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After being tried in the media, the verdict came early:


it’s OK to beat and rape a woman.


Even while being French.

And Bloomberg wants to control our lives even more



Real life version:Smokey Monster did in fact get out of the island thanks to the Widmores of this world and those politicians bought by them

Back to the escapist show:

After having been one of the lost fans – in the sense that the show lost me for 4 years because it was illogical, I eventually became a Lost fan. I caught up with the reruns and decided that logic doesn’t apply to this show.

I cannot improve over this summary done before the finale

but having seen the finale, this is my comment

What happened, happened, and what didn’t (the AU) gave nice emotional closure.
No one died alone.

Now to the fictional reality:

There was one detail from what happened that made me very happy: Ben telling Hurley
“Those were Jacob’s rules, you can make your own. You do what you do best: help people”
It was satisfying on two levels – the island is no longer going to be a sadistic jungle in the name of “free will” and second: it finally acknowledged openly what a sick moron Jacob has been (remember, he ordered Ben to kill all DI, kidnap kids and harass the Losties ).
I think Ben’s redemption started when he told Hurley he is not bound by those rules.
As a reward, he was put in the position of setting right all the wrongs Jacob did.
It’s why I believe that he was out of the church because he was still the island protector at the time.
I never expected answers to questions – I learned since they dropped the numbers that this was not that kind of show. Plot-wise it was a mess – and it remained consistently so to the end.
But emotionally, it paid off – in the AU and reality – with the “new rules” (cue Bill Maher)
“There shall be no more idiotic rules set by someone who lived isolated their entire lives from other human beings”
“If someone accidentally discovers the cave of light, he/she will be gently transported back home, to their original lives”
“There will be no more questions, answers, polar bears or numbers”
There will be no more people on the island and a cork shall be provided to close BP’s mess”

could anyone stop thinking of the real Smokey out there?

The real Smokey has a real talent for avoiding getting photographed – you just saw all its images from Google


For those still confused, a pretty good answer sheet here

Here’s what I got: All the stuff that happened on the island actually did happen. (“Whatever happened, happened.”) Meanwhile, all the stuff that took place in the “sideways” universe this season was really in a Matrix-like purgatory after each individual character died, although they all died at different times and although they all resemble each other from the period they “knew” each other, because it would be too “Six Feet Under” if Kate came to the church as an old woman. And all this despite what Christian Shephard said about everything being “real.”

Still confused? Here’s a TWOP post Post#1084 that straightens the narrative out for you

At the beginning of the world, there was the island, and there was a light. This light was the heart of all life. As such, it represented not only what we term as ‘life’, but also what we call ‘death’. It is both the Yin and the Yang, and the continuing balance between the 2 ensures the world’s survival.

Later, humans found this island. One human found the light. This human became its first Protector. This human, and his or her successors, built beliefs (the Rules) and institutions (the Temple, the Dharma hatches) around the supernatural properties of the island. These beliefs and institutions are neither right nor wrong, but the result of imperfect human experience….


Update 2

Another great entry in the TWOP debate, Post#1215

But both (mythos and character) do matter! And I think the writers did see it like this. The case is not an ‘either-or.’

This argument can be captured in that dialogue between Desmond and Jack, as they were at the mouth of the cave of light, contemplating what was going to happen next. (See dialogue below; emphasis mine).

Desmond: Him destroying the island. You destroying him. It doesn’t matter. When you’re going to lower me in that light, I’m going to go somewhere else. A place where we could be with the ones we love, and never think about this damn island again. And you know the best part Jack?

Jack: What?

Desmond: You’re in this place. We sat together in Oceanic Flight 815. It never crashed. We spoke to each other. You seemed happy. You know, maybe I can find a way to bring you there too.

Jack: Desmond, I tried that once. There are no shortcuts. No do-overs. What happened, happened. Trust me, I know. All of this matters.


u            fail.

Still not up to serious news, so,

I get to the main event in the bookworms world: the latest Harry Potter opened last night.

I might have made more of it, had I not been still jet lagged. After all, I did stay until midnight to buy the last 4 books!

Of course, a new movie is far less of an event than a new book, but since the books are over, beggars can’t be choosers.

As it is, I’ll take my daughter on Friday at the IMAX showing. We know, we won’t be emotionally drained because, duh…wrong Dumbledore

as someone captured in this entry (careful: if you didn’t read the book and lived under a rock, it has a spoiler at the end)

But we will try to get the feeling of last night through posts on blogs or even  Twitter.

It was fun to see adults like me coping with the age displacement.

And only one person didn’t enjoy it – because of a headache. Will go again, without the headache.

And, for the literary minded, here’s a hillarious collection of writings about the end of HP (before the book was out) in famous styles. Here’s DR Seuss:

Dr. Seuss:


“You tried to kill me with your wand.

You tried to kill me near a pond.

You killed my mommy and my dad,

And that’s what made me really mad.

You possessed my main squeeze little Ginny

when I whined my voice turned tinny.

I hate you truly, I really do

I’ll kill you now, and that is true.”
(Upon hearing this Voldemort drops dead from bad poetry)


Snape's on a Plane

Today, as i passed the newsstands, there was no news of A-Rod’s health or Rhianna’s. Suddenly, AIG is the subject of all covers:

The Daily News is lashing at them

AM-NY makes it a New York issue

The New York Post, still working to overcompesate for the monkey cartoon, reveals the reason

and as usual, Newsday is the most honest

One needs to see the Washington Post headline to understand the sudden preoccupation:

Anger Over Firm Depletes Obama’s Political Capital

Yup. That’s a capital the media considers more important than the taxpayers money that’s been obscenely squandered. They created that one and won’t let it be lost….

There’s a show on ABC on Wednesdays night with that name – which you have to check if only for Harvey Keitel.

It’s a remake of an excellent British series. The premise being – a cop in 2008 wakes after an accident in 1973. While figuring what happened he has to adjust – and in the process, present and past are compared.

There is a character from the original show – a woman sargent who is reduced to the role of  a secretary by the macho crew. The American version ramped the sexism aspects more – having the other cops call her “No Nuts” and at times becoming angry when she has brilliant ideas in solving a case or shows bravery. In one such a moment she asks the irate colleague whose life she just saved: “Just what it is that scares you so about me?”

Last night’s episode dealt with the Weather Underground – a college professor et al who blew up 3 cops and were stopped from blowing up a fourth. I wish this aired before the election, but I still enjoyed watching it after the Ayers’s rehabilitation media tour. They were referred as terrorists and hypocrites. I think they also did a good job with the rhetoric which switched very fast from idealistic, anti-war to murderous fanatic.

And now I just found out it has been cancelled – so, hurry and watch it

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