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The Daily News sticks to NRA – the gift that keeps on giving .Also, woop-te-doo! Only 12 years later and they – almost – finished the building replacing those buildings .

A good mix of topics on today’s tabloids. The Post happily keeps hammering at theย  corruption scandal

While the Daily News brings more details in the Newtown story, now that NRA bought legislators would rather forget about it

AM NY asks an interesting question


The Daily News is not very shy about its reaction to the failure of Congress to pass the assault gun ban (which is truly dismal). In fact, they are so proud of yesterday’s cover, they feature it on today’s

The NY Post is equally opinionated on City politics. Just as I thought Christine Quinn was the media darling for this mayoral race, NY Post makes it more interesting

And on a less hysterical note, another change in NYC neighborhoods


The free papers cover the strike from the POV of the parents, kidsย  who have to use public transportation

NY Post curses the strikers, because they are NYP

and as for gun control news, Daily News goes all soviet propaganda style (with a bit of religion mixed in)

Now if only the return to the Clinton era ban can be legislated

Wasn’t NRA blaming video games instead of guns? Then why come with the sickest? Is an app not a video game? At least in NY state we are closer to more gun control

If you want your city run like the MTA…

And under Bloomberg, it looks like this .

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