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while holed up in London, Assange “requested that he be able to chose his own Security Service inside the embassy, suggesting the use of Russian operatives.”

Source: Wikileaks is a Front for Russian Intelligence

At the Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center today, Sherrod Brown introduced Hillary as the best candidate in his lifetime. June 13, 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign Event in Cleveland, Ohio Former S…

Source: Hillary Clinton in Cleveland: Responding to Terrorism Abroad and at Home

After the 2000 stolen election, Democratic Underground came to be and from day one it was my home until some years ago. it had ups and downs, but RW sources were not accepted, and TPV would have been welcomed. I visit sometimes – like watching the site of a 5 car accident.Today, full circle: someone – new – mentioned why it was formed, then proceeded to pretend this election was similarly stolen – from the only entitled owners, the bros. I wrote that they should be ashamed – that it was as offensive as the bused white people singing “We shall overcome” in Oakland. Didn’t even address the fact that they are all set to steal this election. My handle there happened to be – Robbedvoter. Voting rights – kinda of a thing with me. Won’t be back too soon – although they announced that as on June 16 they go in GE mode. For the past 2-3 months since I discovered this place it has been my home – always intelligent and interesting. Happy to be here!


Each month, the FEC sends the principal campaign committee of Bernie Sanders a heads up. Officially, it’s called a Request for Additional Information (RFAI). This notice points out problems in the campaign fund-raising. The hard-working team at the FEC scour the contributors for excess donations and foreign addresses, look at cash receipts and disbursements, check arithmetic and in general, make sure the treasurer of Bernie 2016 is following regulations.

Once again, Bernie 2016 has problems. This time, there are a lot of problems – 270 pages of problems. Bernie’s money machine can’t seem to get it right. If anything, the responsible committee is getting worse at its accounting, worse at its disclosures, worse at its arithmetic, and much worse at accepting donations far exceeding the $2700 limit for the primary.

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