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Someone is paying attention:    Now we know Comey coordinated with the campaign with his letter. Also, since the original posting, that part was edited out

a longer analysis of what happened

How It Happened

and re-posting this sums up pretty much

Thank you for these words @canyonhaus

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about those fake news we hear about – the genesis of one of them

Not sure which part of this is the joke

Here’s a poll

and a real president


comparative polling


This is Chuck Todd reminding us of how pneumoniagate improved our lives

you can actually see his fond memory in this graph

3 times!

A good comment on it

Alt left (Intercept) thinks KKK, BLM, Jews and immigrants are all friends if not for the “elites”

Meanwhile, the economically anxious KKK – oh, the humanity!

Oh, and “forgotten man? You’re still forgotten, you racist 🍑🕳

Breaking the glass storefront window



Once again, Bree Newsom brings clarity

not a hill to die on

but great ideas tho

meanwhile police

and ha-ha!

Randy Rainbow gives us a few laughs

and also, this transcript

The cities

.Tell that 💩 to Blacks and Jews wanting to stay alive

Closing the barn doors after horses came back

Reminder and how it was done

Ted Cruz helping

How did I forget to mention this?

Ann draws it

possible watch when I am good and ready press relations no longer speaking chaos time and  “I was always right” schtick

good guys

and instead this is

this could have been


Nightmare on

Good call

Presidentin= marketing

and who they are

and more congratulations

They are celebrating


Apparently, I’ll flourish

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Kavachi is an underwater volcano in the

Southwest Pacific Ocean. It erupts periodically, and in general makes the

surrounding water so hot and acidic that human divers must avoid it. And

yet some hardy species live there, including crabs, jellyfish, stingrays, and

sharks. What adaptations and strategies enable them to thrive in such an

extreme environment? Scientists don’t know. I’m going to draw a

comparison between you and the resourceful creatures living near

Kavachi. In the coming weeks, I bet you’ll flourish in circumstances that

normal people might find daunting.

some wisdom from JK Rowling

A trip in the bizarre – thread worth reading

Not Your Sweetie

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