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Now apparently there is a new bill (pork for opposing senators)

but as Krugman says

such as


but still

And S&P also gives a bad rating

and that’s how they make use of Bernie – turtle’s lie

🍊 still clueless


and for today’s hearing

what is a hearing anyway?

also, to keep the hell fresh

and Puerto Rico still ignored

not as important as 🍊

they’ll send help…any day now…

reminder (as per Hillary’s tweet)

she mentioned it

and the answer

last word on the “ungrateful millionaires” thread


and Costas on Patriotism

and this was the stated purpose

which led me to a revelation

why can’t our media spell out the reasons so clearly

yeah, this guy


but actually not

and funnies


Stolen election news

which goes with this


💣 news

and Fox starting wars




For the first time in history the entire healthcare industry is on the same page: stop Trumpcare!

but they are unfazed


with the majority of people in that corner, it leaves GOP with one reason only to try to pass the bill

If they don’t get the vote (Bernie allowing), this would go back to work

The ugliness of  🍊’s racism still hangs in the air


but the response is spreading too

and video

David Remnick in The New Yorker 

In these performances, Trump is making clear his moral priorities. He is infinitely more offended by the sight of a black ballplayer quietly, peacefully protesting racism in the United States than he is by racism itself. Which, at this point, should come as no surprise to any but the willfully obtuse


What Trump is up to with this assault on athletes, particularly prominent black ones, is obvious; it is part of his larger culture war. Divide. Inflame. Confuse. Divert. And rule. He doesn’t care to grapple with complexity of any kind, whether it’s about the environment, or foreign affairs, or race, or the fact that a great American sport may, by its very nature, be irredeemable. Rather than embody any degree of dignity, knowledge, or unifying embrace, Trump is a man of ugliness, and the damage he does, speech after speech, tweet after tweet, deepens like a coastal shelf. Every day, his Presidency takes a toll on our national fabric. How is it possible to argue with the sentiment behind LeBron James’s concise tweet at Trump: “U Bum”? It isn’t.

,🍊  managed to make this about him

Tax cut news

which might do this

More NFL statements coming in

and more from the Steelers

and people’sreactions

in 💣 news

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico remains ignored

But Hillary remains presidential

Stolen election


Sam is right! Echept for the fact that in turn, CEO Pence is  the puppet of the Koch’s

and how does this sit with everyone? Not all that well

the crowds at the MAGA rallies are getting smaller and smaller too


and since this gig seems to get tired

but figurehead or not


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