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My morning sneeze comes from Roger Ebert’s tweet. He tweets often, on many subjects, relevant and funny.

On this one I am afraid he put the emphasis on the wrong thing though

He should have said : “He said “women”

The article at the link sets it straight from the headline

Female sex workers can use condoms too, says Pope

This is a clarification of prior “game changing” statements

Pope Benedict XVI was quoted at the weekend saying condom use by male prostitutes could be a good thing, indicating the user’s intention to protect others from a deadly infection, apparently condoning the use of contraceptives for the first time. The Vatican yesterday confirmed that the same message applied to women sex workers.

In other words, when sticking his nose in other people’s bedrooms (or cars, or dark  street corners), the Pope decided preventing disease is an acceptable reason for condom use.

But only if sex is traded for money, mind you.

I think some of his advisers since the original statement informed him shockingly, not only some priests go for adult males, but for some, women are of interest as well.

And, voila! Women are allowed to not get sick too!

Another giant step for women! (provided they sell it, mind you). They can now sell sex just like the guys!

Interestingly enough he is still trying to appear principled on the matter.

Obama: ‘no regrets’ on Islamic Center

Here’s what he said at a fundraiser (the paragraph has been since deleted from the CNN piece on “no regrets”)

“I actually have pollsters, so I know when things aren’t popular. I know when they don’t poll well. But I was not sent to Washington just to do what was popular. I was sent to do what was right.”

It’s ironic and idealism is the first thing coming to mind when Michael Bloombarg and Barack Obama take identical actions.

Jon Stewart figured it too

My creation:  The Flying Spagetti Mohammed from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster who demands everyone to eat spaghetti, whether you believe in their holy nature or not. Eat them, damn it!
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Draw Muhammad Day’: Pakistan bans YouTube; Facebook still blocked [

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Moving around of the guilty won’t do. Who says the Pope condones malfeasance?

Look at him demand.

Pope ‘could cancel UK visit’ over ‘offensive’ Foreign Office memo

Of course the sin here is not molesting children but making fun of catholicism – a much more serious crime:

Senior Papal aides suggested the Foreign Office had not taken strong enough disciplinary action against those responsible for the document, which suggested the Pope should open an abortion clinic, bless a homosexual marriage and launch his own range of condoms while he is here.

Oh, the humanity! How dare they! And to make matters worse

No-one has lost their job over the memo, which was sent to Downing Street and at least three Whitehall departments, and the civil servant who authorised it has simply been moved to other duties.

What does the Foreign Office think they are? Pedophile priests or something? Off with their heads!

So far, only humble apologies were offered

The Foreign Office responded by sending Francis Campbell, the British ambassador to the Vatican, to an urgent meeting with senior officials of the Holy See, and said the “foolish document” had not been cleared or shown to ministers or senior officials before it was circulated.

A spokesman added that “many of the ideas in the document are clearly ill-judged, naïve and disrespectful” and the department was “deeply sorry for the offence which it has caused”.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Obama is genuflecting to Billy Graham

the president as “extraordinarily gratified” that the reverend took the time to meet with him.

And just in case anyone would be thinking this as a merely symbolic gesture, we are told that

Obama brought Josh DuBois, director of the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives and Neighborhood Partnerships, with him to the meeting, the White House said.

That might have made the good revered feel gratified too. Literally.

To piss off that guy

this blog will participate in the first annual Draw Mohammed Day as founded by Dan Savage and apparently sponsored by CACAH

As explained before, I am not a fan of Parker/ Stone, so this is not so much in solidarity with them personally, as it is with freedom of expression against religion, fanaticism, terrorism. So, I’ll be breaking my crayons, markers and watercolors too on May 20.

My contribution to art will be nothing in value compared to watering down the pool of targets.

So, in that spirit: I call on all bloggers reading this – do your part and join in!

For once the expression “If you don’t do it, the terrorists win” is not a joke.


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