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Yesterday we took a trip in Van Cortlandt Park. As usual, in order to take the dog on the subway, we put her my daughter’s old baby carrier. She got used to it – she is very mellow in it, especially since we are loading her outwards.I alwso saw recently dog carriers done on the same model – only without holes for feet. But I digress.

As we sat down in the A train going uptown, this black guy in a while robe and white knitted skullcap starts making snake noises at Boongo from across the aisle. Boongo always get pettings, smiles and “is it a boy or a girl” when in the carrier.

I did sense that those sounds were made to rile the dog up, but Boongo totally ignored it. The effect on the guy was instant: he started riling himself up, spouting a long monologue that went on from 14 street to 34 street in a crescendo:

“Why are you keeping the MR dog in a MF baby carrier? It’s not a baby. It’s a dog. it should be in a bag. Or a cage. I’ma call the police on you’ ass. The United States police. As soon as we get to 34 street I am getting the police.(repeat 10 times)

I know about dogs. I in fact fought dogs in New Jersey. Why should you be allowed to carry a dog in a baby carrier? Just because you are white? What makes you so special?”

At that point the black guy sitting next to me started shaking his head in embarrassment “please tell me you’re not going there”

He got out of the train on that resentful note, continuing to yell at people in the station while pointing at the window where I had been sitting – I had moved since.

It had been perfect silence during the tirade. After that, people started being nice to me – one woman told me not to worry. Another guy offered me a napkin to wipe some water I spilled, without even asking.

For people thinking of blaming the heat, the train was air conditioned and not  crowded at all – everyone had seats.

As for Boongo, she had a terrific trip – and got in the first puddle too cool off

But for me, that train ride was the 2008 elections all over again.

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I am used to reading outrageous things in the media. Lies, exaggerations, Orwellian spin. I don’t shock easily. But ever once in a while there’s something that I read that makes my brain hurt. And my heart too. So I have to write about it.

In an article by The Hill titled

DNC chairman fights race-baiting charges

.I found this sentence

Two years after Barack Obama became the first black president, in an election largely devoid of racial gamesmanship,

the two national party committees are going after each other in strongly racial terms.

It is so enormous, I find it a daunting task to even count the levels on which this is wrong. Is it the cynicism of the words used or the enormity of the lie?

So, I am going to start with the easiest: what happened to the “post-racial” candidate?

What happened to that outrageous promise?

And what does “largely devoid” mean? How largely would that be? Not starting riots?

I couldn’t of course rewind to the “devoid of racial gamesmanship” memories.

Fortunately, at the height of personal hurt and outrage, I made an entry, then a page to this blog that I titled “I am a racist”

It featured some – not all of the “lack of racial gamesmanship” – mostly from the primaries

Wait a minute:

Racial gamesmanship?

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Where are these racial games taking place? In Chicago, instead of the Olympics? A new word in the Obama Lexicon – meaning playing games with race? Using race to win games? Gaming the elections with race? Or the old fashioned “race-baiting”. Is the media narrative now this did not happened in 2008?

Sorry if I seem thick – it’s just a bit too big to swallow.

And what is The Hill trying to argue? That repeating the tactics of 2008 also have nothing to do with “racial gamesmanship?

All of it stems from the 2010 electoral plan Democrats unveiled this week. The plan relies on turning out the roughly 15 million first-time voters who cast ballots for Obama in 2008, with many of those voters happening to be black or Latino. Democrats have said their efforts will focus on those minorities and cautioned that the GOP may seek to suppress their votes.

Well, let’s unpack this one. Did the “R”s steal minorities votes? Cough cough – Florida 2000. Do the “D”s have any moral ground talking about stealing votes? Cough, cough – Florida 2008. Easy story – that also frames my stint as a democrat.

So here are the accusations

“Out of options, the president and his top campaign aide are going back to the Democrats’ worn-out playbook and making false and reprehensible accusations of voter suppression,” Steele said. “At what point will Chairman Kaine and the Democrats realize that polarizing this country on the lines of race is not only passé, it’s wrong and ineffective?”

I would be somewhat sympathetic to the DNC if those warnings about stealing their votes didn’t sound so much  like Obama’s repeated speeches: “they are going to tell you that I don’t look like the men on the dollar bill”

obamaBuck.gif picture by Edgeoforever

I have seen plenty of racist “R”s. Still, I know better than to generalize that they all are.

And in the middle of the “holier than though” posturing on the subject, the racist “D”s shone especially bright. I am thinking of the “clean and articulate” VP as well as the “negro dialect” Senate majority leader.

So, the “D”s would be well advised to tone it down with the “they are going to tell ya/do it” calls to arms. because in the end, the number of the people they offend will be larger than the number of people they get in the voting booth.

This one comes from the right so the comments bear the mark – but it has videos and transcripts.

The short of it, Gingrich in his loony speech said among other things

Speaking of the President’s basketball skills, Gingrich added, “But it doesn’t put anybody to work. And what we need is a president, not an athlete. We need somebody who actually focuses on getting people back to work.”

O’Donnel thought she found her racist angle

“But I’m not sure what he means by this particular sound bite,” said O’Donnell. “And I think it’s open to some criticism because it suggests that the president is an athlete and some people may suggest, you know, because all black people are good athletes. I mean that’s what it sort of sounds like to me.”

The video is a must for the derision that follows, I especially love the part about the pitch disproving any claims of being an athlete.

Of course, we here, get to laugh on yet another level as my source calls O’Donnel “far left”

Yes, it’s come to this in America. Criticizing a half-black man for doing a lousy job is racist in the eyes of far-left TV babbleheads.

.It’s a nervous laugh to be sure, but we can laugh

Slowly, the madness that was the 2008 primaries is unraveling to koolaid hangover ridden participants. Suddenly, things that we were screaming then are allowed in print. Like this from the B0bots

B0bots: “When Obama praised Reagan we thought he was just BS-ing”

Now, the reality check comes from the bowels of the media source that most distorted reality, making an unchanged Fox seem reasonable by comparison: MSNBC.


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I don’t know what made Craig Crawford resign now. But he considers that now it can be told -how the manufacturing of the reality was maddening to him at the time. He first commented on a blog

i have never and never will forgive Chris for calling me a racist after the West Virginia primary (the last time I will ever go on air with him). Probably should have resigned then and there, but better late than never.”

I had stopped watching that channel since the South Carolina primaries so I was glad when he elaborated

As far as Chris is concerned, on Morning Joe after the West Virginia primary he accused me of always defending Clinton and what he claimed to be her racially motivated campaigning. That’s the problem. Trying to be fair became seen as bias in the new thinking over there.

He put it well. The media (MSNBC and everything else) has tried and executed Hillary as evil racist bitch from the very start. Sorta like Osama Bin Laden – only much worse, because she was also a woman and her last name was Clinton.

This was the premise of all commentary during primaries. “Us vs them”

Supporting Hillary was making you one of those enemies – forever. You were automatically a racist – and worse. There was never an amnesty for that crime, BTW, even if the badmouthing of Hillary had to reluctantly end (sorry, Dana Millbank).

But Craig Crawford was hardly a Hillary supporter. My guess – from his comment about the “lefty games” I take it his personal inclinations go more towards the GOP. But I do remember him as the more level headed pundit there, the one that was – occasionally – trying to inject some common sense in the hyperbole that was their campaigning for Obama. And in those dark times of “you’re either with us or a filthy racist that should die”, this was enough.

The hysteria at MSNBC, the rest of the media and B0bot quarter was such, that the mere “Woa! Slow down a little” from one was deemed high treason.

I think it bears keeping in mind – especially as a response to the sweeping  revisionism from the other side “Both sides did it” It was never “both sides” – as this thing was one sided from the very start.

And it also explains why I experience so much schadenfreude when I see the most rabid B0bots having to batten down the hatches in their bunker in B0botland for a change.

So, even if a bit late, thank you Craig for helping set the record straight. They have to live with what they did.

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