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On June 1st 2008 after the RBC vote stealing, I left the D party. Now that a primary will happen next year, I’m back. As for blogging ? Only when Twitter won’t be enough – it usually is. Last night met again with some great 2008 people – the debate watch party was amazing!

Fantastic take down of opportunistic plagiarist who now acts as a thug

Homo economicus' Weblog


Stephen Knight, otherwise known as Godless Spellchecker on his blog and Twitter, has written a review on CJ Werleman’s new book: The New Atheist Threat. Knight charges headlong into the hypocrisy and false arguments made by CJ.

CJ has responded by threatening legal action. This attempted bullying of bloggers, who clearly are giving an honest opinion while demonstrating reasonable conclusions by citation of evidence, is intolerable.

In solidarity, I am reblogging Knight’s post and hope other secular bloggers and free speech advocates do the same. It is a must read so do please read the link at the bottom of the excerpt that follows:

“Like all cults, New Atheists believe that “the best human beings, as defined by them as ‘rational’ and ‘enlightened’ should become powerful enough to dictate to the rest of the planet a new way of being…they not only espouse white supremacy but they also speak in…

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They are quoting themselves on the cover


Occupy basher policeman Ray Kelly gets a new tabloid cover – more embarrassing than before

and Bloomberg jumps in for him

Obama’s press conference was also as embarassing as his bill – although the real reasons are not brought up .

As the Nobel Prize peace laureate is fixing to start a new war, there are glitches in the “coalition of the willing. The Daily News wants us to be pissed at UK

Sorry folks, the moment was BP spill. Now, bully for them!


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