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the desperation and frustration are getting to me and I have water and electricity

they are asking us

but 🍊  is busy playing golf and congratulating himself


even as

but FEMA is following 🍊 ‘s orders

Depraved indifference to human lives

meanwhile the imperial family



These being 🍊 and GOP reactions to deadly hurricanes/mass shooters

for PR a montage of insults from NBC

and this comment for the paper throwing in church

the scene

and after leaving early he was very pleased with himself

but for all the pats of the back, Oxfam has slapped him

death toll in PR has risen to 34 – which is still nothing to 🍊

and it took a lot of pressure to revert this treatment allowing use of food stamps for prepared meals  – unlike the other hurricane hit states

the difference is being noted

and Wall Street needs a new pair of shoes

on the mass shooting front we have the interesting “Are you smaller than a Sandy Hook first grader” question from John Tune-R-NRA

while Dems are trying

and John Lewis

On the stolen election front

From Russia – dictators understand each other

for a laugh


No exaggeration! 🍊

offered starving people pf PR – not water, not help on the ground but a …dedication

some of the reactions

and a Closer Look

someone else gets it


NYC helps too

and the Simpsons

but if they can’t be satisfied with this, they are ingrates


and from Maxine

even Burnie starts suspecting something

Wapo manages a Yulin profile without “showboating” accusations

like NYT did on that same incident

also, debunking

Meanwhile, all those weapons stocked so Obama doesn’t take them were put to good use in las Vegas


also takes back previous unsubstantiated ISIS report

the lie

but Daily Mirror thinks only furriners can be terraists

and the Mayor of San Juan finds in her to say (before🍊 )


and indeed, the silencer bill is up for vote in the House

breaking on this


and a timeline

and some obvious conclusions


and speaking of mental health

and in 💣 news, crazy man wants to advertise his sickness

Russia: they’re here!

for the happy ending – some good news


Today’s Daily News cover reflects our feelings (and Lin Manuel Miranda’s tweet)

and this bit from SNL with Michael Che  just summed it all up nicely too

and the cold open

As 🍊  tried to turn the people of PR against the San juan Mayor, Hillary was there for her

Proud of my city

and this is the site updating PR’s progress

he thinks we should be grateful

His Brownies

but they heard him

because after all, this DC lawyer said

and Sam Harris’s portrayal of  was retweeted by Joss Whedon

relevant factoid

They let these human maggots speak to kids?

3 headlines that tell all

on the 💣 War front, tantrums



Our golfing sociopath came with this last night

While in PR they are begging for their lives.


but he is

and in his style is attacking PR again

except that



but the truth is


and making it about politics

attacking the disaster  victims

someone else NOT complimentary –

and in PR, they heard of his tweets

The Mayor…/status/914103908422881280


WaPo piece on the preceding golfing weekend

and the Mayor on San Juan reflects on the “good news”

which leads to one conclusion

When not golfing it’s tax cuts

corrects Krugman

when you lose NY Post..

yeah, that bad

more personnel reshuffling

although some of them still with us

the emails are still news – although less so



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