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I was still slightly ambivalent about Snowden – all that woowoo about privacy, freedom, whistleblowers – held until the Russians confirmed he spilled the beans to them. Greenwald being his “journalist” enabler didn’t help matters much.

The marriage with rapist/Australian white Supremacist Assange who sabotaged our democracy seals it

After securing US, UK for the Nazis and pretty much France, Putin is using these two clowns to finish Germany too – because – history!

n the website statement, WikiLeaks head Julian Assange chided the German government for launching the inquiry without the testimony of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, whose documents ultimately provided its foundation. Having leaked U.S. secrets, Snowden is still a politically difficult figure for many nations to cooperate with.

and another write-out on it

On Wednesday, Germany’s foreign intelligence chief warned that Russia may seek to influence next year’s elections. “Europe is in the focus of this attempted disruption, and Germany in particular,” he told Sueddeutsche Zeitung, BBC reports. Far-right parties are quickly gaining influenceacross Europe, from France to the Netherlands. In the latter country, the anti-EU/anti-Islam Party for Freedom—which wants to record the ethnicity of all Dutch citizens and is leading in the polls ahead of next year’s parliamentary elections—is led by Geert Wilders, who is currently on trial for hate speech.

You decide who the bad guys are here because we are not allowed decisions anymore

this seems pertinent


I have been sensing  it for some time, but for now, adding to what we know he did in the US, here’s this  connection

and it’s not like some here didn’t try preventing the takeover

and a bit of levity from Soviet Serghei – but let’s face it, they will be the source of our classified documents now


Setting the tone


and from the funeral, the perfect metaphor

whatever will we do?

but at least we have thoughtful reaction

and how that came about

and promises to keep

This is not 🍊 related, but seeing that some are getting sentimental about Castro, this is good

and that offended some little Castro fan, ahd she gave this answer to his crude remark

and glad someone is keeping track of this stuff



and also, Moscow red lines

Saudis too. During campaign. Media mum

Putting the screws on Argentina



Now that a cease fire has been negotiated, I just discovered the tabloids did a

better job of covering events than most media sources


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