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3 weeks after the fact, after an election, campaigning for the big bargain and other goodies, Obama finally makes it to NYC.

The media (including the Post) certainly receives him better than W

(never thought I’d feel sorry for HIM), although his time was longer than Ws on NOLA


I skipped a day in tabloid coverage but thought

it’s worth chronicling now with so many new layers such as this

RT @lachlan: “It’s not a love triangle. It’s a love Pentagon.”

and denials such as this

“A CIA spokesman said there were no militant prisoners there, noting that President Barack Obama ended CIA authority to hold detainees in 2009. “Any suggestion that the agency is still in the detention business is uninformed and baseless,” said the spokesperson.

and as for NYC realities, that’s what free press is for


Yeah, it was the storms,

but it’s Obama’s Bloomberg too

And this is more from our Mayor

And this is more of what we should hear



This was the theme of a rather subdued letter from DCCC asking for my $3 for Obama. It starts humbly, trying to quell my worries

Look, we knew the polls were going to be tight in the run-up to the election.

.Who is this “we”? And why did “we” know that? With all the drumbeat in the media favoring Obama, why would this be a given? Anyway the punch line follows right after the low expectation pitch

But when it mattered most, President Obama fought for you.

Say what? How is his reelection “for me”? How is his campaign “when it mattered most”? Why didn’t he fight for me when he made the Hyde amendment permanent?

Why didn’t he fight for me when he nixed medicare for all and instead pushed a bailout for the insurance industry? How was he fighting for me when he extended Bush’s tax cuts for the rich beyond the R’s expectations?  Was he fighting for me when he set up the cat food commission?

Truth is, as the first debate showed, Obama could he barely bothered to fight for himself. This time, with the moderator helping with answers, he was a bit more into it. That was still a fight for himself. Who wins in this debate is not of any help to me. My own candidate was arrested for trying to participate.

But apparently, in order to reward Obama for not looking bored on stage

Now it’s time to fight for him.

Something technical about an FEC deadline follows, then the pitch for my $3 (apparently the big schtick about the # of donors is to be tried again). One more thing: the heading of that message was

He walked up on that stage…

.Seems to me this is all he did for the last for years. Except when he went in the wings to golf and party. And make secret deals with pharma, hospitals, insurers and Wall Street. Am I to fight for him for putting on a show? It wasn’t even an entertaining one.


Been on DU )first time in years) looking for that poster. Didn’t find it, but I found one of the most mind boggling cause for celebration

Kristol Blasts Romney For Ignoring Afghanistan, U.S. Troops In Convention Speech

More pertinently, they do not like this meme at all

It’s time to retire the “Are you better off then you were 4 years ago” stupidity.

One campaign meme on Facebook answered this by “Of course we were better the day Obama took office, because Bush was gone. *can’t find me asthey didn’t like my comment)  Fair enough, but any good news since?

Here’s a by the numbers answer

Gross Domestic Product
Fourth quarter, 2008: -6.2 percent
Second quarter, 2012: +1.7 percent

Jobless Americans
January 2009: 11.1 million
Now: 12.8 million

Unemployment rate, overall
January 2009: 7.8 percent
Now: 8.3 percent

Median family income
2008: $52,029
End of 2011: $51,413

and more.

The more notable comment in that Facebook exchange: Better disappointment than disaster. Which still doesn’t reach the heights of Avrosis comparing Obama to chemotherapy

or a mattress collecting your broken bones after a fall


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