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Before anything else, Juggalos are right

while Bernie has a speaking tour for his pie in the sky,

and if that’s not unity enough

because “we hate you for not getting us more! Democrats stink!

and we now know it came from Bernie

because they forgot that Bernie said “they take our jobs”

we mortals are saddled with this zombie, yet again

as all sane people insist


meanwhile paranoia reigns supreme in the White house

and they are running around like headless chicken

in public

turns out with really good reasons

some good moments from Emmys

nausea from Emmys


In other  Nazi news – some proud Robert E Lee moments



Elections results – ridiculously small turnout in NYC, 2 seats on congress picks by Dems

Nate Silver puts it against the usual disparaging of Dems pablum


In Hillary News

and this also happened

and also this

and this zing

and this on women in politics

and an interesting Miss America

what a great question for everyone

Mystery solved

Trying to walk back

but pride

and persistence

in other impeachment news

the Russia collusion impeachment count

using our social media

and also

and in voter rights

it’s designed to help one party only

– they’ll go straight to suppression

I was only scared of Jose because I read 2 models out of 3 outfits had it coming to NY. Then I heard they do tens of those and only 25% pointed to that outcome. Now

but this become more and more realistic

Can’t have a day without Nazi news in 🍊 times

and media ❤️ Nazis

ESPN too

and some good Nazi news

but the signing pen is not ready

and this needs to become a thing

and other nasty creatu



John Kelly’s clean-up job is sometimes amusing – for us

but certainly not for him

while details on what went on with the Comey firing keep emerging

and we even get a peek at the elusive Mr Pence who disappeared from the story after this headline, but re-emerges now


which legally makes it

more Pence lies on Comey


and other lies on Flynn

and why are we talking Comey now? This timeline misses the beginning – where Grassley promised to make the Steele dossier public. After that

and once Senators got into this

and those tweets are confusing af

and as for that donation he promised – that was really fast

but always a caveat on palace intrigue stories

while a still advisor of POTUS tweets this

and that election that is the source of it all

and finally

and now a second Russian compound is burning documents

in Hurricane news, the chemical plant that already had 2 explosions and is a danger

and the do-over visit is a ray of sunshine



and tops himself

but lies don’t stop at his donation

other 🍑.🕳 🕳



Maybe all that fierce need to hurt (DACA, transgender, Arpaio victims) comes from the deep worry that the PeePee tape is about to resurface again – this time via Senate – per Chuck Grassley. Fox is not hiding the source of their propaganda anymore

which seems to go throughout the sewer info

Meanwhile, as “anonymous Sr WH officials” praised 🍊 for asking questions about the hurricane this is what he did do

this tweet and its responses say it all

this advice comes from a resident of Houston, Texas

but one of them heeded a happy ending

this one too

which for some strange reason was not evacuated

and this is the guy who decided Houston should NOT evacuate

Meanwhile, from the golden toilet


hurricane + racism story

on Arpaio, someone compared the likes on the McCain tweet to the bot powered ones on the 🍊 tweet and the result is

Also, while 🍊, Arpaio and friends claim vindication, let’s keep in mind this little legal nugget

and a story about sending a dog back into a burning building Arpaio goons set on fire for fun – to catch a traffic ticket violator


and let’s recap the week in tapestries

Meanwhile Assange is totally back to his white supremacist roots

while new stuff on his friends emerges

also the video of a shooting with cops around

and SOS takes a step back

with video

Meanwhile, Hillary whom Kellyanne accused recently of not helping (?!) – helps

while  🍊0 is back to his hobbies



Too many stories, so I’ll simply memorialize the coverage

NY Daily news wins for the largest font

here is a nice contrast to the NY Post

in the non-NY Post world, a pattern seems to emerge

and from California, Fla etc


and of course the New Yorker cover

and just for fun, 🍊💃’s Enquirer a while ago



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