY, AM-Ny continues the “Right enraged/left happy” myth

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as the Daily News does more cheerleading

.but it’s the Obama Times that’s the scariest: now that they got away with mandate, time to privatize Social Security!

Me? I feel like back in 2000 when I was consumed with rage over the stolen election, yet by the media, you’d think only blacks noticed or cared. Any other protests were carefully kept out of the public knowledge.

After getting splashed with egg on his face in Massachusetts, the Goldman Sachs president decided to reinvent himself as a populist,

past gaffes notwithstanding.

here is – from the other side an account of how this went

Obama’s Train Wreck of a Town Hall in Ohio

he was defensive, prickly, almost indignant that he’s found himself in the tough spot that he’s in.He began by talking about how much he didn’t like being in Washington, and apparently said something about the job being stifling. Sir, you spent two years trying to get this job.

One of his rallying cries as, “This is not about me!” Yes, Mr. President, but it’s about the decisions you make and the policies you’re trying to enact.

Again, this may be  National Review, but by their own admission, even they used to gushed over his eloquence.

Anyway, some of their observations are dead on. Like this one:

He’s calling on Congress to “pass a jobs bill.” I thought the stimulus was supposed to do that.

Even Bob Herbert, Obama’s previous gushing fan has doubts now

The door is being slammed on the American dream and the politicians, including the president and his Democratic allies on Capitol Hill, seem not just helpless to deal with the crisis, but completely out of touch with the hardships that have fallen on so many.

Right after giving the bankers all the big bailouts he called them in a meeting and bragged

“My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks,”

banking on his gushing media at the time. Massachusetts proved that he now stands between the pitchforks and the bankers. Telling voters that Scott Brown represented the bankers didn’t sound quite convincing coming from the Goldman Sachs candidate. Just see how easy Wall Street Journal punctured that with one photo on their front page

It’s hard for anyone to take his new found ire at Wall Street seriously.

Still, I am glad he speaks against the SCOTUS decision on corporations. Not that I expect him to do anything about it.

Rather than call on Congress to come with a law, how about this time you draft one?

I mean, I know GOP has a 41-59 majority in the Senate, but give it a try, OK? (I see Krugman adopted this one – without attribution too)

So, good luck with this populism thing. Just stay off bowling alleys and arugula and follow TOTUS closely.

oh, and I hope you stay away from cowboy hats

and trucks – Jr pretty much milked those ones dry.

And also, gutting Social Security – not a very populism stance


Some witty lines about his new tie-less look

Can we start calling Barack Obama “embattled” yet?

Hey, Mr. President – the first thing you have to do is figure out where somebody hid all your ties. That Ahmadinejad look didn’t go over big here in Boston a week ago, and it certainly didn’t cut it in Elyria, Ohio, on what you must have figured was “casual Friday.”

You wanted to be The Man? Well, The Man wears a tie, OK.

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