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I wasn’t sure if this was snark or at least humor when I saw the heading for this photo

but then here it was, clear explanation for anyone who may have doubted it

Awesome picture

and just to be sure others chime in

4. Nice pic. Permalink

just to make sure the lame Wizard of Oz humor doesn’t spoil the reverence

6. Maybe it’s Glinda arriving in a bubble.

A few are confused

8. How is this an awesome picture? Permalink

so they get schooled

10. I think thats the spark from Halo

He too is an awesome person just like Jesus. Permalink

Oh, I am old enough to remember when that same forum was ridiculing the freepers for similar awe for optical effects surrounding W. One is actually awake

12. It’s a picure of President Obama Photoshopped with a Lens Flare filter.

Fucking Awesome!

Next step… President Obama as God?

Give me a fucking break. Permalink

Next step? Whaddaya mean “next step? Least we forget:


Remember the good old times when Obama proclaimed he was not like W?

Having used Clinton to whitewash his trickle down deal,

Obama is quick to sic his propagandists to tell us he is not Clinton

* It’s good to see that Obama is so uninterested in the “triangulation” game that he’s banned the word in the White House:

several advisers confirmed, the word “triangulation” has been banned by Mr. Obama because he does not believe it accurately describes his approach.

I guess it would comfort everyone to know, what Obama does when giving the store to the Rs is called  “post-partisanship”.

Triangulation – which is a name the media came up with – had a purpose of insuring that at least some of the actual Clinton agenda went through.

WaPo provides us with an added dose of comfort

Triangulation just isn’t Obama’s style, and his scolding of liberals seems to be rooted in genuine frustration with them for disagreeing with him about what’s politically possible, given today’s realities. To whatever degree Obama is using his disagreement with the left for positioning purposes, it’s more about temperament than ideology: His role is that of the voice of sanity trying to talk sense into uncompromising partisans on both sides. This just isn’t Clintonian triangulation in any sense.

So, let me see if I get this: he is not attacking the left so the Rs like him. He is attacking them because he really, really, genuinely doesn’t like them.

I feel much better now.

Another reason? Obama is lawyering up. Ahead of time

And: The White House is staffing up on lawyers to prepare for the coming wave of House GOP investigations.

Now, that’s foresight!

Ad I agree with the article too: Obama is not, in any way like Clinton.

AP readily provides me with the surprise

On the president’s reading vacation reading list: “President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime,” Lou Cannon’s biography of the Republican president.

Why got me sneezing here?  I thought he might have read everything already about his hero

But then again, this is irrelevant as the reading lists are political propaganda stuff – like when W let himself be photographed with a book called BIAS (about the “Liberal media”).

I am sure than from all the people he impersonated (FDR, JKF, MLK, Lincoln etc) Reagan was always his favorite. I actually know so, from his books

Declaring that he is now reading about Reagan is like putting the cherry on top the trickle down mess he just pushed on us.

How to set off woodoo economics and come out smelling like a rose.

Take that, sanctimonious purists!

And on edit, here’s a little morality play to illustrate the above

An Obamamas Carol: A Play in One, Er, Heartwarming Act.

Proving she understands where the problem is (just like the time she declared there was no such thing as sexism), Nancy Pelosi is on a quest to rebrand the Ds. This headline gave me the Morning Sneeze

Steven Spielberg advising Nancy Pelosi on rebranding Democrats

Geez, I thought Tim Kaine already did that by removing the  superfluous “democratic” and coming with the exciting “circle Ds”.

Or rather Nancy did that when she took W’s impeachment off the table.

Or when she joined the hooligans who were dismissing women and working class voters in 2008.

But this is a rebranding akin to W’s finding names for the war in Iraq. Him  went to Madison Avenue advertisers, and it was the Rice A Roni marketer that gave us “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. It’s good to know Nancy, the other San Francisco treat, has the same political acumen as W!

We find out that Nancy

is consulting marketing experts about building a stronger brand. The most prominent of her new whisperers is Steven Spielberg, the Hollywood director whose films have been works of branding genius.

So, if not Jaws, how about the Extra Terrestrials? (ET on the logo)

While it’s interesting that she is so fond of the corporate culture, I think even Wall Street could teach her that ultimately, you are what you do. No amount of rebranding will ever makes BP look not criminal or Enron honest.

And not even Spielberg can make the the dmocrats look “stronger”.

Not after messing up Social Security.

Ouch!  Circle Ds

Hey, I have an idea! How about something big and thick skinned? Like…an elephant, maybe?

or here is a good one

Since today is very likely we get a fake net neutrality (to go along with th fake health insurance, fake Wall Street regulation and the fake stimulus), this is a good video explaining things – and clearing propaganda from the truth

I love that the VIPs in the cartoon are riding on Segways!

Keep up on the subject

and the Confluence has a good explanation – reality vs propaganda

with Al Franken calling the proposed regulations “worse than nothing”

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