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Gun control forgotten, tabloids are on to the new topics:

The Β made up fiscal cliff

and the overly debated Hillary’s health

(Get well!)

I skipped a day in tabloid coverage but thought

it’s worth chronicling now with so many new layers such as this

RT @lachlan: “It’s not a love triangle. It’s a love Pentagon.”

and denials such as this

“A CIA spokesman said there were no militant prisoners there, noting that President Barack Obama ended CIA authority to hold detainees in 2009. “Any suggestion that the agency is still in the detention business is uninformed and baseless,” said the spokesperson.

and as for NYC realities, that’s what free press is for


Yeah, it was the storms,

but it’s Obama’s Bloomberg too

And this is more from our Mayor

And this is more of what we should hear


From a friend of mine who, I believe voted for Obama:

I am on email lists for both Democrat and Republican representatives, but I have to say I’m getting sick of seeing emails from Nancy Pelosi with subject lines like “quick Wendy” and from Barack Obama’s latest, “I’m bringing Michele.” This strategy does not work with me at all.

On edit: update of the update

And today, I receive an email from Michelle Obama herself, subject line, “Wendy, I want to meet you.” My response? “Hi Michelle! Yes, I’d love to meet you too! I’d love it if you could bring Barack along, because I’m DYING to know the answers to a few questions about what is happening to my country under his leadership. And guess what? My daughter’s birthday is Sunday! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could stop by! Is Guinness OK, or do you prefer a lighter beer or perhaps wine? I’ll stop at Trader Joes. She’d love a little something from you…and bring the girls, too! And yes Michelle! Hope to see you soon, too!”

The ensuing conversation is quite funny and this is my favorite comment

Good for you! That is so perfect. Btw wtf makes them think they can call you Wendy? They work for you and should address you as such.

and no, it’s not a cartoon this time

For reference, this is an earlier graphic – showing Rs got way more than they asked

Considering Ds control both houses at present, the question would be: WHY?????

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