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🍊 didn’t quite come as far as admitting the call to Russia on sanctions was at his behest, but he endorsed it right in our faces

Mike was doing his job,” Trump said at his press conference Thursday. “He was calling countries and his counterparts. … I would have directed him to do it if I thought he wasn’t doing it. I didn’t direct him, but I would have directed him because that’s his job.”

Trump said he believes Flynn β€œdid nothing wrong.”

I had glanced this in the video clip at the onset of this brilliant routine

and couldn’t believe my ears

it’s a “whatcha gonna do about it” provocation. Stupid timing as Flynn is gone – so something has been done already, but flaunting his treason at us nevertheless.

I have to wonder if FBI briefing of the Senate is connected

and what a zing!


there is an entire Twitter account dedicated to this

but I wanted to enjoy the parting of the seas

let’s have it

I wonder how Greenwald is sleeping today?

and the puppet

and Flynn Jr’s short lived tweet looks a lot like Wikipeepee’s

also, good friends

and good retort to the GOP in congress who refuse to investigate

but seriously, this is key and should be kept front and center

seems interesting


This is Fox, so, sketchy but WTF?

Russia sends spy ship near US coast, deploys banned missiles at home, officials say

but Spicey is trying his best


a reminder

and a much needed timeline


Samantha Bee is too close to my title to not be quoted in the opener

Russians blame the media for their loss of a spy, mostly because of this cover

must have stung, but they aren’t THAT powerful

Some celebration is in order




let’s give Breitbart some time to catch up to the news

but his friends stand by him

I wonder what Putin Β answered to the strong $/weal$ question

a little help for the clueless congress

a rhetorical question

this needs to happen very soon as well


the president is very loyal (just not to the US)



Linking the start

and maybe some highlights

and now we go to the work on alt-left


and then comes the play on the right

with some history going back to the 90s


and the Β promise of a good ending

and I chose to believe it

Storify version

The end


won’t bring our democracy back, but I’ll take it

Also, guess what, dipπŸ’©πŸ’©? I just looked at a map! Turns out

oh, well


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