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i hope you don’t miss the 90% sold part.


These are my new neighbors, the Obama bailees.

Just felt like posting a photo – planted the purple beans, took the shot – the moon just happened to be there I just waited for the sun

this is before the sun came

It appealed to both the gardener and the sci-fi lover in me. And, come to think of it, the purple lover as well.

The flowers weren’t bad either.

Such is the caption to this photograph

A fly lands on President Barack Obama’s face as he delivers remarks on the Affordable Care Act ….

NPR has the details

So what else could happen? Well a house fly (or is it a White House fly) could buzz the president even eventually landing on his upper lip during an East Room event.

I still remember the times not so far in the past when the entire media was internationally swooning at Oprecious’s prowess in fly swatting.

It almost reminded me of that fairy tale – The Brave little Taylor.

The whole town shall hear about this.” He hastily cut out a banner for himself, then embroidered on it with large letters, Seven with one blow.

It was just one for Obama, but it was historical:

after killing the fly, the president said: “That was pretty impressive, wasn’t it? I got the sucker.”

This year, the sucker got you back.

AndĀ  now to be forgiven for the horrible images I posted, here’s a cute video “There ain’t no bugs on me”

Now that he owns it

and also for BP

.and a good comment on the latest photo op

Obviously our President has a firm grasp of The Obvious

“These are the tar balls that everyone’s been talking about,” he said.
~Editilla~ Mr President,
umruh yea’yuh, they certainly weren’t talkin’bout yours, or the obvious lack thereof..

He keeps having it over and over as the planet bleeds to death

while the Gulf went from this

.to this

.but don’t worry, he is still staging good photo ops

here’s to that

Did anyone hear him say “stop” yet?


here’s the real “My Petroleum goat” from the Ministry of propaganda errĀ  the Minerals Management Service page for kids

Stacey Visits an Offshore Oil Rig

Stacey’s going out into the Gulf of Mexico on a boat. Her Dad works on an oil rig. He looks for oil buried deep in the rocks under the water….


What happens when you find oil, Dad?” asks Stacey. “We pump it out of the rock into a pipe. Then an oil tanker takes it to a refinery on shore.”

“Doesn’t any of the oil leak into the water?”

“We’re very careful, Stacey. We know that oil can pollute the water and hurt the fish and plants. We do everything we can to keep any oil from leaking into the water. Let me show you what I do.”….

Stacey smiles. “I’m glad you take care of the water, Dad. You know how important that is to me.”


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