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We knew for a long time that the first B0bots were the deaniacs

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Obama campaigns for 2004 and 2008 gained significant momentum following the embarrassment and humiliating loss by a single candidate early in the 2003-2004 primary season—Howard Dean.

Anyone who has studied the habits of the B0bots lately, will see that they revert to their original state once the level of disappointment with Obama reaches critical level. They then threaten to tell on him to “Dr Dean”

So, imagine the disappointment when some of them finally discovered (what to others was obvious since 2004) that “Dr Dean” was no more above selling out than the new Messiah. What’s next for them? Finding there’s no Santa Claus?

The following is the account of a teacher, who, frustrated by Obama’s policies , went to tell Dr Dean

I just had lunch with Howard Dean. I’ll post pix and more remarks later. But I did get to ask him a question. I asked what I should tell my fellow teachers who have grown angry with Obama.

So, from the remark about “posting pictures” you’d think all is well. And maybe it is for this particular deaniac, but certainly NOT for public education. The headline of this story is

Howard Dean thinks we need to give Obama more time

I believe that was the last word from Dean on kill the bill Romneycare too.

More from the exchange

He said we need to give Obama more time. He also said AFT has a very successful charter school in NYC and we need to be looking at that model instead of slamming all charters, especially the ones that don’t work.

in the private part of the discussion

Afterwards, I had my picture taken with him and said I disagreed with him. I told him the Obama stickers are off the teachers’ cars and he seemed surprised. He said he really likes Randi Weingarten (AFT prez) and he thinks AFT is a lot more child centered than most people see. And he praised the new NEA prez also. He said our teachers unions need to keep our message focused on the kids and what’s best for them instead of what’s best for teachers and other school district employees. (And I have to agree with that.)

Wow! That was easy! Deaniac/Bobot bought it! Others in the thread are more skeptical. Most give Dean the benefit of “not aware” card – although if so, what was he doing talking to a group of teachers?

There’s actually one cheer

7. I agree, good for Howard..

It takes time to turn a battleship

One of them noticed the absurd reaction at the teachers’ anger

3. He was surprised that Obama stickers are off teachers’ cars?

I figured that Obama & Co. are tone deaf, but I thought Dr. Dean would be more tuned in.

Of course he would be. he’s Dr Dean, damn it! He noticed women were angry as soon as the primaries were over!

Some, of course are trying to make peace with the shit sandwich

17. didya ever stop to think that just MAYBE
these guys know something you guys don’t?

jes asking. . . :shrug:

But I have to give her credit – it’s Dean’s Nr 1 fan who answers

madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts)

18. They know how to turn education into profit.

and brings in the documentation of Dean’s sell-out.

While Dean would have enjoyed working on Obama’s “Promise Neighborhood” program, the former Vermont governor is hoping that the project he is spearheading in New York can become a useful model.

“This doesn’t get you to the 20 cities,” said Dean. “But what you need is a very successful demonstration project.”

“I’ve already spoken with (Education Secretary) Arne Duncan,” said Dean. “He thinks this is all a great idea.”

In other words, Howard found a new  way of selling out that he hopes, will finally endear him again to the gang he stole an election for.

Adds Former Dean’s #1 fan:

So you can mark him off the list of Democrats who would stand up for public school teachers.

Oh, I forgot, there is no list.

Another one observes

12. is Dean the new face of the New Dem approach to corporate educating?

Indeed he is, and he’s not the only one. This ties directly in my entry from yesterday.

Discarded former Obama enabler joins former secret endorser Al Sharpton and Congress gridlock whiner extraordinaire New Gingrich in their quest to privatize public education

I can only replicate the B0bots conclusion

We’re screwn.


So proclaims WaPo in its page one today

Activist Al Sharpton takes on new role as administration ally

and it’s only fitting for the privatization president to legitimize someone exposed a few years ago as

Sleeping With the GOP

by the incomparable investigative reporter Wayne Barett.

But, back to today’s piece of fluff in Rahm’s paper. We are reminded of the embarrassment he was for the campaign in 2008

Early on, Sharpton chose ally, staying off the campaign trail in 2008, for instance, when Obama sent word that he would be a distraction.

and who can forget? Sharpton himself was giving interviews left and right proclaiming from the rooftops his “secret” endorsement of Obama

The article mentions all the visibility opportunities, including the fashion makeover

That more-polished image — a strategy known around his headquarters here as “from-the-streets-to-the-suites”

and different uses for the man who would say anything if it serves him

More recently, Sharpton has been among the president’s chief defenders against criticism from television host Tavis Smiley that “black folk are catching hell” and that the president should do more to specifically help blacks.

Speaking of the risky part of the tie with Sharpton, only Brawley comes up

“In the minds of some people, [Sharpton] is always going to be a black man wearing a medallion defending Tawana Brawley,” said Andra Gillespie, an Emory University professor who studies politics and race. She was referring to the 1987 case, later dismissed, in which a teenage Brawley accused six white men of raping her.

Oh, but that’s ancient history.

For us, New Yorkers, it’s the man who brought us a GOP Mayor you know, the guy charging the homeless rent today

In his 2002 book, Al on America, Sharpton wrote that he felt the city’s Democratic Party “had to be taught a lesson” in 2001—insisting that Mark Green, who defeated the Sharpton-backed Fernando Ferrer in a bitter runoff, had disrespected him and minorities. Adding that the party “still has to be taught one nationally,” he warned: “A lot of 2004 will be about what happened in New York in 2001. It’s about dignity.” In 2001, Sharpton engaged in a behind-the-scenes dialogue with campaign aides to Republican Mike Bloomberg while publicly disparaging Green.

In 2006. Bush’s operative Roger Stone (Miami Dade mob architect) considered using Sharpton to torpedo Hillary’s run

Stone, whose Miami mob even jostled a visiting Sharpton during the recount, said recently in The American Spectator that if Sharpton were to run “as an independent” in the 2006 Hillary Clinton race, she would be “sunk,” implicitly suggesting that this operation may be a precursor to another Stone-Sharpton mission.

So, in light of these associations, who should be shocked that nowadays he is pushing privatization of public education for Obama with New Gingrich?

“He’s been an extraordinary partner. The fact that we’re working together has been great, but the level of his engagement, it’s been phenomenal,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who attended Sharpton’s conference Thursday and toured schools in five cities last year with Sharpton and former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.).

Plus the White House is desperate enough by the loss of interest among black voters to use Sharpton

Obama’s poll numbers are sky-high with black voters. But the need for an ally such as Sharpton is clear for Democratic Party leaders worried about the steep drop-off in interest in November’s midterm elections among African Americans, said John Kenneth White, a political professor at Catholic University. According to a recent NBC/WSJ poll, deep interest has dropped 33 points among blacks, compared with 19 points among whites.

“Between our connection with black churches and our radio show, we reach a lot of black America every day,” he said. “We’re turning that into a strategy.”

After all, he has enough chutzpa to compare himself to Nelson Mandela

Like Nelson Mandela said, you have to have core principles and everything else is a tactic.”

WaPo reports this straight, no editorializing. My jaw being on the floor, I’ll have to do the same.

The Hill chronicles the seemingly epic battle in the senate where the GOP had 29 amendments defeated before finally getting one sending the bill back to the House for minor revisions. But the fact that it’s all kabuki to fool the voters is made clear in the description

In contrast to floor speeches delivered during the afternoon and on Tuesday, Wednesday night’s voting was often marked by levity and was rarely tense. At one point, after Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) gave a tongue-in-cheek speech in favor of one GOP amendment, Democratic Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) responded by teasing Roberts over the University of Kansas’s recent loss in the NCAA basketball tournament.
The evening’s mood suggested a foregone conclusion; Republicans privately conceded that the bill was on its way to passage and said they weren’t surprised at the overwhelming defeat of their amendments. Democrats, meanwhile, celebrated by munching on lobster rolls from Legal Seafood in their cloakroom in honor of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), who had championed healthcare reform for much of his 47-year career.

The way they all voted was as choreographed as the House voting

Nelson, who has come under fire from the conservative base of his state for his support of the healthcare reform effort, supported the GOP the most — on 20 out of 29 votes as of the 3 a.m. adjournment.

Nelson said he had informed Reid of his votes beforehand.

And what of the way those amendments were defeated? remember,Republicans have a 41 majority in the Senate?

Sen. Judd Gregg (N.H.) proposed preventing Medicare cuts, for example, while Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) proposed striking all special provisions for states in the bill and Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) proposed an amendment to prohibit any taxes for middle-income families. Gregg’s amendment failed, 42-56; McCain’s proposal failed, 43-54, and Crapo’s failed, 43-56.

Looks like the GOP was hardly trying. In spite of help from Democrats who needed to foil their voters

Democrats Evan Bayh of Indiana, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Nelson of Nebraska strayed frequently from their party during Wednesday night’s voting. Bayh, who is retiring, crossed the aisle to vote with Republicans 10 times. Lincoln, who faces a tough re-election race, supported Republicans eight times. Democratic Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia also bucked his party three times.

But at least they got a funny headline in Washington times

However, reading about the Viagra amendment I laughed less

“If this bill goes through without this amendment, your tax dollars are going to be paying for Viagra for child molesters,” Coburn, a medical doctor, said on the Senate floor as he introduced his E.D. rider.

In other words, when it comes to men, the objection to sex drugs being part of HCR goes only to sex offenders.

Unlike Contraceptives – ruled out from the stimulus at Obama’s request, or Jane Crow EO – hitting ALL WOMEN, law abiding or not

All senators felt safe in voting for show only. After all they knew that Mitch McConnell made it impossible for any GOP amendment to pass

Mitch McConnell did exactly that when he entered a unanimous consent agreement with Harry Reid about how to proceed on the health care bill. McConnell knew that agreement was going to make it impossible for Republicans to amend the bill and would put it on a fast track toward passage. McConnell accepted an agreement brilliantly designed by Reid that required 60 votes to pass an amendment.

So, while the Heritage Foundation brainchild is foisted upon us by the Democrats, they are all laughing at the very notion of Democracy.

Voters are being deceived and betrayed by their reps on both sides on the aisle, while being kept at each other throats for electoral purposes.


Great minds think alike

Obama Democrats VS Tea Party Republicans: A Fake Fight Over Fake Health Care Reform

The fifteen month running battle between Obama Democrats and tea party Republicans was never much more real than televised professional wrestling. Like the opposing wrestlers, both sides work for the same bosses, for Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and the biggest medical providers. The real health care fight waged by the Obama administration has not been against Republicans, who never had the votes to stop, let alone dictate or pass anything.

The administration’s effort all along has been to pass the worst bill possible, with the greatest amounts of corporate welfare and loopholes, and the fewest protections for patients, while silencing, neutering and coercing the voices of most Democrats, who have favored some form of single payer, or Medicare For All from the beginning.

and the conclusion

In health care, as in war and peace, as in the environment and education, as in the rights of women and immigrants, the First Black President’s historic role is clear. His job is to smile and speechify and neutralize the left on every front, while taking the country further to the right than his white Republican predecessor would ever have been able.

As a parent, the state of education is one of my major concerns.

In 2003 I supported Wesley Clark because he said NCLB was a hand grenade tossed at public education.

During the 2008 primaries, when it became clear that I had to chose between 2 apparently similar candidates (or so they kept telling me) – it was the attitude towards NCLB (as well as towards Reagan) that made me chose Hillary. She wanted to end it while Obama wanted to vaguely change it (no one knew in what direction). We now are finding out. Obama medi is hailing it as “keeping a campaign promise”

Now B0bots who thought he’d make W’s bill more education friendly have to read this from Bush’s Education secretary

Former education secretary Margaret Spellings, Duncan’s predecessor, praised what she called “a more nuanced approach” to accountability. But she criticized Obama’s proposal to drop a requirement that students in certain schools that repeatedly fall short be offered tutoring and transfers.

Those mandates, she said, have helped hundreds of thousands of children. Preserving school choice, she said, “will be a rallying cry and unifier for Republicans.”

And another clue: It’s Newt Gingrich promoting this, next to the always trustworthy Al Sharpton.

The essence of what its going on here is captured in this opinion

“I worry about retreating from the notion of quality education as a civil right,” Mr. Edley said. “N.C.L.B. had some good sticks in it to compel equity. I’m alarmed by the frequent references to ‘incentives,’ and the apparent intention to reduce the federal role in forcing compliance.”

Yes, Obama is prepared to do for education what he’s been doing for healthcare – transform it into a commodity with us as consumers – preferably captive ones.

That is however as far as MSM is willing to enlighten us. Here it is, Kate Randall:

The unstated agenda behind these moves is nothing less than the dismantling of the public school system as it has been known in the US. It is to be replaced by a largely privatized system more directly based on social class and geared more closely to the profit interests of big business.

We are told that even before this NCLB was announced, the changes were set in effect in the universally praised budget

Obama’s budget for 2011 contains sweeping changes in funding for primary and secondary education, radically altering the guidelines for the distribution of federal funds to schools with high concentrations of low-income students. A significant proportion of so-called Title I funds would be distributed to poorer districts—not on the basis of economic need, but according to their “performance.”

So, from Black Agenda report, a glimpse of the real goal

Obama’s plans for America’s classrooms are even more aggressive than George Bush’s policies. Obama takes Bush’s No Child Left Behind scheme to its logical, blood on the floor conclusion: corporate education without the encumbrances of organized teachers. Obama’s anti-union vision is more ambitious than that of the old arch-reactionary, Ronald Reagan, who destroyed a union of only 13,000 members.

They are also noting how the teachers’ union is betraying its members (and all of us)

The American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association have combined memberships of over 4 million. They have the capacity to fight back, to make this president back off. But, like so many others who drank the Obama Kool Aid, they are in denial, refusing to believe that they backed a union-buster who is making teachers the scapegoat for America’s historical failure to serve the educational needs of all its children.

Kate Randall again on the big hoax

A Democratic administration that came to power by appealing—cynically and dishonestly—to popular hostility to war and the Bush administration’s pro-business policies, has become the vehicle for carrying out the type of radical assault on public education that had long been advocated by the Republican right.

and the B0bots role in it

Obama’s African-American background was utilized to mask his right-wing policies, lulling working class and young voters into believing he would be more sympathetic to their needs. In this mass deception, the liberal and phony “left” advocates of identity politics played a critical role.

Congratulation B0bots! You done us in!

thatsracistgm7.gif picture by Robbedvoter

Did you set your clocks forward?

Remember how Hillary wanted to throw away NCLB while Obama just wanted to modify it? Lo and behold, the NCLB remake privatization is upon us. Good choice, B0bots! Always when reading “accountability” remember Rode Island.  Here’s WaPo

and Obama Times – with that special Axelrod take (as opposed to Rahms)

From Stars and Stripes we find out our soldiers contracted malaria in Haiti and Taliban is resurging

Also, the recent veterans come home to unemployment

The Daily News reveals how terrible the settlement is for 9.11 responders

their headline

Shame on pols for letting 9/11 compensation fund expire – it’s time to treat victims fairly

.While NY Post delights in the latest domestic terrorist


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