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The war on Media is raging on

and wars cost money, so brother can you spare a dime for your embattled POTUS?

Shots fired in that war:

this was the memo they gave to AP

this was the denial

this was happening when the memo given to AP was written

Meanwhile, 🍊 complains they are not asked by the media for comment at the same time as

ironically gets schooled by Merkel

someone who knows

Poll and re-poll – I glanced at the original one – so pushy I couldn’t go on reading. How could it possible go wrong, all the answers were scripted to come up roses πŸ˜‚

while he makes Sweden the new Bowling Green

but at least we found the source there


I summed it up with a tweet

For the first – there’s a video

for the second an articleΒ filled with great photos and this too

for the third Β one, a tweet

as for the last one, the opinion of an expert

oh, also Castro was buried and this happened


Aww! How cute!

and a little truth

per Hanna Arendt, a declaration of intent, not Β a fact

and some get it

and the Simpsons, once again, predicted it

while the media whistles


It seems Stop and Frisk is once again the issue of this mayoral election. I remember when Occupy was given a favorable ruling by the court and Bloomberg went ahed and changed the judge/ got his way.

Once again, here’s the AM NY headline

and here’s NY Post celebrating in their gracious fashion .I hope New Yorkers will show up and vote on Tuesday!

I thought this election day NY Post cover was remarkable enough to merit posting days later (when my internet finally returned)

Old man Kelly in Grumpy Cat pose demanding we elect the one candidate who would keep him in the job. Sorry, Kelly, NYC gad had enough of Bloomberg’s ways

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