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ou hit it on something I haven;t realized until now. Pretty much all his surrogates are has-been s (have beens?), Uygur, Hartman, Greenwald, West, Reich & assorted Guardian/Intercept purveyors used to have an audience – during the Bush years and lost it under Obama. which is, whether they are aware of not, their real beef. Just as 🐘🐘 discovered that deep down , opposition is the best they can ever do for themselves, so did these people. How can they rant against the machine when the machine gets the economy going and people appreciate it? They are all, like Sanders an anachronism and I read somewhere, they actually hope D would lose so they can start a new party (why can’t they do that now?🤔) Oh, and as an aside – it would be honest for many of these people to disclose that they are paid by Qatar (Uygur) Iran (Greenwald) Moscow(Hartman). Nothing wrong with voices from faraway as long as they don’t pretend to be something else.

Here’s another similarity between BS and Trump – their spectacularly failed attempts to get international creds. Strangely not mentioned anymore – Trump-s attempt to invite himself to speak in Israeli Parliament. Netanyahu turned him down (“we can’t have that rhetoric in our Parliament, we have Arab MPs). Maybe the reluctance to give Netanyahu any props made our left ignore this goldmine. Add to that BS’s Vatican – an Atheist Socialist Jew inviting himself to a conference about some old papal pronouncement – that in fact condemns socialism – and you have perfect matching SNAFUs

on edit adding a link to  a blog about the Vatican thinghie

  • In my view ratings is only one reason the media does what it does. I believe that ultimately they want a Republican in the White House who will lower their corporate tax rate.

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      In fact, I think ratings are totally irrelevant when it’s news media – TV or print. They are not a business, profit is not a consideration. They are propaganda, and it’s subsidized by other parts of the business (entertainment/the corporations owning the outlet). This explains yanking off the air highly rated shows. I don’t have cable for years, but I remember CNN had the wildly popular The Spin Room where Bill Press (before turning evil) was handing Tucker Carlson his ass daily at 6PM. Everyone was watching. Then we heard none other than Dick Cheney called CNN and complained that “the little boy” was being destroyed on that show. So, it got reduced to a half an hour and moved at a time nobody was home (this was before DVR)

NY Times publishes a pre-mortem for the Sanders campaign (if we only attacked her more!) Krugman calls it for what it is – more smearshttp://krugman.blogs.nytimes.c… and I give you the visual – thanks to Melville and Star Trek

Adding this from Blue Nation
Bernie Sanders, according to the New York Times, agrees with what we’ve been saying for months: His Wall Street dog whistle is a direct assault on Hillary’s integrity.
Bernie Sanders, according to the New York Times, agrees with what we’ve been saying for months: His Wall Street dog whistle is a direct assault on Hillary’s integrity.

this was a response on Facebook to UK socialist for Bernie

Zoia Leah Vass
Zoia Leah Vass Again, no country ever on this planet was communist. That would have meant to have had so many resources as to be able to reward people according to their needs. Utopia. The regimes you call “communist” were socialist, according to the marxist definition. Here’s a secret: the authoritarian thinghy is not a bug, but a feature. It’s never in the brochure when it’s sold to the masses, but the “dictatorship of the proletariat” ALWAYS became a terror regime of a few self-selected bureaucrats over everyone else. ALWAYS. At what point do you stop a social experiment that fails over and over and always in the same way? How many times can you get away with “they were all idiots, we’re going to do it right?” It can’t be done right – democracy and socialism are non-compatible. How many people have to die, flee their homes, be purged, rendered miserable for people like you to stop thinking “I can make it much better? Sure the Scandinavian model has many merits and I see room for improvement in the US re: economic justice. A larger public sector, supervision of the private are a few things I see helping. But socialism is a fundamentally failed idea and it’s time to stop trying. Oh, and I don’t see the upside of the Castro regime for ANYONE because, unlike you, I didn’t just read about it, I lived it (or something very similar).


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