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You would think that these NSA spying revelations would give right wing Post a platform to bash the administration – like many Republicans do. But nooo. Faced with a choice between authority/ the rights of the people Murdoch always makes the wrong choice, you can bank on it (to be fair, all media does it). So here is the Post bravely going after the whistleblower – right after some breasts, of course

yeah it’s NY Post, but they’ve been pretty friendly so far. I guess when the two sacred cows are touched – the press itself and the taxes, the media may notice.

Personally, I always thought Bengazi was manufactured, but the AP and ITS are legit. And now, more is heaped on

Today’s tabloids seem to do what I am sure they got paid for – promote and defend Bloomberg. The Post injects a bit of race baiting in their stop and frisk defense – quite cynical¬† since I am sure those who will be the subjects will look like the guy on their cover

Metro has Bloomberg defending “his army” against the mean candidates attacking the police

The News is running with the phallic jokes in their relentless attacks on Weiner

while AM NY has the absurd levels of NYMBY, New York style .

Here’s how the events made headlines in Boston

Boston Herald back and front cover captures the moment with the flags

while Boston Globe goes for the help

In NY, tabloids go for the blood and guts

NY Post – which was deservedly excluded from Newseum today, has a detail of the same shot

and AM NY gets the NYC effects m

I once thought of naming my dog MoDo because she hates all girl dogs while getting along fine with the guys. I didn’t, because I like my dog.

MoDo is still lying, of course, but she is trying to make herself look better NOT BY ATTACKING HILLARY?

NY Times’ Dowd Tries To Whitewash Her Awful Hillary Campaign Coverage

It’s a good article, so I won’t add anything to it except “what happened??????”


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